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Here is proof that the members of Earth Crisis are just a bunch of loudmouthed REDNECKS! Check out the bandanna on fraile-boy's head. Awww! How cute! I bet he's wearing rebel flag boxers under them hardcore pants of his! Look at the person in the crowd in front of him pointing at his pants! See! Even he sees the rebel flag boxers!

Now, I'm not sure what the hell is going on in this picture. Sure it could be just bad photography that was printed on 100% SOY FILM, but I like to think of this picture as something better than that. I figure that the "FIRESTORM" was unleashed at a show by accident setting the entire band and crowd ablaze. Oh well, I always did enjoy a good barbecue.

Here we have the singer of "Into Another" about to puke. See the little green bubble starting to appear from his mouth? That's because he ate too many veggies today and it's getting to him. Also, somebody apparently threw a rock at the back of his head, so he is not only puking, but he is going to fall into a puddle of his own vomit. Fitting isn't it?

Again, the singer of "Into Another" shouting to the crowd, "WHY! WHY DID I GET INTO THIS SHITTY BAND!?!?!?" The crowd responds, "WE DON'T KNOW! BUT WE'RE ALL IN BANDS THAT SUCK JUST AS WELL!" Ahhh....LOSERS.

Here we see a bunch of disorderly Jawa's. They used to be a peaceful form of life, but when they heard about all of the straight-edge/vegan/hardcore crap that was going on in the world; They just had to do something! So, here we see them the morning after an exhausting sXe show. They fired their jawa-blasters all night long at all of the people at the show, it it took a lot out of the little buggers. But after a cup-a-joe, they'll be back in ship-shape tip-top Jawa condition and READY TO KILL AGAIN!

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