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Please don't feed PickleMan
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by: R-800

Letís all jump on the "decency" bandwagon!

Impress your friends! Avoid criticism! Never fear confrontations again! Now, for a limited time only, you can look really wholesome and pious and never have to worry about getting shouted down by crusty curmudgeons with our new "Political Correctness In a Box" starter-kit. 

"Operators are standing by to take your money!"

Want to win more arguments? With the PC starter-kit, you are guaranteed to win every argument, or your money back. That means you have nothing to lose, except the time it takes packing the kit back up, taking it to the post-office, having it weighed, paying for postage, having it shipped back to us, and then praying for a refund. Like we said, nothing to lose. 

Using the PC starter-kit makes thinking easy. Learn to use your reputation to smite the opposition! Destroy your enemies by playing on the emotions of any nearby on-lookers. Itís quick. Itís easy. And for only $19.95, itís yours!

Just imagine being above suspicion of any wrongdoing by shamelessly latching onto the most wholesome side of any issue. If someone questions your integrity, tell them that youíre pro-family! If anyone brings up tax-cuts, healthcare, or the hole in the ozone layer, go on and on about the children! What can they say? Are they against all of these wholesome things? Of course, not, which means they dare not respond. You see? You just canít lose!!! With the PC starter-kit, youíll get all of these gems and much, much more.

And donít be fooled by cheap imitations. The Political Correctness In a Box starter-kit is the real deal. Other aids for the rationally challenged often cost thousands and offer no help at all. With the PC starter-kit, youíll get a five volume powerhouse of instructional self-help genius written by a well-known but unmentioned pop-psychologist. Also included is a helpful collection of illiterate-friendly audio cassettes with additional tips and tricks straight from the major heavyweights of the U.S. news media. 

Whatís that? Still not convinced that the PC starter-kit is Godís gift to feeble-minded people everywhere? Well, donít take our word for it. Just listen to this anonymous customer...

"I bought the PC starter kit because I was tired of cynical bastards always getting the last word. Now I can finally put them in their place. I admit, I was skeptical at first, but now that Iíve learned little tricks like putting the prefix "pro-" in front of every label I use to describe myself, I look much more righteous and pure. This way, people either assume I know what Iím talking about because they think Iím so sweet, or theyíre too afraid to challenge me because they donít want to risk looking overly evil. Either way, I win. The PC starter-kit is really great. I strongly recommend it."

You see? What more proof do you need? Youíre no fool so pick up the phone and order now. Donít let those rational bastards get the last laugh. Claim the glorious victory you deserve! Order now, and get the book "Chicken Soup for the Easily Offended Soul" absolutely free! 


For those who are insecure about their ability to engage in serious debate, and for those who donít really have minds of their own, but still want to look smart, the PC starter-kit is for you. At last, being weak and thin-skinned is something to be proud of. Now you know why. So stop putting up with every obnoxious special interest that tries to harass you with difficult decisions. Order your copy of the "Political Correctness In a Box" starter-kit today!

note: R-800 is currently working on a new product called, "How to give me your money in 2 easy steps!"

note #2: Sorry, I-Mockery does not offer refunds to anybody who orders the "Political Correctness In a Box" starter-kit.

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