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Old Mar 3rd, 2008, 03:57 PM        Frontlines: Fuel of War
The game from the people that bought you Desert Combat Mod and I guess Battlefield 2 to an extent (though I suspect they were a part of a much larger team at Dice).

Right so first the good:

The single player is great. Sure it's pretty simple and short but It's fun.
Graphically and in terms of the physics it's also extremely competent (although some textures are a little shoddy and for an Unreal Engine 3 based game it falls way short of more high profile games).

And the bad:

Worst. Server browser. Ever... Seriously.
For a game which is obviously intended primarily as an on-line game they could've at least made a server browser which works properly. Every time a new server is added to the list it scrolls to the bottom of the page - away from all the servers you've neatly arranged at the top using the filters and such. To add insult to injury you cannot double click a server to join it, you have to select it and then click another button at the bottom of the page (which is made particularly difficult when the server gets de-selected every 5 seconds).

The assault class gets about 5 grenade launcher grenades and probably another 5/6 hand grenades, all of which you can spam onto the battlefield within 10 seconds. This basically means that 9/10 of your deaths will be from grenades. Not fun. Stupid mistake on the part of the developers.

The drones, in particular the armoured machine-gun/mortar drones, are way powerful and not remotely fun to fight. They take several grenades to dispatch and even if you do kill one you don't get any points. While the guy driving it can rack up millions of kills from his drone. It makes no sense.

It's really surprising to me that they ruined the game in the way they did. Particularly with things like the grenades were they already made the same mistakes in Desert Combat and eventually patched it.
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Old Mar 4th, 2008, 10:16 PM       
they should have added the "instant action" mode. It's missing for a BF-style game.
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