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Yugi Is The Bomb

"You people suck! My brother was killed by a drunk driver, AND YOU GUYS ARE PROMOTING DRINKING AND DRIVING AS A GOOD THING?!! Get a life! You don't think there's enough hate in the world that you have to make fun of something like this? For shame."

Thanks for the input, Yugi! If you'd really like to help us out, though, please let us know where you live and the most convenient time you can be out on the street and we'll have an agent in a reinforced pickup out there in less than three hours!

Harvey Indigo

"My dad has been hit 3 times in the course of my life by drunk drivers, and all he got was a minor permanent injury. Drunk driving is perfectly safe and never kills anyone except bad people like criminals... and hispanics. I will not tolerate the slander of the fun-loving nature of these heroic partygoers.

I suggest non-believers change their attitude because "Thalt shalt not hinder the drinking of aged spirits whilst riding thine own wagon." is one of the most important commandments of the Bible, and God already hates you enough as it is."

Couldn't agree with ya more, Harv! Thanks for your experience!

Rupert Finklestaff

"I was an anime fan at one point in my life but i got hit by a drunk driver roughly two years ago. It shattered my femur and my pelvis, and i got all kinds of pointy, hot metal things jabbed into my body, including one of my lungs. During my long and agonizing recuperation, i realized that i had been wrong to like anime, and that i was only hurting the ones i loved. Now i live a happy, anime-free life, and i feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my crippled, limping body! THANKS DDAAF!"

Wow! That's quite a story! Good luck on your road to recovery, limpy!

Ulysses Demopoulous

"My best friend died in a drunk driver car accident and I still think all this is hilarious. Just goes to show there's no bad taste limit in comedy, there's just touchy fucks that think they're actually defending the cute white robed ghosts that come out of people after their health bar drops to zero when they get all upset about humour."

Thanks for the ringing endorsement, Big U, but I assure you we're quite serious!

David Damm

"I have a younger sister. When she was about about 14 years of age, she was horribly mauled by an enraged owner of a local "Anime Cafe" for mispronoucing the title of some sort of popular Anime Movie. My sister was then raped with a squid. The police believe the owner was trying for a live action tenticale rape scene that he could wack off to. He's in jail now... but the scars on my sister will remain all her life.

This is the horror of what Anime causes, and the pain it inflicts upon the innocent. I joined the crusade against this. I have taken up the Jack Daniels, and the keys to my car, and I am ready. Thank you DDAAF!"

We're here to help people just like you, David. Be sure to show this site to your friends!

Rock Dynamo

"When a comically fat woman can dress up as Chun Li, but you're not allowed to slap the back of her head and call her a natural disaster, you have to wonder what's wrong with this country... and my answer to that is always: nothing you can't put right with a bottle of Jim Beam and a set of wheels."

Right on, Rock! We're putting the power back in the hands of the people, and it all starts with a fake ID.

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