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Here are some images that I have drawn in my most desperate times. I hope you enjoy them. You can click on any of the images on the left of the table to see the full-sized image alone. Alone...alone...such a cruel world.



This is a sketch of my heart.
This is the finalized drawing of my heart.
This is a picture of the night, notice the bats flying around? One of them is me!
This is a personal favorite. It took me a long time to complete. It's a self-portrait, as if you couldn't tell!
This one's kind of abstract. It's my way of expressing my Malkavian Vampire emotions.
Needs no explanation... this one just makes me cry every time I look at it.
This one is an inside view of a coffin.
I call this one: Emptiness.
I drew this when I was young. My parents immediately sent me to a shrink. He was convinced I had deep dark problems.
I had an out of body experience when I tried to kill myself with a BIC razor. This is what I saw. As you can see, the light at the end of my tunnel is VERY dim.
After removing my genitalia, there was a nasty scar on my body. This has nothing to do with that, I just wanted to share that story with you.
This one was a test of my own inner feelings. I blindfolded myself and just let my feelings guide my hand. After I was done with my self-gratification, I painted this with the blindfold still on. Quite an abstract piece.
This is a picture of two gothic angels overwhelmed by each other. See how they are urinating on each other? Their dark lust has completely engulfed them.
I spent many hours on this one, but unfortunately I ran out of black paint and need to return to the crafts store to complete it. Still, I think it looks good as it is. Don't you agree?
I did this one when I was in an unusually good mood. You can tell by the lighting that it has a much warmer feeling to it that most of my work.
This one is the sequel to my painting entitled "Emptiness". This one has much more detail on it in my opinion. Yet still has a subtle feeling of hopelessness. 
A gothic beauty bathing in the filth that the outside world has dumped onto her. Very symbolic of why us goths feel the way we do. The outside world rejects us.
This is a portrait of "The Crow". He is standing in the rain and playing guitar for me as I cry.
I call this one:
"The Beauty of Feces"
This is a picture of Sleepy Hollow. The headless horseman is 50 times as scary as the recent movie made him out to be. I've actually met him in person.
This is a picture of the black rose of nocturne. There was only one in existence and I had it in my hands at one time. But like all things I touch, it died.
A close-up of my pierced scrotum.
The black threads that I use to sew my clothes... when I don't take them from graveyards, that is.
This is my blood viewed under a microscope.
I call this one:
"It can't rain all the time"
My rendering of "The National Goth Convention", held in the 18th lair of Galdovidoria's Maze of Madness in Dimension 3.14 in the year 300 A.D.

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