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City Of The Living Dead!

Are you really surprised to see another Lucio Fulci flick in the greatest horror movie moments list at this point? We've already covered "The Beyond" on this list, and even featured a full-length review of Fulci's "New York Ripper" a few years back. What can I say, the man had knack for killer gore.

In City of the Living Dead, we find ourselves in another extremely slow-paced horror flick. It's just one of the things that horror fans have come to expect when watching a Fulci flick; the wait may be long, but the gore that ensues is always way over the top.

But the funny thing about this particular Lucio zombie film? My favorite moment doesn't even involve any zombies at all!

Remember kids: hide your drugs in a tire.

So this girl goes to grab her stash o' ganja from an old tire in the garage when she finds this guy sleeping in her father's car. Keep in mind this is the guy who was about to get it on with a blow-up doll earlier in the movie before he discovered a rotting corpse on the ground. While he's not trying anything funny with the girl, it doesn't stop her father from becoming a crazed madman upon discovering the two hanging out together.


After calling him a bastard and popping him in the jaw, the guy stumbles to the other side of the garage, hitting the "ON" switch to the power drill in the process. See where we're going with this? Good, then let's get on with it.


The father starts choking him and holds his head down as it slowly gets closer and closer to the drill. The sequence is so long and drawn-out that it's absolutely comical. The guy doesn't even put up a fight against the old man, he just looks at the drill in terror as if he's thinking, "Oh no! I'm gonna get drilled to death! What do I do???"

You move out of the way dipshit. But no, this is a Fulci film, and no matter how gruesome a death would be if it actually happened, you can count on him to show it rather than pulling the camera away at the last second. And that's what people love about Lucio.

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Well if the guy isn't gonna get up and move I guess he'll get what he deserves...

Relax, they're just drilling to let the demons out of your head...


In one ear out the other... ok  not the ear, but close enough.

The drill goes in one end of his head and pops out the other!


And that's pretty much the end of that guy.

Now that's not the only scene in the movie worth watching. One of my other favorite scenes from the flick is known as "The Devil's Spew" in which a zombie girl pukes up what appears to be all of her innards. Oh yeah, it's tasty stuff, so do check out the movie if you haven't already!

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a horrible night indeed! :o