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Please don't feed PickleMan
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Needs a woman's touch...

Recently, you had to have the police remove a crazy bum who had taken up residence in your attic. As they dragged him out of the attic, he was shouting all sorts of incongruous things including "funky disco breath!", "cheapa cheapa chalupa!", "beware the ides of pumpernickel!", and "beach butt bongo!" Normally, you would dismiss this since you've seen quite a few crazy bums in your day, but this guy wasn't shouting those things at you or the cops. He was shouting directly at one of the loose boards in the attic (which wasn't loose before he got there mind you). Why that loose board had made him so angry, you did not know, but once the police left you had to go and see for yourself. After lifting up the loose board, you notice an old-looking piece of paper...

A perilous journey lies ahead...

It indeed appears that the crazy bum (who you can only assume went by the nickname "Pestilential Pete") left behind a real treasure map! The journey to find this treasure looks quite dangerous. It appears as though you will have to travel through Disney's Epcot Center, a Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits establishment, the Lincoln Monument, and the severed head of Arnold Schwarzenegger before you can claim your prize. Could this treasure really be worth all the trouble? Probably not, but you don't have anything better to do with your time, so you decide to begin your zestful career as a treasure hunter.

Now according to the tiny instructions written at the bottom of the map, you apparently need to travel to the Epcot Center to find out which Popeye's Establishment you will need to go to for your next clue. So now you must determine which mode of transportation will suit you best.

You decide to:

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