An Early Preview Of Battle Princess Madelyn!

A Visit To
YesterCon 2016!

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The Amazing Covers Of Sega Force Magazine!

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Sinister Pointe's Not So Merry Holiday Haunt!

A Handful Of Treats For The 2013 Christmas Holiday Season!

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Multiplayer: A Video Game Inspired Art Show!

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Protoclown's 2009
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An Unlicensed NES Game

3D Realms: A Post Mortem

100 Unkind Nicknames
I Would Have Made Up
For Miley Cyrus Had
She Attended My
Grammar School

Protoclown's 2008
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A Conversation
With Joaquin

Early Drafts Of
Famous Love Poems

Toys Have Officially Jumped The Shark

Eight Villainous Plots Against Christmas

The Ten Most Dangerous Toys of 2008

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G.I. JOE File Cards: Part 7

G.I. JOE File Cards: Part 6

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A Message From One Of Gary Busey's Teeth

The Poetry of
Max Burbank: Part 8

Bio Bytes: The Joy Of Forcing Tortured Beasts To Fight Each Other

Protoclown's 2007
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A Message From Suri Cruise To Jamie Lynne Spears' Unborn Child

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Where Are They Now?

An Alien Christmas!

A Special Moment With Bob, The Christmas Lobster!

Seven Christmas Specials You'll Never See!

Fire 'N Ice!

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer And Friends: Where Are They Now?

The Ten Most Dangerous Toys of 2007

The Smart Shopper's Guide

Santa's Reindeer

A Nativity In One Act

Little Samson

Vicious: A Craptacular Horror Movie Starring Tom Savini

The Last Warrior

The California Raisins: Grape Escape

My Funny Internet
Cat Page!

Banana Prince

G.I. JOE File Cards: Part 4

Dino Magic

Penny For Your
Thoughts, Sad Clown?

The Worst Trading Cards Ever Created: Part 2

Contra Force:
The Forgotten Contra

A Letter To
Xbox 360 Owners

The Poetry of
Max Burbank: Part 7

Most Popularest
Baby Names

What The Hell Is The Amazing Dinosaur Plant!?

Silver Surfer:
The NES Game

Robocop vs. The Terminator

Fun With Dick And Jane

Nintendo Games that Nearly Drove Me
To Homicide

The Quest For Identity

Ranger Opossum's Real True Animal Fun Facts

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Out Of This World

The Worst Trading Cards Ever Created: Part 1

How To Use The
Three Seashells

Pigskin: The Best Football Video Game Ever

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Things I Learned
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Aphorisms For Our Time

Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin

Seven Teeth-Grindingly Stupid Spider-Man
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My Brain Real Bad

Todd's Adventures
In Slime World

G.I. JOE File Cards: Part 3

Friday The 13th Message From The Harbingers
Of Bad Luck

Game Box 1.0

Thumb Warriors

Listen To Sanjaya's Hair

Kid Chameleon:
Helmet Hoopla

Games You Probably
Never Played: Zero
The Kamikaze Squirrel

Crazy Mexican Monografias Part 6: Rabies and AIDS

Great White:
A "Jaws" Rip-off!

R.I.P. Captain America

Sword of Sodan:
Blood Will Tell

The Poetry Of
Max Burbank: Part 6

Stupid Toys: Part 4

Red Devil's Dilemma

Fatal Labyrinth:
The Most Cynical RPG

G.I. JOE File Cards: Part 2

Barney 'N Me

DJ Boy

G.I. JOE File Cards: Part 1

Movie Sequels I'm
Still Waiting For

Spider-Man Web Splashers

Shinobi vs. Spider-Man

The Naughty/Nice Quiz

Super Snow

Preparing For Santa

Dr. Boogie's Xmas Tree Buying Guide

The Fish That
Saved Christmas

The Ten Most
Dangerous Toys of 2006

Into The Black Friday
Fray We Go

Superhero Turkey Time

Famous People Are Thankful, Too

Stupid Toys: Part 3

Rescue: The Embassy Mission

A Brief History Of Thanksgiving

The Colorful Snack Packages At Mitsuwa Marketplace

The 2006 Carytown Watermelon Festival

"Altered Beast"

Games You Probably Never Played: Kung Fu Part 2

Superman Video Games Over The Years

The All New
"Superman Returns" Toys

Zen: Intergalactic Ninja

An Interview With
Tom Cruise

"Buzz Bombers"
For The Intellivision

The Hulk Hogan "Thunderlips" Doll
From Rocky III

Form An Opinion
About The Current
American Idol Top Eleven

Hulk Hogan:
Real American!
(The Music Video)

A Statement From William Shatner's Kidney Stone

Ten Holiday Specials We'll Never See (if we're lucky!)

The Poetry Of
Max Burbank:
Part 5 - Holiday Edition

The History Of
Christmas II

The Incredible Hulk Smashin' Spruce Tree

The Evolution Of Santa

The Juicy Juice
Arthur Book

"White Water!"
For The Intellivision

Warlock: The Video Game

The 2005 Carytown Watermelon Festival

Stupid Toys: Part 2

A Spicy Time In
Seaport Village

Stupid Toys

Baseball Stars:

Crazy Mexican Monografias Part 5:
El Aborto!

The Guyver

Mystery Surprise Grab Bags For Boys And Girls

Pro Wrestling:
Where Are They Now?

Crazy Mexican Monografias Part 4:
Problemas Sociales!

Insane Comic Book Covers:
World's Finest Comics

The Poetry of Max Burbank: Part 3

Crazy Mexican Monografias Part 3:

Romantic Surprises
For Valentine's Day

Food Advertisements
For Our Generation

Crazy Mexican Monografias Part 2:
La Prostitucion!

Insane Comic Book Covers
Superman's Girlfriend:
Lois Lane

A Real Hidden Character

Crazy Mexican Monografias Part 1: Alcoholismo!

The Poetry Of Max Burbank: Part 2

Insane Comic Book Covers
Superman's Pal:
Jimmy Olsen

The History Of Christmas

Santa Claus
Around The World

"Christmas In The Stars"
The Star Wars
Christmas Album

Sixteen Serious Questions Raised by "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"

Hollywood Disasters: Garfield The Movie

You Too Can Be
A Flaming Carrot

Monster Party: The Most Quotable Game In History

Big League Chew:
Now And Then

The Poetry of
Max Burbank

Urban Champion: The True Origin Of "Fight Club"

We Can Build A
Better Darth Maul

Governor Schwarzenegger's
Crazy Adventure!

An Open Letter To The Parents Of The Girl With The Word On Her Ass

And On The Fifth Day, Mrs. Butterworth Turned Blue

Mutant Stormtrooper Discovered In Local Grocery Store