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Warcraft IV : Anti-Gap Edition!

After many requests by fans of the original Warcraft series to keep Warcraft a 2D video game, Blizzard Entertainment has decided to release Warcraft III along with Warcraft IV: Anti-GAP Edition at the same time! Warcraft III will be a 3D game, while Warcraft IV will remain in the style of the original 2 Warcraft games!

Blizzard Entertainment has also decided to make Warcraft 4 contain some exciting new units and buildings! Now, we all know that anyone in their right mind HATES "The Gap" right? Well, it's time to take out your aggression on them! And what better way to do it than with one of the world's most famous monster trucks...

The Orcish Horde Now Controls GRAVEDIGGER!

That's right, you'll get to lead your Orcs to victory over the pathetic humans hiding in their Gap Sanctuary! Crush the Gap with your mighty Gravedigger Monstertruck! Sounds too good to be true right? Yeah, we figured you wouldn't believe us... I mean, we ARE the guys who run I-Mockery.com afterall...

Still, that's not a problem. We've got an exclusive screenshot to show you the Orcish Horde in action along with Gravedigger! "CRUSH THE GAP!!!!!!"

click this image to ENLARGE!

Still not satisfied? Bah! You humans are all alike! No bother, we've got a sound clip direct from one of the Warcraft IV movies scenes! Listen as the puny little humans run from the mighty Orcish Horde and Gravedigger! ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here to Download The Warcraft IV MP3 Format!

Click here to Download The Warcraft IV in REAL AUDIO Format!

Also, here is the script from the scene in the above MP3 so you can read along with it as you listen to the glorious battle scene!



Our people, driven from the land of Azaeroth, have journeyed to the far lands of Gap Country and have taken refuge within the stoic walls of the Castle Grayskull. Here we attempt to recharge our phasers with what little Spam Lite remains. In the distance, a lone scout spies the impending onslaught of the Orcish Hordes, whose insatiable appetite for Jell-O cannot be satisfied.

The Orcish Horde moved forth with immense speed and agility, very few slipping on banana peels on the way... Our phasers are charged and our pants are down. If we're not ready to face the Orcish Horde now, then never shall we be. But hark... it looks as though the Orcish Horde is bringing something forth from out of the shadows. Something massive and quite threatening...


The puny humans have underestimated us yet again! We have just purchased the infamous monster truck known to the humans as "Grave Digger"! With this truck, we will force our way into their Gap sanctuary and destroy all of the overpriced clothes in our way!

So now my Orchish brethren, let us spoil the blood of these vile creatures, the Humans. Let nothing stand in the way of our quest for something that is yet to be determined. And when we have determined what it is that we are trying to determine, we will let you know. ATTACK!


Prepare yourself my brothers, the Orcish Horde is marching forth... and oh no, 'tis worse than I thought! They have the monster truck "Grave Digger" with them! Quickly, build a barricade against the door with all of these cheap clothes. It is our only hope against holding back these savage beasts from never never land!



WE HAVE ANNIHILATED THESE PATHETIC BEINGS! Rejoice! We know not what we have achieved, but we know that we have achieved it! But WAIT! Look to the north, and look at your fly, it's down! But seriously, look to the north, the humans are fleeing! Some of them have escaped! This is not over yet... not by a long shot! And... your fly is still open!


So there you have it... Warcraft IV takes the game in an entirely new direction, incorporating buildings and units from modern times into the old, original style of the Warcraft series! Keep a look out for Warcraft IV: Anti-GAP Edition in stores later this year! In the meantime, zip that fly up you pathetic human!

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