I-Mockery Pays A Visit To The 2014 Game Developers Conference! GDC!
by: -Roger Barr


Please, no more Flappy Bird spin-offs.

In case you hadn't heard, Infamous: Second Son is a really pretty game to watch.

Exploring the open-ended world as a flying serpent creature in Hohokum.

Velocity 2X on the PS Vita.

I enjoyed watching the cartoonish knight run around with his sword high above his head in Rogue Legacy.

The controls take some getting used to, but I highly recommend trying out Galak-Z: The Dimensional. Really fun shooter.

I dug the art style of SteamWorld Dig. A very nice looking PS Vita mining platformer game.

I've mentioned Luftrausers before, but really is a game everybody should play. Minimalist visual style and fast-paced action.

Live demonstrations of AR technology on PlayStation. You too can pour water from one virtual cube into another!
In all seriousness though, it really was pretty cool to watch.

People seemed to love Sony's Project Morpheus virtual reality headset.

CounterSpy was a really fun stealth game with a nice visual style.

Yep... everybody is using Unity.

I didn't get to play it, but watching Night in the Woods was plenty entertaining.

Aztez is all monochrome (except for the blood) and full of beat 'em up goodness. Really looking forward to this one.

Enemy Mind was a nice lil' co-op side-scrolling shooter.

No idea why there was a teepee in the middle of the expo hall.
All I can say is it sadly wasn't a surprise announcement for a sequel to "Whomp 'Em" for the NES.

Demonstrating the drool-worth Wacom Cintiq.

Live 3D printing demonstrations from Sandboxr.

Choose your colors and materials.

Showcasing some of the figures made from different materials.

This photo doesn't do it justice, but Sandboxr's new zoetrope was seriously hypnotic.
(Here's a video of the zoetrope from the previous year)

Goat Simulator (aka: Game of the Year).

One of the smaller Steam Machines on display.

And here's a larger one. Not the nicest looking console, but it has one hell of a library of games already.

Took a while for people to get used to the Steam controller, as it is a bit awkward.
Guess we'll see how it works out in the long run.

The Bev Mob Cafe.

Vintage Nintendo Game Packs, Tetris Tetrimino mints, and Zelda mints.

(art by Jason Brockert)
Nice painting of a stack of classic Atari 2600 games including Pitfall, Defender, and Demon Attack.

(art by Jim Rugg)
I really wish somebody actually produced a Drive arcade cabinet for a tie-in with the movie.

(art by Aled Lewis)
Funny... I don't recall this area in any of the classic LucasArts Indiana Jones adventure games.

There's still plenty more from
GDC 2014 to see!

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Reader Comments

Basement Monkey
Apr 12th, 2014, 06:25 PM
Thanks for all the pics.
Apr 13th, 2014, 06:57 AM
The omni thing is kind of neat, but is strafing possible with it? If special shoe technology was this advanced in the 80s/early 90s they'ed be called POWER shoes.
Pickled Patriarch
Apr 14th, 2014, 07:34 PM
Ducttapefury - Yeah, from what I saw, strafing would definitely be possible with it. And they should absolutely call them Power Shoes.

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