I-Mockery At E3 2012 - The Electronics Entertainment Expo!
by: -RoG- and Dr. Boogie


As always, I wanted to make sure I captured all the sights of the 2012 E3 Expo since Dr. Boogie would be covering a nice variety of game highlights on his own. This year, there weren't as many truly crazy booths and costumes, but there were still plenty of flashing displays to make your head spin and some fun games to demo. I also did a lot of yelling at this E3 which you'll be treated to at the end of this article, but first you're here because you wanna check out a ton o' pics from the event once again, right? Right. Then let's get to it.

The following is a collection of photos of what I saw at E3 this year, and while most of you probably didn't attend the event, I hope these pics help you get an idea of exactly what it was like.

Welcome to E3 - The 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, CA. Enjoy your stay.

When at E3, you quickly realize that they'll cram advertisements for games just about anywhere they can fit 'em.

A whole pizza for only 32 dollars? Where do I sign up!?!?
(note: the "10 minute wait" is the time for the kitchen staff to recover from laughing at your dumb ass for paying that much for a pizza.)

Space Invaders invading IndieCade.

These guys were testing out some weird tag game involving the PlayStation Move controller and music that played at alternating speeds. Apparently, you need a PS3 to play a simple game of "Tag! You're it!" these days...

Some nice artwork for Assassin's Creed on display.

The floodgates to E3 2012 have opened. Every gamer geek for himself!

Cosplay was in full effect at the PlanetSide 2 booth.

Nintendo's booth was impressive and huge as ever, promoting the upcoming Wii-U.

They really do a fine job of immersing you in their universe... even if you're not sure what the hell that universe is exactly.

Sony's booth always looks nice, but it hasn't changed much in years.
Guess they're trying to get the most bang for their buck out of it.

Too... many... people.

Don't listen to his lies - I totally destroyed Dr. Boogie in Persona 4 Arena.

With my bare hands, I beat the crap out of a lot of guys with bird faces in the Zeno Clash sequel.
Let this be a lesson to all of you who dress up like birds. I'm coming for you.

People waited in line for over an hour just to get that shirt.
We tested out a game and got to the front of the life for the free shirt immediately.

We kicked things off right in the Video Game Museum area with a look at an original Game Boy kiosk!

Nothing puts a smile on my face more than seeing somebody playing Pac-Man for the Atari 2600 at a
convention that's showing off all the latest advances in gaming technologies. Awesome.

I put enough time in on the classic Vextrex system to score a goal on the computer.

Yes, there's actually a book called "How To Win At E.T. The Video Game".
Here's my CliffsNotes version: DON'T PLAY.

There's still much more to see from
I-Mockery's coverage of E3 2012!

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Reader Comments

Basement Monkey
Jun 13th, 2012, 07:15 PM
Great coverage, looks like a lot of promising games coming.
Jun 14th, 2012, 03:57 AM
Forgetable Cyborg
Jun 14th, 2012, 03:10 PM
I can't be the only one that thinks that the new Dante (in DMC, of course) looks like Scut Farkas.
Jun 15th, 2012, 09:21 AM
Great job as always, Rog. I can't believe I've never heard of Retro City Rampage until now. From now on, I'm getting all my news from you.
That damn kid
Jul 27th, 2012, 12:21 PM
Oh my golly goodness. Is that Wario Land 2 on display the gameboy kiosk? That was the favorite game of my childhood right there. Also I have something in common with A-bomb in that you I-mockery fellows are basically where I get all my news concerning video games and horror movies now a days.

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