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HELLO! This lady was laughing so hard at the sXe/vegan "lifestyle" that her eyes almost popped right out of her head! How about that! Man, can you imagine the contacts they have to make for this lady?!?
(Thanks to JM881@aol.com for this hilarious picture!)

Lookee here! It's Shinkasta! Isn't it funny how the guy is eating out of the others hand. He's feeding him soy! An active vegan needs his nourishment at these shows! How cute! And many sXe people don't have sex.....so what do they do instead? Well, if you look at one of the guys, his hand is somewhere where it shouldn't be. And isn't it CONVENIENT that the guitar is covering up what he is doing??? HMMMMMMM.
(thanks to "Distortion", an OPEN-MINDED VEGAN, for the picture!!!)

This picture is too easy to make fun of. I'm not even going to bother commenting on how ridiculous the singer looks. But look at the zombies...er...people in the background. They're mesmerized! They look as though they're in a trance even! Just like I said, their minds are easy to control. When will these scenesters ever learn?

Here's something that I just HAD to include on the page.

Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 07:31:54 -0700
From: TODD SCHOENBAUM: TSCHOENB@polymail.cpunix.calpoly.edu
To: Vegan-Straight-Edge: vse@crash.nildram.co.uk

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what can be done to rid a house
of termites and the like with out killing them? It is kind of a
perdicament, the house may collapse if something is not done but the
solutions usually require killing. I'm not actually in the position now,
but I'm trying to solve the problem in case it appears in the future.

I MEAN COME ON! HOW PATHETIC CAN YOU GET?!?! The fact that this guy doesn't even have the problems of termites, yet actually has the time to ponder questions like "if/when I get termites, how can I get rid of them without killing them?"...GEEZUS KRYSTE! How about you let THEM live in your house and instead YOU KILL YOURSELF! That's one of the BIG problems with these damned vegans, they care more about these little termites and roaches than they do about their fellow human beings.

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