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That's gotta suck. This lad tried to prove how angry and tough he was by yelling with all his might. His "tough-guy" yell quickly turned into a "wimpy-kid" shriek of pain when he pulled a groin muscle. "Burn" huh? Yeah, I bet that burns! Bwahahahahah! Remember kids, do your stretches before you do a show!

Awww, poor little monkey. We all feel so sorry for these animals that are treated so horribly. Ever wonder WHY these animals are treated badly? Did you ever think that maybe they did something BAD during their lives? Oh yeah, we all love to go, "Awww! He's so cute and fluffy and soft!" and all that mushy crap. Most people don't realize that they are ANIMALS and are capable of PURE EVIL. This little monkey, for example, is being punished for his crime: The JFK assassination. Ever heard of it? Yeah that's what I thought! See, you people just aren't told the WHOLE TRUTH by these animal rights bastards. Now you've seen the light!

(BIG Thanks to keen&ten.net, for the above pictures! He's an "undercover Winky operative" and he's finding me tons of pictures that come directly off of plenty of the sXe/vegan/whatever pages out there!!!)

And now for some more pictures donated by lordofmalice@hotmail.com! He's found a bunch of pictures for me and I had a great time making fun of them. They're some of the most idiotic ones I've seen yet! So, without further delay, here they are!

Yo yo yo, to all da' whiteys in da' house! I be a stoopid vegan fool! Gyeah! I be so stupid that I ain't had me a hamburga in 10 years. Now I be so skinny that my clothes don't fit me no more! Ain't that wack as a muthafucka!? Look at my clothes, G! They be hanging down all over me like I was a toofpick o' sumfin! Well, I'd like to give a shout out to my main homies in da' projects of Winkyville! Yeeeah!

Ahhh, here we have Ronald McDonald holding up a sign which reads, "Meat Is Murder"! How cute! I dunno about you folks, but I think it's great! Look at the smile on ol' Ronald! He's happy as a girl scout that he's murdered all those cows and chickens! Meat is indeed murder and it tastes great! But what many animal rights activists will forget to tell you is that breathing, walking, talking, and anything else a living person does is MURDER! Everything we do kills tiny little things that have just as many feelings as cows! How about that!? Hmmm, I wish I could taste those tiny microscopic things. I wonder, if I could taste them, if they'd taste as good as a hamburger? Food for thought, eh?

Boy, no wonder the Charlotte Hornets haven't won a championship! Is this how they train? Do they actually send out their team to play stupid music for a bunch of easily led children instead of practice? Or could this be a fashion statement. What do you think? Maybe this guy "walks the walk" with the best supermodels on the runway. I'm sure he spends many hours trying on different shirts and bras before he decides which ones to wear to the shows to impress everybody with! Well, whatever the reason may be, be sure to inform me when the NBA decides to endorse straight edge. I'm always looking for more proof that professional sports are on a complete downfall, and this would prove my theory correct!

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