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For those of you who never saw the original Winky page, this is what the
original entrance graphic looked like. This is an updated version of it though
cuz now the hands have the O's winning. Can't let the X win ever! hehehe!
Just think, some day I'll show this picture to my grandchildren and say, "see
kids, this is what Grandpa Winky used to do. But he doesn't have to bother
with that anymore since he's a multi-billionaire and had all the scenesters
of the world exterminated one by one. Your grandpa saved the world!"

Here's an illustration from Bart Nagel
Glad to see somebody else out there feels the pain of Brocolli.

Some things I just don't want to know about, ya know?

This is the view of a big healthy meat-eater looking down on some
snacks. That guy's "Pest" shirt is quite accurate, these scenesters
are all just a bunch of pests. One of them is so ashamed of himself
(or scared of being eaten) that he won't even look up! I've got dibs
on the "X X X" chump in the middle. MMM Beefy! Break out the A1 Sauce!

Lotta stuff going on in this picture. The guy in the middle with the X's on his hands is being told by his pal that the ink was tainted with poison and he's got 5 minutes to live. Hence the reason he looks like he's about to break down and cry. The guy who is yelling is his brother calling for a medic, but it's too late for him.
Also, gotta love that drummer in the background spanking the ass of the guy in front of him with his drumstick. Kinky bastards!
(thanks to Jacob Hopping for the previous 3 images he sent in)

"We thought it'd be real original if everyone in our ska band dressed up in blue for the night. The only thing this achieved was making our sweat stains much more noticeable. Why the hell are we playing ska anyway? The only fun part of it is emptying our horn's spit valves on the crowd, and that gets old after a while.
And is it us or does every single ska song sound exactly the same!?"

Man, you've gotta feel sorry for 'em. I mean look at the guy in the middle there.
Tell me he doesn't have the word "BORED" written all over his face? Well if you
were forced to play the same kind of song day in and day out you'd look as miserable as he does too. Friends don't let friends play Ska!

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