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Crazy Mexican Monografias:

by: -RoG-

Our in-depth look into the madness of Mexican Monografias continues. If you missed the last one all about abortions, be sure to check it out first! So are you hungry for more monografias? Well let's bust open this big bad piñata and let the glorious education spill out onto the floor! Viva la revolución!


Today we're having a double dose of monografias! Yes indeed, you'll get two times the knowledge as we take a closer look into these valuable lessons about RABIES and AIDS! So let's hop right to it because you all know that knowledge is power and what better place to get your education from than an internet humor site! As always, I'll do my best to translate these monografias as accurately as possible.

Two ways to protect your children from getting attacked by rabid animals:
1) Don't emasculate them with dainty white pants.
2) Don't let them sleep in rat-infested beds.

Instead of taking them out back and shooting them like Old Yeller, you can
enlist your rabid pet in a special summer camp program so they can have
one last wild 'n wacky summer filled with foamy-mouthed hijinks galore!

Contracting rabies will take you on a downward spiral that ultimately
results in your mental illness being exploited for bukkake videos while
the doctors and nurses reassure you, "this is how we treat rabies."

In addition to receiving multiple injections in your stomach,
some medical practitioners will give multiple injections directly
into your nipples just to make sure your rabies don't turn into
a virulent strain of the rare disease known as "loco teets."

If the stomach injections don't work, your stomach will be
removed and replaced with a balloon animal of your choice.

If you fall off your bike, blame your injuries on the family dog that you've hated for years. This way, the dog will be put to sleep and mom and dad won't be ashamed of you because you couldn't ride your bike without training wheels.

Monkeys, bats, roof cougars, giant rats, and dogs...
without the aid of an AK-47, they'll soon overthrow your home.

If you contract AIDS, when you die, you'll go straight to hell's
playground where you will forever be required to wear bare-midriff
shirts and flip-flops, you limp-wristed ass scratcher you!

Public lectures on AIDS are actually pyramid schemes which lead to you using your children as door-to-door "Conasida" brand chocolate bar salesmen.

Since AIDS causes you to "shoot blanks" you can buy a special kit which includes
a condom and a syringe filled with horse semen. You can then fill the condom with the horse semen and show it off to your buddies and feel like a man again.

While some scientists study the AIDS virus, others like to store small portions of
it in their cheeks to feed off of during the long winter seasons like a chipmunk.

Close your eyes all you want, it won't change the fact that your daughter
is taking advice from Death so she can finally get that family inheritance.

Alright, that's all the Mexican monografias we've got for now. Learn from them... live by them. Hopefully we'll have some more to show you in the near future!

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