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This is a little something I thought I could share with all of you regarding the oh-so-punk practice of "flag-burning". Enjoy!

"I'd rather be burning flag burners"

Flag Burning. Something that I have always thought was stupid. Just as many hippies have burned their bras, the little punkers have their own equivalent rebellion. And it comes in the form of burning another type of fabric: Flags. Why on earth anybody would bother to burn a flag (other than a desperate attempt at getting attention) makes no sense to me. Think about it, it's a piece of cloth. That's all these flags are. They're manufactured by the MILLIONS each year. People celebrate them on the 4th of July, and then you see them a month later being used by dad as an oil rag. So you really think that burning the flag is going to do anything? If you partake in this pathetic activity, you need to realize that you are indeed wasting your time and money (pending you actually purchased one).

Now besides these strange hatred of this red, white and blue fabric that many people have, there are other things one should consider before he/she decides to become that "unique rebel who defaces the flag". Besides that it's been done before and it's about as original as reinventing the corn flake, flag burning is laughed upon by most anybody with common sense. Most people view it as childish and whiny.

There are kids out there who are burning flags because they feel that the government is oppressing them. The government is ruining their lives. Two things:

1) The government isn't going to change their ways because you burn a flag. Do any of you actually believe that some fat-assed politician is going to change things because he was driving down the street in a limo and saw you out burning a flag on the street? I can see it now...

"Well Jim, I think we should cover up that newest Clinton scandal because....HEY! WHOAH! LOOK AT THAT! HE'S BURNING THE FLAG! Hey now....you know, what we've been doing is wrong. I'm glad that loser on the street there has shown me the error of my ways! Praise Jesus!"

Not quite, this is a more accurate scenario:

"Well Jim, I think we should cover up that newest Clinton scandal becase....hahaha, now would ya look at that? What an idiot...trying to burn the flag. Hahaha! My toilet paper has the flag's design on it! They actually believe they can change things by doing that??? Get real!!"

2) When I was as young as some of these little toddlers, I wasn't worrying about the government. What the hell could they POSSIBLY need to worry about!?! "Hey, I hate the government! They tax my bubble gum too much!" PLEASE....When I was that young my only worries were whether He-Man was going to kick Skeletor's arse on t.v. that day and whether mom was going to make another dinner that contained vegetables which I've hated to eat. There's no excuse for whining about that stuff at such a young age. I know they want to fit in with the older kids and be "cool" and all....but half of these older kids are even more idiotic than the younger ones. These young kids follow their examples and then wonder why they end up on the streets later because they didn't want to have anything to do with society. Well guess what. Life sucks and that's the way it is. I don't like a lot of things about life, but I'm not going to try to kid myself into believing I can change any of it. I just do my own work and that keeps me satisfied to some degree. That's all a true cynic can ask for anyway.

For those who burn the flag because they not only hate the government, but because they hate America, I've got something to tell you as well. There's a simple cure for your hatred of America if it is as bad as you say it is: MOVE! That's right! Go to Spain! Go to Bolivia! Go to Yugoslavia! Just MOVE! See how much more you like it there! Look, I know there's a TON of cruddy things going on in the States....but the fact is, it is still the BEST place in the world to live. I strongly believe this....well....except for perhaps Scotland, and that's only because they're all a bunch of insane ravaging hooligans! AYE!

I mean look at some of the idiots out there these days trying to rebel against THEIR OWN NATION! This whole Texas militia crap about them wanting Texas to be declared SEPARATE from the states? If they want that I'd be more than happy to give it to them. But it wouldn't just be a declaration of independence from the states, Texas would physically be REMOVED from our spiffy country. I've never cared to visit Texas myself and I don't know anybody there, so I wouldn't really care about losing it. So if they don't want to be part of the USA., then let's dig up the entire state and move it elsewhere. I suggest the Bermuda Triangle. Why? It's very simple.

FACT: These Texan elitists are lost.

FACT: Many things have gotten lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

THEREFORE: Texas and the Bermuda Triangle are PERFECT for each other!
(This time it's not the "Lost and Found", it's the "Lost find the Lost")

Ok, enough about Texas. My point about all this is this. We all live here in this nation, times will be good, times will be bad, times will be neutral. I just think that anybody that hates this country so much should just leave or AT LEAST do a bit more research on the conditions of other places. If they can HONESTLY convince themselves that they would be better off elsewhere, then I believe they SHOULD INDEED move to that nation. As for the kids, chew your bubble gum, watch your he-man, and forget about your stupid punk bands like "Propagandhi" (or "Propatrendhi" as my friends and I always loved to call them) who tell you to "stick the flag up your ass" and whatever. The only sign of intelligence in them is that they think "ska sucks and the bands are only in it for the bucks".

One of Propatrendhi's slogans is: "I'd rather be flag burning"

One of my slogans is: "I'd rather be burning flag burners"


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