Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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by: Max Burbank

Oh boy, oh, boy, oh boy, kids! I can almost palpate your excitement! It's your very first, totally free, BRAND MAX BURBANK PRODUCT!!

You can put it EVERYWHERE!!

In it's electronic form, it can go on you're MySpace page, in your FaceBook account, in your signature on all the crappy message boards you frequent and all the other sorry ass looser internets type stuff I'm far too old to keep up with! And it's Guaran-damn-teed to annoy EVERYONE!!

For those of you who go outside, just print MULTIPLE COPIES using loads and loads of your PARENT'S INK CARTRIDGES! And when they ask you why they are all out of ink, just shout BRAND MAX BURBANK at 'em!! VIVA LA REVOLUTION, SI, COMRADES?

You can wait for the next BRAND MAX BURBANK product, but you don't have to! LEAP INTO ACTION NOW and pay a local merchant to print the broadsheet on the front and back of a T-SHIRT! Than you can have a 'friend' take a digital photo of you WEARING IT and post it on MySpace, and Facebook and use it as your "AVATAR" at all those awful, squalid, shitty message boards you waste so much time at! And if your "wife" comes to the door and points out you are the color of old underwear and mushrooms are growing off the side of your face, don't tell her your drowning in a sea of despair, just shriek BRAND MAX BURBANK at her! She's sure to understand and maybe 'catch' the BRAND MAX BURBANK 'fever' herself!!!

Okay, okay now, ready, ready, ready? Are you ready!!?? Close your eyes and WAIT FOR IT WAIT FOR IT take a deep breath, SCROLL DOWN A TAD AND and OPEN YOUR EYES!!


Oh, crap. You can't. I told you to close your eyes and now you can't read this and I have inadvertently BLINDED YOU FOR LIFE! SHIT! I AM NOT LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR BLINDNESS, HUMAN MEAT PRODUCT!

Oh, good, you opened your eyes.

As a reward, here is your FREE BRAND MAX BURBANK BROADSHEET!!

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