Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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Recently we took a trip back up to Philadelphia, home of the cheesesteak sandwiches I crave nightly as I wake-up in cold sweats of withdrawal. While the food there is great, the company is even greaterererer. We met up with our pals from Newgrounds - Tom Fulp, his girlfriend April, and Stamper! Here you will find a collection of photos from our time together that you may or may not give a damn about. But hey, if you're reading this page, chances are you do care. Either that or you're just trying to get some good pics that you can Photoshop us into compromising positions with. Whichever the case may be, here be the pics. Enjoy!


We had already been hanging out all afternoon and realized that no photos
had yet been taken, so it was high time for the snapshots to commence!
(from the left - Tom, RoG, Mike, Stamper)

One thing I promised I would do when we met was to photograph Tom
with some kind of expression other than that same smile of his that you've
probably seen in practically every photo he's ever appeared in. And wouldn't you,
know it... the almighty Pickle Hat
and Wacky Space Goggles™ did the trick.

Stamper needed some assistance in putting on the PickleMan gear...

...and I was more than happy to oblige.


Looks like somebody's camera shy! Bwahahaha!

Then again, some other people aren't camera shy at all.
(I think the Pickle Hat went through puberty that night)

Here's Tom and April hanging out at the Irish pub we went to later that night.
(note: Apparently the Irish love infomercials, because that's
all that played on their TV screens the entire evening.)

Marie and I being extremely entertained by the infomercials and dance music.


Mike givin' propz to tha East Side. Awww yeah.

April tried to warn me that I'm just not gangsta enough, but it was already too late.

Marie and Stamper livin' la vida loca.

Stare deeeply into our eyes... while our friends make off with your wallet.

Mike really enjoyed himself too much when "Baby Got Back" came on the radio.

This is what every old man who has drank whiskey for the last 40 years in a bar looks like.
Strange thing is, I only drink water and I still can't help myself from making that face.

I knew there was a reason why Tom wanted me to visit
Jealous much, April? Too bad, he's mine now.

Oh but my nipple-tweaking could only keep him entertained for but so long.
You see, I happen to have a copy of Metal Slug on my cell phone, which is pretty much
Tom's all-time favorite game. Once he saw that game, we literally lost him for 15 minutes.

But that's no problem, we can entertain ourselves just fine, am I right guys?

Or can we? Hmmm...



Once my cell phone battery was dead from all his gaming, it was time to
punish Tom by forcing him to drink cranberry ale! Actually, it was a beer
bottle that Stamper used as an ashtray, but don't tell Tom that, ok guys?

That's right, drink up those ashes. Muahahaha...

I don't know how, but apparently an infant stole
my camera and took a photo of me that night.

I also showed off my nipple tweaking skills to Stamper.

I swear he was mesmerized by it...

A little too mesmerized!

And then it was time for all of us to part ways and drive back home...

It's so haaaaard... to say goodbyeeeeee... to yesterdaaaaaayyy :(

Don't worry guys, we'll always have the memories! Awwwwww!

So there you have it, it was a hell of a fun day that we had together and once we all agree to have the restraining orders lifted, I'm sure we'll be doing it again real soon. Hope you enjoyed the pics!


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