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Well, now that you know that sXe and all the crud that goes along with it is fake, I have here some pictures that were taken from some random straight edge pages that made me want to puke. Along with them I have descriptions of what is going on in the picture. By the way, "sXe" is an abbreviation for "straight edge" for those of you who keep asking me what it means. Anyway, away we go...

Ahhh, here we have Earth Crisis. Yet another pathetic militant band. In this picture, somebody obviously realizes how much they SUCK because if you look at the persons hand they are making a "gun-gesture". This means the person who is pointing their fake gun at the singer wishes that they had a real gun on them so that they would be able to rid the world of this pathetic fraile vegan vermin once and for all.

Here, we have a bunch of VEGAN STRAIGHT EDGE WANNA-BE'S. Notice how all of their mouths are open. That's because they are about to break down and eat the singer. Look at the guy to the right of the singer, he's so fucking hungry, he's going to eat the guys microphone! Geez! Have a burger will ya?!?

In this scene, we can see that the singer isn't too happy about something. What could be making him smack his head?!? He just realized that not only did he use chap-stick (which contains .05 ethyl alcohol, meaning he is disqualified from being TRUE sXe) but he forgot the lyrics to his song. Also note the moron in the background to the left of the singer who looks very surprised. The reason he looks so surprised is because him and his other sXe pals are so low on the evolutionary scale that they haven't ever seen a camera before! It also could be hallucinations due to only eating rice cakes all day long. Do you see those 2 arms that are sticking out? That is somebody who just discovered that a non-sXe guy just stole their watch! WOO HOO!

Nice face eh? Well you'd be making that face too if you were trying to give birth while playing guitar at a show. Here, we have a straight edge guy (he must be straight edge! look at the X on his hands!!!!! wow!) giving birth to a new straight edge child. This child will not be permitted to suckle on his/her fathers nipples due to the fact that drinking milk wouldn't be sXe/vegan. So, the child will be left on the stage to be beaten to death. This is quite respectable however, because nobody would want to live in a world filled with morons like this. So they are actually saving the child from a life of pain. "WAIT! HOW CAN HE BE PREGNANT! THAT'S NOT STRAIGHT EDGE!!!" Hey! Congrats! Yer catching on! INDEED! THIS IS ONE OF THE MILLIONS OF FAKE STRAIGHT EDGE FUCKUPS! WAY TO GO BUDDY!

DINNER TIME! Here, a bunch of Meat eaters are about to consume this little Vegan. Look at what he wrote on his forearm: VEGAN. See, he would survive at any normal show, but this was a SNEAK ATTACK SHOW. This was held on august 4th, 1997 in honolulu at shimbabwa's pit (the local show place). A bunch of meat eaters setup a fake straight edge show in hopes that some straight edge/vegans would show up for them to eat. As you can see, they were to all go home on a full stomach this night. Yummy Vegans! Scrumdidleyumpcious!

I found this on a page. This one contains a tiny spelling error. Apparently, it was meant to read something along the lines of, "X STRAIGHT-EDGE ASS FUCK! X". See, they all love to do this kind of thing in the privacy of their own rooms. I guess it's not illegal to have sex with ANOTHER Straight Edger. So this is obviously where they get their sexual satisfaction instead. Well, that and "circle-jerk" gatherings around the campfires where they eat granola and soy juice.

Funny thing is I was right about the spelling error!

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