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by: -RoG-

I can't believe I haven't yet wrote an article on what I think is quite possibly the stupidest habit of all time: SMOKING. Better late than never though, right? Ok, let us begin, shall we? Smoking will kill you. It's just that simple. Smoking is the equivalent of having a friend turn on his/her car while you you mouth over the exhaust pipe. You might as well shoot yourself if you are going to continue smoking because, at least you will die quickly instead of a little bit more each day. "I'm a smoker, I feel fine and it relaxes me!" well gee, there's logic for ya! Guess what? Cyanide relaxes people too, why don't you try some of that? I hate the smell of smoke, who the hell wants their clothes and their room to smell like smoke? It doesn't make sense.

I love these people who sing in chorus concerts and still smoke and then tell me, "Oh, it doesn't effect my voice at all!" Then you laugh as you see them in the middle of a concert with a beautiful wheezing cough for a solo. "Look at that girl honey! She sings so different from all the rest of the girls!" husband replies, "She's not singing honey, she's dying... SEE! She just had a heart attack! She must be a smoker..." It's pathetic. I don't see the logic behind smoking. It takes away all of your money, it kills you, it smells bad, and if you do it around your friends, chances are you are giving them cancer. "Hey Jimmy! I'm yer best friend in the world man! Hope ya don't mind if I smoke in your presence and give you cancer!" If you want to do the favor of killing your best friend, kill them QUICKLY. I am willing to bet I'm going to die young, and the main reason for this is probably due to the huge amount of second-hand smoke intake I've had.

Don't tell me all this crap about smoking relieving stress either, because when you can't pay your rent because you bought too many packs of cigarettes we'll see how stressed out you really are. If you want to relieve stress, listen to some classical music, sleep, take up knitting, or do whatever ya want... but slowly killing yourself, which is exactly what smoking is, is not going to solve your problems. I love all those pictures I've seen of smoker's lungs. I didn't know there was a shade darker than black, but when I saw some of those pictures I realized there was such a thing.

I can just see crayola crayons coming out with a new whole set of colors relating to smoker problems:
"Smoker's-Lung Black"
"Tobacco Stain Yellow"
"Smoker's-Tombstone Grey"
"Wheezing-Cough-&-Phlegm Redish-Yellow"
...and many other assorted colors just for smokers.

If you want proof that smoking slowly kills people, I will be more than happy to give you an example. You know how sometimes a house will catch on fire and an unfortunate individual will get stuck in it? Then you hear about how coroner's report states: "Victim had too much smoke intake". This is because the human body cannot take that much smoke in it. With smoking it's the same thing, just less smoke all at once. But after a while, the smoker smokes the equivalent of the person who died in that fire and then the smoker dies too. That's of course after the smoker finishes his/her stay in the hospital getting chemotherapy. And thanks to this wonderful habit, the smoker receives a nice tumor inside his/her throat so they can't eat or breathe at no extra charge!.

It's quite simple:


Got Cancer?

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