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Stupid Toys: Part 4
by: -RoG-

What's that I smell? Is it the scent of STUPID in the air? Why yes indeed it is! That must mean it's time for yet another installment of my "Stupid Toys" articles! Well, why prolong the pain? Let's get right down to it with the latest batch o' stupid toys!


Transformers Action Masters! Masters of no action whatsoever!

Ah Transformers, how can you possibly go wrong with the classic Transformers figures? Believe it or not, back in 1990 Hasbro found a way with their "Action Masters" toy line. In an attempt to cash-in on the success of their 3 3/4 inch G.I. Joe action figures, they released this new line of poseable Transformers. So what's wrong with that? I'll tell you what. THEY DIDN'T TRANSFORM! That's right, the figures couldn't transform into their vehicle/item modes, thus defeating the entire purpose of even calling them "Transformers" in the first place. And what do they do to make up for it? They give the figures absurdly oversized weapons and/or "exo-suits" that made them look even worse. Genius! One can only hope that Megatron and scooped up all of these toys, loaded them into his arm cannon, and blasted them into oblivion.


Just get a hairdryer, you fucking dolt!

As the pussification of society continues to expand beyond our control, today's youth are being denied their right to play with toys that shoot projectiles capable of blinding (and possibly killing) one another. "You'll shoot your eye out!" is a quote that used to hit really close to home with most kids. Nowadays, if you say tell that to a kid, he'll just raise a confused eyebrow in your direction. Why? It's because he's been raised on toys like the Airzooka. Instead of shooting pellets, or darts, or disappearing ink (oh how I miss those "Zap-It!" guns), the Airzooka shoots AIR! Hey, I can shoot air at somebody and I don't even need a ridiculous looking toy gun to do it, if you catch my drift. The Airzooka is also one of those toys that is destined to collect dust as most people will shoot it once or twice, barely crack a smile, put it down and then return to a far more exciting hobby like stamp collecting. And hey, if you happen to have a kid that actually wants one of these stupid things, just remember: it's never too late to put 'em up for adoption.


What, is he too tired to run?

You know, if there's one thing I've always thought The Flash needed, it would have to be a motorcycle. I mean, why use your powers of moving faster than anybody else on the entire planet when you can, you know... ride around town on your hideous yellow hog? Way to go DC. That'll show the kids today that it's ok to be spoiled, lazy little fuckheads since even their heroes are too lazy to use their own superpowers. So what's next? Is there gonna be a "power bulldozer" for The Hulk for when he doesn't feel like smashing everything in his path? How about an "attack pet tarantula" for Spider-Man? Wait! I've got it! A "garden hose action playset" for Aquaman! Perfecto!



You want proof that there is no god? Simply cast your eyes upon Tesco's Peekaboo Stripper Pole for kids. If you can't figure out what's wrong with this toy, you probably belong in jail. Marketing a stripper pole to young kids by putting cartoony, Barbie-esque illustrations on it is just plain wrong. Can you imagine having dinner guests over at your house and they see your little daughter twirling around on the stripper pole? "Why yes Bob, that is my daughter on the stripper pole! Yep, she's only 5 years old! Takes after her mother, doesn't she? She's daddy's little whore! Be sure to slip her a fiver." And speaking of cash, it actually comes with a garter and play money! Fucking creepy.


Who's been swimming in the toilet again?

Before you bitch to me about how awesome Faker is, allow me to say that I agree with you 100%. I love Faker. But my love for this toy is mainly because of how absolutely absurd the concept is. Ok, so Skeletor decides to build an evil robotic He-Man imposter, right? Not a bad sounding plan considering some of the other things ol' Skel' has pulled out of his ass over the years. Unfortunately the plan went bad as soon as it reached the vital execution step. Call me crazy, but if I was going to build an evil robotic He-Man imposter, I probably would try my best to make it actually look like He-Man. You gotta figure that He-Man's pals are gonna notice when he shows up with BLUE SKIN and ORANGE HAIR. If he wasn't a robot, I'd actually feel pretty bad for Faker. I mean, just imagine how his interactions with other people would go. No matter how hard he tried, nobody would believe him. It would probably go something like this...

I gotta hand it to you Skeletor... that was some brilliant work you did with "Faker" the evil robotic He-Man imposter. You truly are an evil genius!

That's all for the 4th installment of "Stupid Toys". I'll try to crank out another piece featuring more of 'em in the near future. Don't forget... if you have any suggestions for stupid toys that you'd like me to cover, please drop me a line!

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