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Man, as if it's not bad enough that these guys are copying the squirrel nut zippers look (guys all dressed the same, one girl dressed to stand out), why do so many ska bands have to dress the same way as if they were from a different time? Furthermore, why the hell can't we SEND THEM BACK TO THAT TIME!?!?

Kryste, is it too much to ask that the musicians we watch perform wear a decent amount of clothes? And if they're not gonna wear clothes, at least not wear the most idiotic looking undergarments. And if you goth idiots insist on wearing the dog collars, at least do what this goth gal is doing. She's got a big silver ring attached to her collar, perfect for guys like me to grab and sling her across the room into oblivion where she belongs.

Sorry pal, even with that searchlight you're wearing on your head, you're not going to be able to find the originality and talent you think you might have somewhere. Put that headlight to good use, go crawl into a cave and stay there.
Happy Spelunking!

Ah, it's always good to see fellow meat-eaters truly dedicated to their diet.
Look at these guys, the talentless singer decided to put the mic into the crowd so they would sing instead since he couldn't hold a note. Unfortunately for him, he stuck his hand right out in front of some hungry meat eaters, and well... the picture speaks for itself really. They decided to call it SNACK TIME BABY!

Damn straight. It's David Rasche (aka: Sledge Hammer!) and he's out to take care off all the scenesters there one at a time! He fights for truth, justice, and his own amusement. When asked to comment on what he plans to do to all the scenesters out there, he simply said: "Trust me, I know what I'm doing."

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