The Greatest Horror Movie Moments!
by: -RoG-

Deadly Friend

Most people know Wes Craven for his horror movies "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Scream", and while he has had some other ones I really enjoy (especially "The Serpent and the Rainbow"), there's one movie of his that nobody ever seems to mention: Deadly Friend. This is a movie about a teenager by the name of Paul Conway who has Doogie Howser-esque brains and builds a lovable robot named "BB" that he and his friends enjoy. For you voice acting fans, I should mention that BB is voiced by the one and only Charles Fleischer.

BB the Robot is quite the Halloween prankster

On Halloween, Paul, BB, and his friends Tom and Samantha go up to the house owned by a mean old lady and decide to play a classic game of ring 'n run. Once BB the robot brilliantly figures out the combination to the locked fence in a matter of seconds, Samantha Pringle is enlisted to do the doorbell ringing honors. And yes, in case you're wondering, that is Kristy "Buffy" Swanson playing the role of Samantha.

What they don't realize is that she has an alarm system setup and when the doorbell rings, it's immediately triggered as all the lights turn on. Samantha runs away, but trips and her friends come to her aid and then hide behind some bushes. Sadly, BB tries to follow them and rolls right into the yard where the old lady, Elvira Parker (played by the late Anne Ramsey - aka: Mama Fratelli), is waiting with a shotgun. She yells at BB the robot to move away, but it keeps moving towards her.

Like all elderly folks, Elvira Parker hates robots and shoots them whenever she gets the chance.

Elvira then gets fed up and starts firing away and BB is sadly blown to bits. She's pretty ruthless about it too. Even when BB is clearly disabled, she still reloads her shotgun to make its head explode. Of course, you realize, this means war.

Psst. The Goonies sent me to finish the job!

You see how Samantha is sneaking up behind Elvira and terrorizing her there? Doesn't seem like something a normal teenage girl would do, right? Yeah, well about that... you see, Samantha was thrown down a staircase by her abusive father and the doctors thought she didn't have long to live. So, with Tom's assistance, Paul steals her body from the hospital and takes her home, where they perform brain surgery on her and implant the artificial intelligence chip from BB the robot in her skull. It's like a modern day Frankenstein, only they're using robot parts inside of a teenage girl.

Amazingly, Samantha is brought back to life and it turns out she now has superhuman strength. Oh and she's completely homicidal too...

And all this time you thought the WNBA wouldn't be exciting to watch...

Samantha picks up a basketball that Elvira confiscated earlier in the film and throws it at her so hard that it makes her head literally explode. It's one of those moments that just comes from out of nowhere in the film and you're left there with your mouth gaping wide open as you wonder, "Did that actually just happen!?"

Just like a chicken with its head cut off...

Yes, yes it did. I guess it's a bit easier to understand why Mama Fratelli once said, "Kids suck."

Who wouldn't crack a smile?

As Elvira's headless body comically stumbles around the room while spurting out blood, Samantha almost cracks a smile as if to suggest she's impressed by her own incredible strength. Forget about Buffy... this is clearly the finest performance of Kristy Swanson's career. Wanna know what's even better than that?

The last shot we see of Elvira suggests that Samantha has some kind of robotic "Predator" vision. Hell, if the world looked like this to you, wouldn't you throw basketballs at everything too? I know I would.

In closing, this is an unsung Wes Craven horror flick that everybody should seek out. It's a corny horror flick with some ridiculous moments and I've yet to grow tired of it... probably because it features a robot named BB and that's pretty great. BB may not be awesome as Johnny #5, but he sure as hell wins in the theme song department if you stick around and listen to music as the end credits roll.

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Reader Comments

Slacking Enthusiast
Oct 8th, 2012, 07:24 AM
If I woke up after a nearly fatal accident one day and found myself in possession of super-strength and inhabiting a pixelated world I would do nothing but jump around onto people's heads, thrashing flower stalls to get power-ups.
taco loving zombie
Oct 8th, 2012, 11:55 AM
geez i remember watching this movie when i was younger but never rewatched it i still remember the kids saying bb would take hours to open the lock only to see he does it in seconds
Forum Virgin
Oct 8th, 2012, 03:34 PM
I remember recording this movie off HBO late at night to watch as a kid and was sorry to see the cool robot trashed. Haven't see this on cable in ages. One of these channels needs a double feature of this and Chopping Mall during October.
Cranberry Everything
Oct 8th, 2012, 11:08 PM
This and Nightmare Cafe are the two Wes Craven offerings that never come up unless I bring them up. No idea why, it's a great little movie.
Forum Virgin
Oct 9th, 2012, 02:46 PM
A surefire diamond in the rough, much like Street Trash. I remember seeing this movie, and before that, the cover box, where you could see the metal under Kristy Swanson's hand..so creepy!

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