Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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by: -RoG-

I hate you still. I hate those stupid Rogaine™ commercials too. I hate stepping on ash trays that my friends left in the middle of their floor. I hate magnets that only stick to metal and not plastic or wood. I hate nutrasweet. I hate trying to get change machines to take my dollar. I hate mono. I hate breaking guitar strings. I hate stringing guitars. I hate stringing bagpipes too. I hate solar power. I hate nuclear power. I hate white power. I hate black power. I hate red power. I hate blue power. I hate polka dot power. I hate powerhouse. I hate smelling my roommate and his nasty hair spray. I hate setting my clock back during daylight savings time. I hate electronic pocket organizers that I will never use. I hate waiting an hour for fast food at Wendy's, even though I stay because I am hungry. I hate being hungry. I hate tiny objects that are embedded in the hall carpets that I step on when walking in bare feet. I hate the stench of my neighbor and the fact that he is proud of it. I hate trying to bounce my mouseball. I hate other people's birthdays. I hate my birthday. I hate repetitive articles that seem too keep saying the same kind of thing over and over again for no reason whatsoever except to merely kill off some time. I hate trying to remember to run the "spell-checker" when I'm done with these things. I hate realizing I have a lot of more shit to write during the course of my life. I hate people who snore. I hate people who love people who snore. I hate people who talk in their sleep. I hate people who talk while awake. I hate trying to find something worthwhile to do with my time. I hate finding out I spent way too much buying a pack of film. I hate checking to see if my laundry is done yet. I hate losers who try to slam-dance before the concert even begins. I hate losers even though I have already said that many-a-time. I hate Y=MX+B because it isn't going to help me worth shit when I'm doing my taxes. I hate realizing I need to change my major (again). I hate realizing I need to change my college (again). I hate trying to remember the names of people I just met and having to call them, "Hey you there," instead. I hate it when people hang-up just in time for your answering machine to record them hanging up so that's all you hear and you get really pissed off and want to kill them and then realize you've just created a horrible run-on sentence but don't give a shit because this isn't going to be turned in for an English class. I hate people who complain about spelling errors. I hate going to the museum. I hate rainy weather during the winter. I hate people who will turn this thing into a freakin' chain-letter. I hate the invisible man. I hate the visible man. I hate wanting to go to lots of concerts but not having the sufficient funds to do so. I hate waiting to go back home for vacations. I hate vacations. I hate stress. I hate those pink stress-x guys. I hate how my college actually wants to put up a bar. I hate shit that I never use. I hate fire hazard inspections. I hate surveys. I hate authority. I hate decisions. I hate the guy above my dorm room who just made a crashing noise which sounded like he dropped a cannonball on the floor. I hate anxiety. I hate proof of purchase . I hate UPS. I hate SPU (stupid people united). I hate my door. I hate your home. I hate slang. I hate the fact that 1 + 1 equals 2. I hate people with 50 different pairs of shoes that cost over 20 dollars a pair. I hate political arguments. I hate "MTV Unplugged" since my TV isn't battery-powered and I can't leave it plugged in. I hate oxy pads. I hate oxymorons. I hate morons. I hate that cockroach that just walked down the hallway. I hate trying not to repeat myself. I hate trying not to repeat myself. I hate recycling. I hate smudges I hate grudges. I hate any person who responds to the name, "Inglobanka the Thermite Eating Squid." I hate the Halloween I just had. I hate jocks who walk around without their shirts on trying to impress everyone. I hate tape that doesn't stick well enough. I hate my schedule. I hate cleaning dishes when I could have used Styrofoam and polluted the earth a little bit more just for the fun of it. I hate any coin that was created in the year 1994. I hate red dye #2. I hate talk shows. I hate sequels like this one. I hate fire alarm tests. I hate burnt out light bulbs. I hate fully-functioning light bulbs. I hate ECPI. I hate sleep. I hate skoal. I hate mud-caked cars. I hate mud-caked people. I hate mud-caked mud. I hate the military forces that are holding my friends prisoner. I hate that fake rock that is about to fall on me. I hate the fact that the rock was actually real and it hurt. I hate displays. I hate plays. I hate the name "Rolanda" for some strange reason. I hate genes. I hate flossing with shoelaces. I hate hate mistakes. I hate fishing. I hate the fact that I'm so damned impatient. I hate forgetting my dreams or the fact that I don't have any since I only get roughly 2 hours of sleep per day. I hate solos that I will never be able to perform. I hate people who think they are vampires. I hate role-playing games. I hate face-paint. I hate "A Perfect Day for Bananafish." I hate false advertisements. I hate the fact that I've almost run out of room again. I hate walking a mile just go get dinner. I hate those doublemint gum commercials with all the stupid smiling and happy twins that you just want to beat the hell out of cuz you know that their breath still stinks and that means "double the stench".

I hate pretty damned good if I do say so myself!!!

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