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Zod Head Shot

Zod's Eye Lasers
Zod, Jorel, Non, & Ursa
Zod, Non, & Ursa
Zod Scowling
Newspaper from when Zod made the White House surrender!
Zod's German Industrial
band album cover.
The Clintons, Zod & Ursa take a tour of the WTC damage. Ursa later tore off Bill's arms.
photo by Rich Warsinger
Vanity Fair's covers the most important historic White House figure in the history of planet Houston: General Zod!
photo by t o n x
It looks as though some of Zod's loyal slaves have been spreading the word about his Presidential campaign! Check out this college billboard!
photo by Douglas Sitvarin

Sound Clips and Songs

"You will bow down before me, Jorel!..."

"Come to me Superman if you dare! I defy you! Come... come and kneel before Zod. ZOD!"

"So... he is a coward afterall!"

"Come to me son of Jorel! Kneel before Zod!"

"The closer we come to an atmosphere with only one sun... a yellow sun. The more our molecular density gives us unlimited powers."

"And now, finally... take my hand and swear eternal loyalty... to Zod (cruuuuunch!) ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"


Recently slaves submitted these songs:

(NEW!) "My Name Is (ZOD)"
-by Richard Moore

(NEW!) "Kneel Before Zod! Stafford Remix"
-by Timothy Stafford

(NEW!) "My Name Is (ZOD)"
-by Maurice Mitchell


Exclusive Song from Zod's
German Industrial Supergroup:

Kneel Before Zod - MP3 (946k)
(NEW! This is the entire song)

Kneel Before Zod - Real Audio
(This Real Audio version is NOT the entire song)

Miscellaneous Fan Creations

General Zod Pixel Drawing

General Zod's ZODiac - by get-jacked.com


General Zod's Music Video:

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