Movie: "The Outsiders"
Year: 1983
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola
Writing credits: S.E. Hinton, Kathleen Rowell

Reviewer: -RoG-
Posted: 2/8/2010

Plot: A classic rich versus poor tale involving the mounting tensions between rival gangs.

Review: This is one of those classic movies I've always enjoyed watching whenever it happens to come on. I'm a sucker for good "rich vs. poor" storylines, and the eighties were certainly ripe with 'em, but this is easily one of the best. It's all about a poor gang, The Greasers, who live on the North side of town and their inevitable battle with the rich gang from the South side of town, The Socials (or Socs).

Two of the youngest kids in the poor gang, Ponyboy and Johnny, befriend Cherry and Marcia who are from the rich side of town. The rich guys obviously don't like this at all, so they catch Ponyboy and Johnny late one night at a park and set out to make an example of them. They nearly drown Ponyboy until Johnny comes to his rescue by stabbing one of the Socs and killing him.

Now the two kids are on the run from the cops as tension continues to build between the gangs. They eventually decide to return home and turn themselves in, but end up becoming heroes when they rescue some children from a church that caught on fire. In doing so, Johnny is badly burned and in critical condition at the hospital. Because of all that went down, the two gangs are now set to have a big rumble in the park, which is one of the many fantastic scenes in the film which I won't spoil for you.

I also have to mention that the ensemble cast was also chock full o' future stars. Just check out this impressive list: C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Diane Lane, Tom Waits, Leif Garrett, Tom Cruise and more are all in the film. Even if you're not a fan of them all, it's interesting seeing all of them performing at such young ages.

While I haven't read the novel, which is also supposed to be excellent, I definitely recommend you watch The Outsiders. Many consider it to be one of the criminally overlooked films of the eighties, as it was exciting, poignant and a tear-jerker. It's a fantastic story about youth, the divide between social classes and a close look at some innocent people caught in the middle of such struggles.

Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.

Overall rating: WholeWholeWholeWhole
(Scored on a 0.5 - 5 pickles rating: 0.5 being the worst and 5 being the best)

Reader Comments

That guy...
Feb 9th, 2010, 10:23 AM
Great movie. I remember watching it in school and I still love it.
Forum Virgin
Feb 9th, 2010, 02:26 PM
One on my list of "Movies I Watch Whenever it is On". It's also one of the first movies I watched for the first time on cable. And lastly it was directed by Coppola, and it was his last good movie. Along with 'The Godfather' I and II, and 'Apocalypse Now', Coppola demonstrated he could work with a ensemble cast filled with high end potential stars.
the axe and the smasher
Feb 10th, 2010, 01:05 AM
Yeah, great movie. I remember discovering the quasi-sequel books in school after reading Outsiders in middle school.

Classic story.
Shinobi Hero
Feb 10th, 2010, 05:30 AM
I loved this movie. The Outsiders was a book I read during high school, and after watching the movie, I felt a love for it. I wouldn't really recommend the Special Edition they had released though; compared to the original film, the changes they made, notably the soundtrack, ruins it. At least to me. Elvis music just doesn't suit the Outsiders in my eyes.
LOVES the tubal ligation!
Feb 10th, 2010, 10:11 AM
Macchio FTW! No matter how many times I watch this awesome movie it always merges with The Warriors into one ass kicking movie in my mind.
Feb 10th, 2010, 12:35 PM
I want to watch this right now.
Forum Virgin
Feb 10th, 2010, 06:39 PM
...Well, that explains the Greaser/Prep feud and the Big Rumble leading up to the junkyard fight in Bully.
lurking on the walls
Feb 11th, 2010, 07:38 PM
I have that movie on video tape, and I gotta say, it's a good one.
Amicable Herculean
Feb 18th, 2010, 12:48 AM
I remember watching this in english class.. good times.
Forum Virgin
Feb 11th, 2011, 12:40 PM
I read the book in school, saw the movie. loved both. Later I discovered s.e.hinton was a lady! I believe she went with her inituals so boys would read a teengang book written by a female.