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Old Jan 27th, 2006, 05:35 PM        Read our NEW Rules & Guidelines before posting!
I-Mockery Message Boards
Revised rules and guidelines


  • Avatars
    Must be within 150x130 pixels and no larger than 50 KB.
  • Signatures
    Must be within 400x100 pixels (or 4 lines of text) and no larger than 50 KB.

Moderators/Admins can and will ban you for whatever reasons they see fit. 99% of the time, it is because you have broken one or more of these rules. In most cases, you will be issued a warning before being banned.
  • Do not hijack threads.
    While very few threads here stay on-topic, this does not give you an excuse to personally change a thread's topic. One off-topic comment is fine. Two or more is not. If lots of people are telling you to shut up, you are probably guilty of this and should. Shut up, that is.
  • Do not pick/start fights often.
    This is more or less an extension of the above rule, but it is a rare occasion when people want to read about how fat/gay/fat someone else on the boards is in every thread they open. If you find that you're doing this often, cut it out. If it's happening because people are harassing you, ignore them. Take it to the Mock Wars forum.
  • Do not make malicious remarks in the form of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
    For obvious reasons. Emphasis on 'malicious' - Not all remarks like these are hate-speech.
  • Do not flood or otherwise intentionally "grief" the forums.
    If you're here strictly to be annoying, you will be removed.

You will be banned instantly for doing any of the following.
  • Posting pornography and other extremely not-safe-for-work material.
    This is generally only allowed when a thread is tagged NSFW (not-safe-for-work), and even then only in the Art Shit forum as an artistic piece. This rule includes all forms of pornography, including (but not limited to) photographic, drawn, and artistic. You will be banned for one month on the first offense and permanently on the second. Remember, other kids come to these forums too. Kids whose parents love them.
  • Spamming.
    If you have something to sell, do it in the Classifieds forum. If you only signed up to shill your product/band/website/etc., your post will be deleted and your username and IP address will be permanently banned.
  • Circumventing a ban.
    If you've been banned, it was most likely for a reason, and whether you agree with the reason or not is irrelevant. If you are caught circumventing a ban (ie: registering another account), your IP will be banned as well and the ban will be extended by at least a month. If you attempt to circumvent a ban twice, you will be permanently banned.

When you are banned, the administrator that banned you will send an e-mail to the address on file detailing why and for how long. Do not complain to a different admin about your banning, as this will only piss them off. At the end of this period, you must e-mail that administrator back with your board name and IP address (www.whatismyip.com if you don't know) to be unbanned. If the administrator's e-mail bounces back or is otherwise not received, you will remain banned until they are supplied with a valid e-mail address.


These are general posting guidelines. You'll enjoy yourself a lot more if you take these to heart.

On new topics
  • Make sure that your topic is both worth posting and in the correct forum.
    A thread about a movie should go in Movies & Television. A thread about dating should go in Loveline. Use some common sense. Similarly, your thread should be worth posting - i.e. at least four lines or more in length.
  • Do not make a "Hi, I'm new" thread.
    It will get you flamed and in retaliating you will most likely become annoying enough to ban.

On posting
  • Do not post to raise your post count.
    Post counts do not mean anything and you will only annoy people in the process.
  • Do not reply to everything.
    If you absolutely must reply after everyone's posts, do it in the Chat Room thread in General Blabber. Otherwise this will be seen as an extreme nuisance. One of the first things an admin looks for when investigating a nuisance is the number of times they post in a day. New people should keep it under 10 posts per day. If you're registered as hot Kukuro, this is especially important to keep in mind.
  • This is not a flame board.
    Nor is this a place to start your future stand-up comedy career. Be yourself. Unless you are obnoxious, in which case you should try to be someone less obnoxious. Do not try to impress us all with how funny you think you are. You're not, and we will remove you if you can't cut it out.
  • Read before responding.
    Go fill up someone else's board if you can't wait.
  • Keep images within 500 pixels wide.
    The boards are optimized for 800x600 resolution, so please keep your images within 500px to prevent side-scrolling.
  • Learn to take a joke.
    Sarcasm is rampant throughout these boards, so don't take everything that is said on here as a personal attack on you. Chances are, the person who made the comment doesn't even know who the hell you are - and even if they do, they don't care enough to address you personally. So don't go chasing them around in a ton of different threads trying to attack them. It's a humor site, so try to develop a sense of humor.
  • Do not bump old threads.
    If a thread is off of the first page of topics, it probably is not a good idea to post in it. Doing so will cause it to relocate to the top of the forum. Do this enough times and it will sow chaos. If no-one has posted in a thread for more than a week, consider it closed (unless the thread was about a problem and it hadn't been solved until your post).

On other board functions
  • Refrain from sending Private Messages (PMs) in most situations.
    It is very rare that a person wants someone who just dropped in to start chatting with them on a personal and private level. Please restrict your PMs to the following scenarios:

    1. You need to PM an admin over a technical issue.
    2. You want to PM a good MUTUAL friend.
    3. You want to PM someone who has requested it.

    Aside from the above, make your reply on the forum - If you have something to hide in your response, there's a good shot that the receiver will not appreciate it. Note that PMs can be made public by the receiver if they choose, even if they are an admin. PM harassment is one of the quickest ways to get banned because it creeps people out and makes them not want to come back. So don't do it.
  • Do not try to make your name invisible to other users.
    This is an option that you have in the profile settings. Refrain from using it - We will just set it back because when you join these forums, you're being shoved out into the world as naked and quivering as the day you were born. No hiding.
  • Do not make more than one account.
    Exceptions can be made if you're making a character who will act radically different from your normal self, but otherwise the only thing this accomplishes is misleading people in the short-term. If you want a different name for any reason, contact an admin to have the name on your account changed. Frequency of name-changing privileges is up to admin discretion, but the service is generally only extended once or twice.

The I-Mockery message boards are a private and free-of-charge community and we reserve the right to revoke anyone's membership and use of free services for any reason. Breaking one, any, or all of these rules and guidelines is reason enough in most cases. In addition, Administration reserves the right to modify your account in any way. However, Administration will never share your e-mail address or IP address with any 3rd party except in extreme circumstances (i.e.: We have to contact your ISP to force you to cease harassment).

Keep your nose clean and have a good time, just not at the expense of our other members.

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