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Zod on the "Superman Returns" nonsense
General Zod is well aware that Superman has returned, but he has nothing to fear.

Zod on "Easter"
General Zod knows all about the eggs which the bunny is trying to hide from him!

Zod on "Valentines"
General Zod is here to cure you of the disease known as "love" this Valentine's Day.

Zod on "St. Patrick's Day"
General Zod has come to release you from the defiant festivities of St. Patrick's Day.

Zod on "Insurance"
General Zod shows that you will no longer have a need for standard insurance coverage.

Zod on "Christmas"
General Zod has decided to allow you to celebrate this holiday... with some changes.

Zod on "Job Hunting"
General Zod proves that the problem isn't the economy, it's your own inferiority.

Zod on "The Pledge"
General Zod explains why there is a huge error in "The Pledge Of Allegiance".

Zod on "Site Updates"
General Zod answers the questions about why he doesn't update the site every week and then unveils the almighty ZodBlaster.

Zod on "The Beach"
General Zod has heard rumors of your "spring break" and has decided to investigate the beaches.

Zod on "Sno-Cones" General Zod uncovers something disturbing in what appeared to be a "treat".

Zod on "IZOD"
General Zod shows what happens when a company uses his name for profit. 

Zod on "Halloween"
General Zod takes on "Trick or Treating", "Everlasting Gobstoppers", and more. 

Zod on "Rubik's Cube"
General Zod discovers the TRUE puzzle behind the tricky "Rubik's Cube".

Zod on "Bumble Bees"
General Zod tells a story about a recent encounter with a defiant bumble bee.

Non sings a lullaby
Non, a true master of words, has recorded a lullaby that parents can play to their kids to help them fall asleep.

Zod on "Eye Lasers"
General Zod explains some of the benefits of having lasers shoot out of your eyes.
Zod on "Intimidation"
General Zod discusses intimidation techniques and how effective they are.

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