The Halloween Grab Bag!
I-Mockery's Halloween Toothpaste Art Contest!
by: -RoG-

Not too long ago, I reviewed Colgate's Halloween Toothpaste. It was a strange experience, brushing my teeth with watermelon flavored toothpaste, but it was an even stranger experience using said toothpaste to draw a jack-o-lantern:

Why did I decide to use the toothpaste to create a Halloween painting? Why not? The problem is, I'm far from the greatest artist, and my jack-o-lantern ended up looking like it had some severe gum disease issues. I was sure that somebody else could make better Halloween toothpaste art than that, so I announced a contest in which I asked I-Mockery's readers to send me photo of their creations. The rules were simple - use any varieties of toothpaste to create a Halloween masterpiece. And create you did!

I'm extremely happy with how this contest turned out and even happier to unveil the entries so you can see 'em. So without further delay, here are the official entries for I-Mockery's Halloween Toothpaste Art Contest!

Satan is Feeling a Little Blue
by Dextire

Dextire was clearly aiming to please with this one, for he included references to two of my favorite things: Boo Berry monster cereal and John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness. I like that he used four varieties of toothpaste to create this piece, including some of the more obscure brands like Aim, Close-Up, and Gleem. What's great is that he found a way to defeat the liquid Satan cannister from the film... by having Boo Berry pour his cereal into it and turn it from green to blue! Anything that immortalizes Boo Berry and Prince of Darkness with nothing but toothpaste is aok in my book.

Mac & Paste
by Lucas P.

Now this brings ya back to the days of elementary school, doesn't it? It's hard to go wrong with pasta art as it is, but to make a macaroni jack-o-lantern using sparkly orange toothpaste as an adhesive makes this even better. I would've liked to see it without the macaroni too, simply because it's obviously a much nicer looking pumpkin than the sloppy one I drew. Nice work!

Dracula Has A Bite
by Chris G.

Here's another solid one, if for no other reason than you can see the blood on Dracula's fangs from where he bit into his victim's neck on the right. And boy, does he ever look happy to be feeding, doesn't he? And all this time I thought Sesame Street had the market corned for incredibly upbeat vampires. I guess I was wrong.

Cinnamon Vampire Bat
by Crystal A.

Here's a great entry from Crystal in which she used some cinnamon flavored toothpaste to create a vampire bat. I think it's great how cartoony the bat is drawn here, and I'm impressed she was able to do it with toothpaste no less. I also like how it looks like a hybrid of a bat and a chipmunk. Good stuff, Crystal!

Oscar The Paste
by Lucas P.

Alright, he obviously didn't make the drawing as it came from a children's coloring book, but it *is* a Halloween coloring book, so it counts. This one features Oscar the Grouch and his sad looking pumpkin. I'm guessing it's sad because it has to spend its remaining days next to Oscar's stinking trash can. I like that Lucas sought out the appropriate toothpaste colors to fill in this drawing though, and he even did a fairly decent job of staying within the lines. Not too shabby, Mr. Grouch.

Candy-Man vs. Candy-Zombie
by Dextire

I'm not sure who is the Candy-Man and who is the Candy-Zombie here, but I'm gonna guess that the zombie is the one having his brains bashed in on the left. This is a great piece that embraces trick-or-treating candies and dental hygiene, two things that tend to go hand-in-hand, so I'm definitely a fan of it. Sure, the art itself is pretty sloppy, but you can't say it isn't a unique idea. And come on... look at the red toothpaste brain splatter in the upper left corner! We're talking about a zombie that had its brains bashed in by a lollipop! That's pretty friggin' amazing.

Ghostly Cavities
by Lampie

Lampie made her entry stand out even more by turning it into an animated .GIF to show how her toothpaste ghosts look under a blacklight. It's a good thing too, because these white ghosts are pretty hard to see on a white background like that. Would be nice if the other ghosts had faces too, but maybe their ghostly cavities got so bad that their eyes and mouths fell into them. Ghosts have a million problems... and a cavity is one. Good stuff, Lampie!

by Tracy M.

What I like about Tracy's piece is that you wouldn't even known it's toothpaste unless you looked closely at it. At first glance, I thought it was a chalkboard drawing, but upon closer inspect, I realized she actually made it using toothpaste. A fine skull and bat with purple highlights in the back, but my favorite part has to be the bat whose wing is being devoured by the moon. It almost looks like it's turning into a bat-scythe. Framing it with some velvet was a really nice touch too. I never would have thought that Halloween toothpaste art could look classy, but Tracy has made me believe otherwise.

Thanksgiving Toothpaste Hand Turkey
by Lucas P.

Alright, so this one is themed after a Thanksgiving turkey rather than Halloween, so it's obviously not eligible to win the contest (should've had him eating candy corns or something), but it's still amusing to see a hand turkey made entirely from toothpaste. It's also funny to picture Lucas smearing toothpaste all over his hands to make this happen. Kudos to you, sir!

Dear Uncle Ted
by Lucas P.

Now that's more like it, Lucas! A note, where an Umbrella Corporation employee writes home to his uncle, only to be stopped mid-sentence by an apparent zombie attack. All that remains of this poor employee is a bloody handprint. Great idea! I'm starting to think Lucas really has a fetish for smearing toothpaste on his hands. Either way, this is easily my favorite of his Halloween toothpaste art entries.

Family Portrait
by Dextire

Wow... Samhain from The Real Ghostbusters animated series and Sam from Trick-r-Treat posing for a family portrait made entirely of toothpaste? I approve! The details in this one are pretty fantastic too. I particularly love how Dextire even included the stitching on Sam's burlap sack mask along with his lil' pumpkin lollipop. Absolutely killer work!

by Dani B.

Look, it is NOT easy to draw with toothpaste. I tried it and you saw the results with my sloppy jack-o-lantern, so the fact that Dani was able to recreate the iconic poster from John Carpenter's Halloween so well using nothing but toothpaste is pretty damn impressive. Couple that with the fact that Dani also set the mood for the photograph of this piece extremely well by including some Halloweeny items like pumpkins, a mask, a bone, a copy of Class of Nuke'em High on VHS, and C-3PO & R2-D2 for some reason, and you have one hell of a nice presentation.

I should also note that Dani also submitted an alternate version of the photo with a pair of nunchucks in the picture, but it didn't show the art itself as nicely, so that's why you're seeing this one. Still, I thought you should know that, because there was obviously some serious effort into making this piece photograph well to pay tribute to Halloween... and Star Wars... and martial arts. Awesome.






Halloween's Last Kiss
by David R.

It was extremely hard to choose a winner amongst the entries I received, but this one really impressed me both in terms of execution and the funny idea itself, which truly encapsulates the Halloween spirit. Totally puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. David describes this piece as, "It's Halloween night, and there's a single pumpkin spice Hershey's Kiss left, so all the ghouls, ghosts, goblins, and witches are fighting to reach it first."

I love how he added white toothpaste highlights to all the characters and the clouds in the sky and blended in some blue toothpaste with the original background color. Oh yes, there are multiple layers to this one... here's the original layer:

This alone would've been just fine, but he definitely went the extra mile to finish off the piece with another coat of toothpaste and highlights, and I absolutely love it. So a big congrats to you, David, on a job well done! I'll be contacting you soon enough so I can send out your Halloween care package prize.

Oh, and as for who I think is gonna get that last pumpkin spice Hershey's Kiss treat? My money's on the vampire bat.

And that pretty much wraps up our Halloween toothpaste art contest. Before I go, I want to thank all of you who entered once again for taking the time to make these killer toothpaste creations. I would say many of them are worthy of being framed... but the toothpaste would probably smudge all over the glass. Still, your work on these pieces and the resulting neglect of personal dental hygiene is truly commendable. Considering the awesome entries that were sent in, I'll definitely hold another Halloween toothpaste art contest next year. To those of you who were too lazy and/or terrified to try your luck at busting out some toothpaste tubes to make Halloween art: you've got plenty of time to brush up on your skills, so we'll be expecting to see some submissions from you next go around.

Haha... "brush up" on your skills. Dental puns are great.

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Reader Comments

Freelance Artist
Oct 12th, 2012, 04:22 PM
OMG I completely agree with the winner (as much as I was hoping to win, I can't argue at all), it's amazing! :D
Freelance Artist
Oct 12th, 2012, 04:23 PM
Also, I am VERY happy to hear that you'll be holding another contest next year, as I learned something Monday morning (the day after the deadline) that gave me an amazing idea, & I was kicking myself for not checking into it sooner XP
an organism
Oct 12th, 2012, 04:45 PM
It's over? But my toothpaste body cast is still drying...
Forum Virgin
Oct 12th, 2012, 05:51 PM
Still can't believe I won!! XD Thank you guys so much. All the entries were so great, I look forward to next year! :D
Oct 12th, 2012, 07:36 PM
These are all really great! i knew they would be, good job everyone.
And congrats sphinx yours is quite the work of art and the white paste
really does pull it together.
Cranberry Everything
Oct 12th, 2012, 07:53 PM
Whoa, I'm seriously impressed with the artwork everyone else was able to achieve with such a difficult type of media to work with. Nice job, everyone!
Forum Virgin
Oct 21st, 2012, 07:42 PM
Thought I'd share the contents of the Halloween care package I received yesterday! Upon opening the box I found a Monsterpalooza canvas bag full of random spooky things. Highlights include a DVD copy of "PuppetMaster"; Glow-in-the-dark "Giga-Say-Watt?!" shirt; vintage Dinosaurs Attack cards; and 'Mars Attacks" book including 4 collectible cards. Oh and a coupon for a free box of bread sticks from Little Caesars pizza, that was hilarious.


The vintage cards were pretty freaking awesome, and I'm a big fan of the hilarious violence found in each one.


Pickled Patriarch
Oct 22nd, 2012, 05:19 AM
Thanks for sharing the photos of your Halloween care package with everyone. Glad you enjoyed all the goodies and congrats again on winning our first of hopefully many future Halloween toothpaste art contests!

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