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The following are emails that I have received from those who cherish this page as well as those who frown upon it. I'm sure it will be a very dark and scary experience for all of you. Read fast though, the sun's coming out soon!
My responses to these message appear in
spooky orange.

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I'm deeply interested in finding out more about you. If you are as depressed as you seem in your web pages, I think we would get along well. Considering the fact that you are goth, we have a lot in common
already. I don't have any "e-mail buddies" yet (That sounds almost too happy doesn't it?) so I would like to put you on my empty (Hmmm..empty. Sounds familiar doesn't it?) address list so I can have someone to talk to. Please respond. I really would like to have someone to talk to that understands me. -Jessica

Thank you for your kind words, but I know they are truly empty. Nobody can understand my pain. I'm so sad, I think I'm going to go to Spencer's at the mall and buy some scary jewelry. Then call my mom on my cell phone and get her to bring me back home so I can wallow in my own misery.

Listen fool,
Your anti-goth site is the biggest bunch of shit I have ever read! You assume way too much!! Gothic people DO NOT listen to Marliyn Manson!! We are not vampires, nor do we pretend to be!! You are are just stupid to realize what we are about!! Not that many of us wear make-up. You've probably grown used to seeing the little Manson lovers, hell, you are probably from some redneck town with like 5 gothic
people. But I don't care where you live,
if it's New York or Hicktown, USA; YOU ARE A PREJUDICE SON OF A BITCH!!
Lupus Daniel

I am Skared, of the eighteenth lair sub-hell vortex from the Malkavian castle of corpses. I am not from this "Hicksville" that you speak of. I clarified this on the homepage, but I guess you weren't able to read that. Some people just can't understand our woes... they are the truly sad ones. Remember this fellow whiny goths. Always remember this...

I really think your site is digustingly true,
and I'll probably hate myself from now on for saying so...

I know, the truth hurts doesn't it. But believe me, it doesn't hurt nearly as much as my pierced scrotum.

You have one of the funniest websites that I have ever seen!!!!

I see no humor in all of this. Doesn't our misery touch your heart? Speaking of touching, would you care to touch my nipple?

Pease send me any suicide notes that you have or know about. If you know of any sites that have them let me know. I work with youth and am verry interested in the subject and how we can help them.
Thank you for you help.

Sorry everybody, this is my therapist. This is who I get my prozac from. My therapist just doesn't understand that people like me are beyond help....

the shades of grey that cloak my soul pevent me from finding any
humor in this page and force me to write in all lower case letters with no

The fangs in my mouth will open your eyes to my horrific world of pain. Once I sink my thirds into your flesh, we will be one and you shall finally see this world through my eyes...

You don't have to be scared... 

Death is not something to be taken lightly. It is not a problem solver. Death does not end pain, it just makes it worse. I used to be depressed, but I overcame it. Death should not be a magnet for depressed people, because it is an awful thing to be dead. I understand you are cold and lonely. You just need someone to help you to realize that you ARE important, and, you ARE a wonderful human being. You have never felt the love that YOU DESERVE! No matter how you dress, or, what you say, or how you act,you are a very important person.I am here if you want to talk, I am a great listener. 

I'm sorry, but I am beyond help. Haven't you seen the picture I drew "Inside View Of A Coffin"? That is how I see this cruel world. I'd type more now, but I have to go cry.

bwahahahahahahahahahaha That's the FUNNIEST web page I've ever seen! That "black art" is reassuring of the fact that the page is a pisstake. Also those e-mails are funny! How stupid are those people
that take it seriously huh? :) If you ask me they sounded to angry to be depressed! bahaha Oh yeah, your home page got into The Worst Of The Web in case you didn't notice. Yale Maloney

I'm quite offended that you find HUMOR in art. I went through many painstaking hours of self-exploration to find those pictures in the back of my head and express them onto my canvas of pain. As for Worst Of The Web... it's not surprising. Nobody in this world loves me. Why should I expect them to do anything else but mock my trivial existence. 

i will die cause i have no penis

I have no penis either, but that is because I made that decision to remove my penis myself. I was dead inside before I removed it. You and I are much alike.

WOW! I've met alot of possers in my life, but MAN you take the fucking cake! You are byfar one of the worst "goths" I have "met". After reading your page I keep looking for a "just kidding" type thing, because if you are even 1% serious of the crap you put on your page then you need help... not "profesional" help, help like getting the crap kicked out of you by real
goths. Because you are NOT a real goth, I'm not claiming that I am.. I'm just
saying I'm more gothic than you could ever be. Do yourself a favor and engage
in the following activities. 1) Get laid (no you haven't so don't say you did) 2) get some sun. (the only good that pail skin will get you is a horrific sun burn if you ever spend more than an hour in the sun) 3) PLEASE get a fucking life (you obviously do not have one) 4) take this page off the net (lest some people may think that all goths are as stupid as you) 5) watch
some "Goth Talk" skits on Saturday Night Live, after you have done this, see how dumb you look cuz you act just like them. 6) if you are gonna try and be "goth" then don't flaunt it, don't go out of your way to make sure people know you are gothic. 7) don't say anything else again until you become a senior at your highschool. And also expect to get more e-mails like this because I'm sending your page to friends of mine who will laugh at how dumb you are.

Ok "Souless" (real original name there) YOU are the one that doesn't know anything about being goth. I am singularly personified GOTH! That is all I have in my empty life, and not you or anybody else can take that away from me. I will take it with me to my grave. Bring your friends, let them see my beautiful dark world that I have created here on the web. They will then mock you for not seeing that this web site is TRUE GOTH.

Dear Skared,

Your site's seriously some funny stuff man, keep up the good work. The funniest thing about it is the fact that your actually pissing off some of these stupid Goth kids. I couldn't stop laughing... Mind if I put a link up at my site?


Hello. I do not intend to "piss off" the pseudo-goths out there. I believe they are just jealous. But it's ok, when I remove myself from this world they won't have to be jealous anymore.

Hi there,Your simplistic page was very annoying. Perhaps it's because your 15 year olddaughter is rather hanging out with men like me instead of baking you cookies andplaying dress-up. Well, you'll die with therest of the losers comeBlack Armageddon.Cheers!

I have no child. I would not DARE bring a child into a world as horrible as this. There will be no "Armageddon" for me to witness. I will be gone long before any such wonderful thing could ever happen.

Shattered angels
Broken feelings
My misery
Becomes the state of doing
Doing what seeing doesn't understand
State the sound
Taste the feeling
Amazing dragon
Test the fires of feeling
Where does the moon understand?
"Roman Sokolowski"

A fine question for the ages indeed...

The darkest tears drip from my heart.
Now the end, shall quickly start.
I take the dagger in my hand.
To end this pain I cannot stand.
I smile at my dripping blood.
I end this eternal overwhelming flood--
Of endless torture.
To my heart.
Remember, the end shall soon start...


You are a TRUE goth. Your poetry is beautiful and sincere. Thank you for sending in that pleasant poem of pain.

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