Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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Chewbacca needs some Ultra Slim-Fast quick!
How's it hangin' there Porky?

Yeah yeah, we all loved the Star Wars movies. And Chewbacca is a cool character, but COME ON! Look at that costume! It looks like Chewbacca has put on quite a few pounds! In fact, he's so far that it looks like he swallowed another Wookie whole! Not only did everybody point at laugh at you and say things like, "Ha Ha! Look at the fat-assed Wookie!" and "Hey Chewbacca, since you've been eating a lot, why don't you come over here and EAT ME?", but nobody gave you candy on Halloween. Every house you went to denied you candy as they said, "It looks like you've already had PLENTY of candy, save some for the other kids you fat bastard!"

The laughing stock of the school and no candy... and you PAID for this costume? Man, that's one solid investment pal. Remind me not to ask you for any stock tips in the future. 



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