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Winky's Foes and Fans:

I'm always getting tons of email from people. I put up some messages on one of the earlier pages a long time ago and it got a good reaction. I figured that I'd put up another page of some of the most hateful and some of the most grateful messages I've received lately. Just so you know, the letters to me are in YELLOW and my responses to them are in WHITE. I'm sure you will all get a kick out of this, and who knows, maybe YOUR message will be on here! Bwahahahah! So here we go with the email and the responses to my questionaire:

From gemini9225@aol.com
(what do you think) My life will never be the same!
(EatVeggies) EatCows
(Comments) I am not sXe or vegan. I do not use drugs, however I do drink occasionally, and I smoke about a pack a day( Im a dirty bastard)I am incredibly sick to death of this sXe supiority complex that I see surfacing in MY BEST FRIEND. How do I stop it? It is damn revolting. Everytime I light up a goddamn cigerette. I need help, I don't want to have to kill him and eat him, but I will if I have to. HELP ME!!!!!!! By the way, this whole sXe hate page is fucking hilarious, keep at it

I have some pals that are sXe and we get along fine. We tease each other all the time, but never take it seriously. So if your friend is taking it seriously, I suggest making fun of him and perhaps he'll get the picture. If that doesn't work, try some good old fashioned homicide!

From ZREDRUMz@aol.com
(what do you think) I wish I never sold my old He-Man figures
(Invent) InventEdibleFloam
(Comments) Well, I have about a million and one things to say. The first is, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE, you say sXe vegans are a bunch of eliteist frat boys in disguise, and you spew your hate at them like a fucking nazi. You are the hate monger here. I for one am not sXe, nor am I a vegan, but from my objective standpoint, I see that you are just as bad as those emo fucks, Hell, I dislike the way those straight-edge vegans act too, I mean the point I am trying to make is two wrongs do not make a right. So, fuck off you hypocrite NAZI vampire fuck. E-mail me back so we can have some good hateful correspondance over these as well as many other topics I am sure we agree on, oh by the way, the one good thing is you site does look good, excellent job putting it together. TONY BONERELLI

That wasn't QUITE a million things to say, but who's counting? First off, thanks for the compliments on the aesthetics of the site... I'm glad SOMETHING on here pleases you. As for the nazi stuff, perhaps you should go to the previous page and talk to the pissed off lady who wrote me on there. I think you two would make a cute couple. Your fault is in the fact that you take these pages seriously, this is all a joke and it's here to make people laugh or piss them off. BTW, you are being "hateful" when you say that I'm "just as bad as those emo fucks". I never said anything about emo! You must be a hypocrite NAZI vampire fuck too! Where'd you get the vampire thing from anyway? My chum, Skared, has a Whiny Goth Kids page! For the record, everyone is a hypocrite... EVERYONE.

Hi there..

thanks for coming by the cynic website and signing the guestbook.. when i first saw your banner i thought "oh, right, here we go with some pathetic hate page" but I tool a look around and by the end i was SHITTING myself laughing....

I have to say that your site is one of the funniest ive seen, especially the rants about straight edge and vegans etc... I could never have summed it up so accurately myself!

anyway cheers for making a jaded old cynic laugh!

Tim Spear

Veilmaya - http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~veilmaya

Thanks a lot, I'm glad to see that my site pleases a fan of one of the best bands ever: CYNIC!

(username)Sam (he didn't leave an email address, I hate that)
(what do you think) I never knew that eating vegans could be so much fun!
(EatVeggies) EatCows
(Comments) This was hilarious!!! You rock. You should dedicate your life to ripping apart sXe and vegans. They all don't really know what they stand for - so I'm glad you're educating others.

If I got money for doing this, perhaps I would, but I don't, so I'd rather do something else with my life. This page is just a joke taken WAY overboard. It only takes a little bit of time to stir up a lot of laughs and a lot of threats. Pretty cool, huh?

This one contains both questionnaire and email stuff from the same guy! This is hilarious!

From Bob: veganbob@cyber-naut.com
(what do you think) I never knew that eating vegans could be so much fun!
(Try) TryCdDrink
(EatBark) EatBark
(EatVeggies) EatCows
(Jebodiah) MeetJebodiah
(Invent) InventEdibleFloam
(Comments) Man you guys must have a lot of time on your hands! I'm glad theres people like you, becuase it just makes me want to strive and achieve everything i set out to do thanks man!

Xvegan powerX


"fuck you bitch ass cunt"... Boy, I can tell I'm talking with a real genius here! Here's the following email that he wrote me:

You don't know shit! I'm probably healthier than you, you fat fuck. The only reason you talk shit is cuz you need to boost yourself esteem so you put down other people's beliefs, but i understand man. Your nothin but a drunk, fat, fuck, that doesn't know shit about anyone but thinks he does!!!!!!!!!!!

HATE ME ALL YOU WANT I DON'T GIVE A FUCK, SO JUST STEP THE FUCK OFF BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahh, this is too easy!
1) I'm not fat by ANY means
2) I've never had alcohol
3) I'm glad that you assume all of these things just because I don't declare myself sXe

4) I heard there's a tornado coming near your trailer park, be careful "BITCH"!

From maren the queen: JFLX28B@prodigy.com
(what do you think) My life will never be the same!
(Jebodiah) MeetJebodiah
(Comments) holy shit! when i heard this page was hillarious, i couldn't have even begun to imagine the excellent satire located everywhere. what an wonderful way to awaken this morning.

Why thank you! It's always nice to meet people who can see this page for what it is meant for.

From H. Ethan Hamburg: ethan@wizard.net 


Actually, I found the site more than just amusing. I laughed out loud for the first time in a long time. Honesty is always refreshing.

In my own life, I live and work closely with non-vegetarians. With one or two exceptions, none of them are as honest about their feelings as the person who authored the Meatatarian page. Though my own choices in this life are different, I can understand much of what was said.

I will be happy to tell others about this page, including my vegan and vegetarian friends who either share my sense of humor, or who also need to cool their fervent rhetoric and lower their Veggy Flags down a few rungs!


- Ethan

Thanks for being so cool and open-minded. How about that veggies?? One of your own can actually see the humor in all of this. You should follow his example instead of being so stuck up! BTW, Ethan, I didn't do the Meatatarian page, that's my friend's page. Still, I'm glad you liked all this crap.

From snles@orca.alaska.edu
(what do you think) I never knew that eating vegans could be so much fun!
(Comments) Carnivores of the world: UNITE!!!! There is too much riduculousness going on in the world in the name of stupid causes like Veganism. I say, EAT MEAT!!!! My asthma went away since I gave up grain. Hmmm, coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!! The human body wasn't meant to eat that crap. No self-respecting cave man would have done so. I won't either!

Right on! I've heard that they plan on putting meat in those asthma inhalers! I hope I get asthma just so that I can inhale MEAT all day long! "Jim, you look out of breath". "You know, Tom, you're absolutely right! I'd better whip out my meat-inhaler fast!" "Good call Jim!" Uhh, anyway, glad to see that you're writing me from Alaska.edu! Woo Hoo!

From: jeff dowd (he was too weak to leave his email address)
(what do you think) I don't think anything about it. In fact, I don't think period! I'm sXe!
(Comments) I don't think period...?? what the fuck is that supposed to meen?? I think you need to find better things to do in your spare time pal. Try getting educated on sXe before you start to bash it!! there is no "set" of rules to sXe.Its not a challenge at all to make fun of people, so don't think you are gods gift to the internet with your "O so popular page". Im not going to waste any more time in this shithole. Finally a big *FUCK YOU* from all of the groups that you managed to make fun of.

It's supposed to mean, "You don't think period", which you have proven by writing such an idiotic note. As for that big *FUCK YOU* from all of the groups that I managed to make fun of... I'm glad that you've appointed yourself as speaker for all of them. Did they vote on that? Wow! Any possibility for a re-count?

From: xrumicx@hotmail.com
(what do you think) I never knew that eating vegans could be so much fun!
(EatVeggies) EatCows
(Comments) Howdy, Winky. Loved the site, by the way. While I don't hate ska music (and have been known, on occasion, to listen to the Bosstones) I do find most Ska/Punk bands incredibly obnoxious, especialy the so-called "Straight Edge". Intelligent sarcasm and satire is a rare commodity these days your site has a damn good measure of it. Kudos and thumbs up and all that fucking good stuff.

Thanks for all of the comments. I'm glad you enjoyed my "sarcasm and satire". I'm also glad you KNOW that this is all sarcasm and satire, unlike many of the other moronic scenesters who bitch at me 24/7 for these pages...

From: evilfluffy@aol.com
(what do you think) My life will never be the same!
(EatBark) EatBark
(Comments) i think that youre so full of shit, you probably drive an expensive pickup truck with a confederate flag hanging from the gun rack. if you have nothing better to do with your time than promote intolerance and make your stupidity known to the world then my advice is to get a job. Veganism and vegetarianism are the most healthy and environmentally sound ways of life not to mention the least coporate. And if you complain about the government,environment whatever then you have no right because your supportiing it by eating meat, drinking coporate beer etc. Its going to be a big fucking slap in the face when you die of a heart attack from eating too much red meat. You sicken me wiht your pathetic attempts at facism and the way you try to control peoples mind and make sure your opinion is the only that is heard, a perfect example is this dumb fucking questionair, you dont even let people have their say until this box here. I hope someone drags your sorry ass to a slaughteer house one day. LET THE CHICKENS OUT OF THE COOP AND HAVE SOME CREAM OF WINKY SOUP!!!!!!!!! I wish someone would reset you and start over!

Wow, we've got an assumptious one here, eh folks?
1) I'm from New York, why the hell would I have a confederate flag?
2) I don't drive a truck, I hate trucks.
3) I don't have a gun rack, or the accompanying guns for one. Guns are for the weak.
4) I have a steady job and sometimes more than one.
5) I don't drink "coporate" beer. I also know how to spell corporate which you spelled incorrectly TWO times. On top of that, don't think you are some "way-too-cool-original-non-corporate-original-gangsta-bitch" because you are vegan. You are just following another bandwagon that McDonald's just happens to not be a sponsor of. Big deal.
6) You must be REALLY punk, you already used two of the top 10 punk favorite words: "fascism" and "corporate"! I'm impressed! No really!
7) I don't even let people have their say until that final box? WAH! What do you want TWO boxes? hahahah!
8) Where can I get some of this Winky soup? Does it have meat in it?

From: th282038@wcupa.edu
(what do you think) I wish I never sold my old He-Man figures
(Invent) InventEdibleFloam
(Comments) This quite possibly is the funniest site i've ever seen. The Macguyver picture just put it over the top. I'm sXe and i loved it...i must agree that "little beautiful sXe girl" that wrote you is a complete idiot. I think most sXe'ers that you've come across are complete idiots. Keep up this fine site, i'm going to link you up from my own site.....again, i can't congratulate you enough! i had an anti-marilyn manson site up that got quite a response similar to your responses, in fact.....you rule, and i don't care if you hate me because i don't do drugs or eat meat, i still think your sense of humor is profound, honest, and fucking hilarious. mucho props.

Yeah, my friend has an anti-marilyn manson site and my other friend has an anti-goth site up...they get plenty of laughs and hatemail too. People take their music scenes too seriously. It's just music! Anyway, I do not hate you in any way. You are EXACTLY the kind of person I want visiting this site. I love hearing from people that, although we don't listen to the same music genre, are able to laugh at themselves and at what I have to say about the music. Thanks a lot for being really cool. If there were more people like you in the sXe/vegan/whatever scenes, then I wouldn't have anybody to make fun of anymore! GASP!

Check this out, this is a questionairre I got from a really TOUGH kid and then his parents wrote me because they were all upset that I made fun of him! hahahahah!

(what do you think) I *WAS* straight edge until I saw this place!

I would rag on him more, but the fact that his parents wrote me back with the following statement, is MORE than enough embarrassment for this little hardcore boy.

"This is from the adult in the family. please do not write again as you are writing to a minor and with your filthy language, it is upsetting."

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! You gotta love these fuckin' kids.

From: lordnikon3301@hotmail.com
(what do you think) I don't think anything about it. In fact, I don't think period! I'm sXe!
(Comments) YOu are a Fucking fagit. Fuck you. I think you should rot in hell. You obviously know nothing about sXe. I'm sXe and I am probably bigger, smarter, a better thinker, better looking, cooler, more popular, faster, and evrything you can imagion. We don't think we re better than ever but it's ppl like you that are so pathetic it makes me puke! All of you RAp and Marilyn Manson fans sit around with your pants at your knees and smoking herb and drinking your brains out. We do every thing we can because we're not 2 drugged up to not notice the train from the other end of the tunnel you fucked up PIECE OF SHIT!!! we know what we're talking about because we're aware of bull shit like drugs and AIDS. So fuck off you fucking poseur.

Sorry pal, just cuz I don't go by the straight-edge label that you've etched into your cranium, doesn't mean that I do drugs. Never done drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. Nice try though! And I hate rap and marilyn manson. Thanks for being another idiotic representative of the sXe scene! It's lads like you that help prove my cause!

From: Vgirl1980@yahoo.com
(what do you think) I think I'm going to cry!
(Comments) I think your web page is the most vile display of human stupidity I have ever seen. I am a vegan and I find it sad that you so passionately hate people that you do not know. Your lack of intelligence and compassion is detestable. I realize that you probably don't care about what I have to say but then again you probably don't care about much of anything. Perhaps you should channel your energy into some form of good, unless of course your vacant conscience forbids it.

The only thing my vacant conscience forbids is actually taking hippies like you seriously.

From: xkhainex@hotmail.com
(what do you think) I wish I never sold my old He-Man figures
(EatBark) EatBark
(Comments) I'm veggie, straightedge, and in a hardcore band, but I still thought your page was fucking hilarious. Maybe I just have some masochist desire to be made fun of. Oh well.

I'm not gonna make fun of you, it's cool you can see the humor in all of this. And I'm also glad that yer pissed about selling yer old He-Man figures... ME TOO!

From: Aitzol Ezeiza jiscidir@sc.ehu.es
Subject: HITLER




Te Gustas Las Calamares? Calamares Es Muy Bien, No?

Welp, that about does it for this page of mail. Thanks to everybody who has mailed me, I really appreciate it, whether it's hateful or grateful. Just keep on sendin' those letters and pictures in! email Dogmuled@I-Mockery.com

Onto the next page of hate!