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The following are suicide notes submitted to me by those sad souls out there that just couldn't find anything worth living for. Oh the horror... the horror...
After you finish reading these you will have the option to send me your own
final words in the form of a poem or suicide note. I await your darkest words.

I Must Go Alone To My Bed
I am a weary wanderer,
On a lonesome and winding road.
I am a daily ponderer.
I bear a ponderous load.

My shoes are worn down to the soles.
My pants are rent with gaping holes.
But I still maintain my two feet,
And the earth as a temporal seat.

I have nothing to call my own.
All I possess, I do on loan.
All my possessions I shall shed,
Down to the last verse in my head.

And whether I'll taste victory
Before I face my last defeat,
Is an unrecorded story.
But gain and loss I shall both meet.

I have a few more miles to go.
I have a few more thoughts to know,
And my destination to see,
When I arrive at destiny.
Shed no tears when I pass on by.
We must face the drought and the rain.
It is only torture to cry.
Perhaps our paths may join again.

Every road eventually ends,
As love passed far beyond my tred.
Each friendship leads to parting friends.
I must go alone to my bed.

~ Daniel F Mitchell

my soul has been lost
I am going to die
and all I need is for no one to cry
no one drove me to end this game
apart from me myself to end this pain
you try to stop me but you won't succed
for the pain i have will slaughter me
you blame yourselves but I have been hurled
into the depths of hell beyond this world
"Malcolm Lay"

I plan to kill myself, not because I am so overly depressed about something
immportant, but because I have lost so much blood that I am lightheaded almost
all the time now, and I can no longer venture out during the day because I
have developed a sensativity to the sun. Summer is coming, and, seeing as I
have not been goth for more than a year, and have not yet expirienced summer
as a true goth, I will slowly fry, for black clothing can get increadibly hot,
even though, as I said, I cannot go outside. I see my life is nothing, so I
may as well die.

Goodbye my fellow martyr,

-Whiny Goth Guy- 

I never know what to put in these things, but I wanted you to be the one to read my last words. Please, bear with me. The time has come for me to move on. I don't come to this decision lightly, however, but now that I'm older, I've finally realized that there's a world of difference between living happily ever after and just living ever after. I may seem strong. But I'm not I'm just like anyone else. We can feel pain. We can die. And I won't be the one to destroy anyone else's hopes and dreams. Never again. 

I'm sacrificing myself to save the countless many who would have to die if I were to live. It's a noble cause, I figure. A good reason to die. I like to think you'd agree. 

So that's it. That's me. Leaving the world to be a better place. 

Forever, Kim

I have a suicide note....

I lived with pain,
I lived with life,
A pill of truth,
A pill of knife.
A skanking pickle,
A skanking fight,
A cloaking hump,
A cloaking petight.
Dyed black hair,
It is a scare,
Dumbass kids,
They piss me off,
whine right now,
I'll blow you off,
that was random,
well, i'm to go,
I love you all,
except for,
Kara, James, Ronon, Timothey Nighten, Timothey Reg, Reed, my parents, my brothers and sisters, all my distrustworthy friends (except Kara, but I hate her because she droped a glass of water in my house and wasted it when kids in africa could have used it), and I don't love you Brek, for that is not a name.

Kenneth Kroos

"Things were turned upside down and a terrible saddness filled the air; it found its' way into Black Angels." -Gerorge Crumb


My kisses burn into your soul 
My touch melts upon your skin 
My eyes reflect my misery 
Of the darkness Deep within 

Iam a waste of time 
so now I shall die


melancholy words, my only friend
here to escort me to the end
the kiss of night holds me so near
and amplifies my darkest fears
now run a way, 'till we meet again
beckons that of a raven
the tools of woe are thus employed
to love me down into the void
horrid day, thou mockest me
your light does not permit to see;
Devil's hand pulling me into the abyss
As the reaper tries to touch me with his kiss and so i end, i am the hole;
i am the black... the blackened soul

your page is inspirational.. i know now that i am not ENTIRELY alone in this barren wasteland. strangers in life, but brothers in death... i know not who to worship, you or marilyn manson.

-Obsidian Depression

The force of bleeding words
Traps helpless tears
Like rotting newspapers
Suspended from broken branches
Hanging laundry of lullaby memories
Hasty passages to destinations
That guarantee nothing
But indifference
Coarse sand soothes burnt souls
Abrasive to the center of passion
Where blistered hope cracks
And leaks more sorrow
Than the eyes betray

-Alex Nation

It hurts so much tonight.
Like it hasn't hurt in years.
I've given up the fight
I'm releasing all my tears.
I've held this in so long.
I can't hold it anymore.
Soon it will gone?
Then what am I still crying for?
I should have never let it start.
But now it rips my soul apart.
Soon I will be freed of this?
Will I EVER have such bliss?
What if I remember it?
Will the flame be once more lit?
Will I ever get it out?
All this pain I cry about
I toss and turn in my bed.
cry until my eyes turn red
It hurts so very much tonight.
Hurt this much? This can't be right.


A Poem:
In winter night almost as black as my soul,
I tripped on my heart and fell into the hole. Demons and bat-things did tear at my breast, But I knew I would never attain perfect rest. I fell through the void as they clawed at my face; My eyeballs did bleed on my dark velvet lace. Prayed I for solace--but to whom? To what? Nobody cared as I fell on my butt. Battered and bruised stood I then to my feet And then groped through the blackness of cold, falling sleet. Marilyn Manson from box de la juke Did his best to console me, but I had to puke. I struggled in vain the music to seek And vomited fully and started to reek. Bleeding and crying, I started to curse At my fate; then I woke up and then things got worse.

I dedicate this piece to you, Skared, and all that you are trying to do on this


Your words came too late to save me
For I am already dead
I wander through this limbo
A pounding in my head
A racing through my dead heart
For 'twas I who was stabbed with a deadly dart
Still sticking in my chest
I do not jest.

Farewell to all, have a nice death.

"In the dark night of the soul, it is always 3 o'clock in the morning."
F. Scott Fitzgerald

P.S. Good site. Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye, I say, as I plummet down the abyss of
eternal darkness, never to ever see the light again, or taste a slice of lightly
buttered toast. Sob!

After reading your site, I realise how pointless and cruel life really is. My heart is as black as my now dyed-black #1 hair. Here is a poem of pain I wrote for your misery. 

is everything 
is everywhere 
my heart is black 
my soul rots 
and its fetid stench 
disgusts me 
joy is a myth 
created by stupid happy morons 
who haven't realised the truth 
that life sucks 
and everything is misery 
except the end 
so I slip the sweet blade 
through my black heart 
and as my black blood drips out 
I finally know release. 

"Brett Stuart"

Snorting pieces of Jewel has put me in the mood for flagulation.

There is nothing quite as deep as me
With the possible exception of Morrisey
Or the shadowed depths of the Baltic Sea
Whose reaches are filled with the rotting corpses of poor, wretched failures
whose souls weigh them down with crumpets and tiny little
tiny little bricks.

-Patty Duke

gothique black tear.

my souelle wreaks of the pain you give me, all of you, i cannot breathe in
this world, the pinks, the yellows, they cloud my eyes with false emotion.
open your eyes to the darkness. feel my black, dark, sorrowful heart. my
soul is darker, and blacker than the deepest cavern. the humid, sickly sweet
stench of the melting of my spirit into a river of darkness, i must leave you
to go there now, to smell that sweetness of my body and soul entering into
the next world. listen and follow:
jump into thou river of darkness. cut
yourself. melt with me into our pain.

the day draws closer
my final sleep awaits
i'll find no peace
at the pearly gates
so where do i go, what do i do
the option i turn to...
the dream i had
the suicidal one
oh how sad
i have to leave,
love, peace empathy-kurtcobain
god bless you

all fucked up

i want you to sink your claws into me
it is only pain that sets me free
into the world of death and crying
i'm so sick of trying


Please submit your final words to me
before you leave this earth.
You will then be immortalized on the
Whiny Goth Kids Page...forever.

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