Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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by: -RoG-

I hate the fact that I am writing another "I Hate" page only due to the fact that I'm completely bored out of my mind. I hate the snow that keeps me bored. I hate cold weather. I hate applying to more colleges. I hate planning on transferring to other colleges. I hate plastic utensils. I hate the ooze that is hanging out of the punctured hole in my "stress-x" toy. I hate neck pain. I hate medicine. I hate retirement homes. I hate your home more. I hate tying my shoelaces when I know there are other people in the world who are fortunate enough to still be using velcro. I hate the walls that contain me. I hate sea monkeys. I hate wings. I hate relationships more than ever. I hate waiting for mail. I hate waiting for anything. I hate my impatience. I hate not disappointing people. I hate "scrunchies". I hate darts. I hate fruit loops. I hate NSS claims that don't make any sense. I hate stores that close before midnight. I hate dyspepsia. I hate not having enough money to buy more stuff to hate. I hate the fact that my younger brother is throwing his life away. I hate the fact that my family has to watch him do so and discipline him. I hate buying new stamps because they cost too much. I hate the fact that I'm not even half done with this page yet. I hate the movie "Kids". I hate the movie "Seven" for not letting John S. Hall act as the killer instead of the guy they used. I hate this computer and want to sell it. I hate the computer next to this computer and want to sell it. I hate the wall next to this computer and want to sell it even though that would be impossible unless I bought this building first and we know that isn't going to happen so I'll just shut up about it. I hate rambling on and on and on and on. I hate rambling off too. I hate my roommate's printer because it's slower than a rock in a race even though I should be glad we have a printer at all. I hate that nasty rust-looking crap that gets on your guitar strings after you've played them for a while. I hate the fact that you probably have no clue as to what the hell I'm talking about by now. I hate this page even more now because I realize it isn't going to cure my boredom for this whole evening. I hate talk shows. I hate melrose place. I hate bad acting. I hate bad scripts. I hate waiting for the summer. I hate those days where everything you touch gives you a little shock for no apparent reason whatsoever. I hate waiting for lava lamps to heat up and start doing what they do. I hate meals. I hate raves and will always hate them. I hate all of the people who thought I was a drug dealer at the rave I went to and kept asking me if I would sell them anything. I hate lies. I hate the gummy bear that someone licked the back of and stuck on my mirror. I hate "Night Drops" when the movie stores should be open all night because watching movies is the only thing to do at such late hours. I hate diet sodas. I hate soy milk. I hate mushy fruit with black spots on it. I hate the cost of doing my laundry. I hate delayed phone bills that cost a lot of money. I hate trying to find something to do. I hate trying to get people to come visit me in this damned state. I hate not having food in my room. I hate listening to the same cds over and over again because I can't afford new ones. I hate looking at keyboard and synthesizer magazines and dreaming about them. I hate checking people into my dorm. I hate rules. I hate my english class because it has nothing to do with english and the teacher only talks about feminism. I hate anything that ends with the three letters "ism". I hate people who think other people can say the alphabet backwards easily. I people who think other people can say the alphabet forwards easily. I hate hangnails. I hate shaving. I hate not having enough room. I hate error type 11. I hate dust that appears out of the blue. I hate listening to rave music all the time because it makes you dumb. I hate the fact that I bought an amazing "Frederick Chopin" cd for 4 bux at Sam Goody's and they sell crap like "Alanis Morisette" for over 15 bux. I hate Columbia House. I hate Maxwell House. I hate people who can read music. I hate trying to remember phone numbers. I hate my memory. I hate your memory more though. I hate noise violations. I hate RAs, RDs, RQs, RZs, RRs, R9s, Rs, and anyone else who has authority in college dorms. I hate the Olympics. I hate apples. I hate grapes. I hate beer because I hate the people who drink it. I hate the people who drink it because I hate beer. I hate it. I hate the fact that nobody gives Steve Oedekerk any credit. I hate current. I hate garden flowers. I hate magnetic strips. I hate Royal. I hate Computer Science. I hate religion because you don't. I hate finger prints. I hate running out of napkins. I hate the fact that my friend can combine Mountain Dew and Milk and make this weird gelatinous creation and whenever I try to do it, it never works. I hate the fact that I'm surprised I have almost already finished this page. I hate the fact that I'm going to be walking a mile just to get to dinner tonight. I hate dinner because it's no better than breakfast. I hate Subway. I hate this subway token that I have had since October 1995 and still haven't used. I hate guys who can't tie a tie. I hate hair dye. I hate stupidity. I hate hitmen. I hate tar. I hate being quite. I hate it when I accidentally type "quite" instead of "quiet".

I hate it all and I'll hate again!

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