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NINTENDO - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
by: -RoG-

Thank you Kinkos!
The Nintendo Fun Club!

Before there was Nintendo Power, there was the Nintendo Fun Club back in late 1987 through early 1988. It was a spiffy little newsletter that contained tips from the "pros", coupons, puzzles, sneak peeks, high score lists, and of course the latest game reviews. It didn't look all too impressive at first, but by issue #3, they had nice full-color covers.

OMG! They hired an artist! :o
Lookin' sharp there fellas!

Now the Nintendo Fun Club was really starting to shape up. Nice covers, more in-depth reviews, and even interviews with stars like Mike Tyson! Good ol' Mike even gave us some good advice that he himself has always lived by: "Never become angry - it will inhibit your ability." -Mike Tyson Ok, well maybe the advice was hard to swallow coming from a criminally insane man with a taste for human ears, but at least they made up for it with great jokes, right?

Hey! Somebody ripped off Bob Saget! >:

Hrm, I suppose not. Well, it may have not been stuffed with good advice or good jokes, but at least we could always count on it for being...


With a guy like "Howard Phillips" running the show, it was obviously gonna be fun. Obviously...

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