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Old Oct 27th, 2007, 07:39 AM        Halloween pranks
One time when my dad was young, he supposedly woke up one of his younger brothers at 3 in the morning on Halloween. It was still dark of course so he told my groggy uncle that the fool had slept ALL DAY and was going to miss hallowen this year unless he hurried and got going. He helped my uncle get into costume and then sent him out Trick or Treating. Needless to say, dad caught hell once grampa found out that he'd sent my uncle out to wake up a bunch of people at 4 in the morning.

Any others?
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Old Oct 28th, 2007, 08:45 AM       
That's a good one JediScum. Awesome new avatar you got there, I'm tempted to join the corps and make something like that myself.

My Halloween Prank:

I threw a big Halloween/fall play cast party my senior year of HS: a good crowd and lot's of booze and weed. Before the party my thirteen year old brother (a twisted savant that I had at last come to an understanding with as our evil matured), had dressed up in a black ninja suit with a cloak and hood. In a fit of sadistic genius he rigged a battery pack on his belt hooked up to two red LEDs glued to his black face mask so he looked like a Satanic jawa with malevolent glowing eyes. Our plan was simple: sow terror amongst our victims.

Brother (ever a willing servant of darkness) hid out in our really big backyard before everybody came. The party started early, around five, because we wanted to make use of the eerie autumn twilight and we were a bunch of kids with nothing else to do but get wasted at my house, which was a good place to do it since my parent's never gave a shit what we did
and always retired to their bedroom early where they presumably got wasted, fucked like monkeys, and played Yatzee. No questions were asked either side.

I proceeded to graciously administer enormous BTs to my guests out on the deck or while looking out the big picture windows. Brother began to make brief appearances, peeking over the garden hedge just long enough to give a glimpse, then disappearing for a time only to reappear fleetingly somewhere else; gazing from behind a tree or melting into the brush. He kept it subtle, a brilliant performance on his part.

My friends and party guests would glimpse him, and as hoped, freak out. "Oh my God, I saw some THING over there!" I would say "Huh? I didn't see anything." and then make fun of them.

After an hour or so of this a palpable tension had spread through the crowd as rumors of the sinister visitor spread. "It has red eyes!" "It just vanished!" "It was flying!" -I told everybody it was just their silly imaginations and did my best to make them feel unsure and confused. More drinks and BT's, everybody! I made a point of cruelly making fun of anyone who said they saw something.

As soon as it became really dark out I got everybody to sit on the living room floor. I brought out a bunch of funky old 'spooky stories' records from grade school days, put one on and turned out all the lights. At first everybody was laughing and talking shit but the record was actually fairly well done and after a while it all got real quiet as the half-wasted teens were listening intently to the eerie tale. That was when brother ROSE UP in the big picture window and began screaming at the top of his lungs, red eyes glowing through the glass. Mayhem ensued.

I recall that I enjoyed the sensation of several buxom cheerleader type beauties crawling over me on their shrieking, flailing flight from the demon in the window. A lamp was broken and several guests got scuffed up as a clot of terrified teenagers got stuck all trying to run down the hall at once. I laughed maniacally to help make sure the chaos was total.

When the lights eventually came on and the hysteria had dissipated my brother came in to get the beers and bongs he had so completely EARNED everybody was really pissed off at first but then had to admit it was a quality prank. We got them more wasted so they forgave us. People love to be scared, I enjoy giving them what they want. I ended up boinking some pretty hot but freaky proto-goth chick theater queen with very pale skin out in the garden shed before the night was done so all in all the whole thing fucking rocked.

Happy Halloween!
I like clam dip.

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