The Greatest Horror Movie Moments!
by: -RoG-

Friday the 13th: Part VII - The New Blood  AND  Jason X

Man oh man did I ever love Friday the 13th part VII: The New Blood when it came out. I loved how it matched up Jason with someone who could actually do some serious damage to him - a girl with telekinetic powers. Sure, she wasn't Freddy, but she still put up a damned good fight. Of course, the movie was also filled with plenty of great kills, and naturally there's one kill in particular that always sticks out in my mind.


A girl is sitting inside the tent, waiting for her boyfriend (who's already dead) to get back. Instead, Jason shows up, and instead of using the opening in the tent, he cuts open a door of his own with the ol' machete. Why? Well, let's be honest here... if you were a madman and you had a machete, don't you think it'd be more fun to hack your way into a tent rather than to you use the zipper door? It's definitely a much better way of scaring your victim, that's for damned sure.

Takin' out the trash!

So the girl freaks out and actually tries to hide in her sleeping bag... as if that's going to protect her!? It must have been one of those childlike reflexes where thought of "as long as I hide under the sheets, the evil monsters in the room won't be able to get me!" still remains somewhat believable. I guess there had to be some kind of rule that we kids had with monsters where under the sheets was off-limits to them.

Well, I guess Jason never got that particular memo, because he just drags the girl inside the sleeping bag right out of the tent. And then what happens next is just pure perfection:


Jason brutally swings the sleeping bag with the girl inside it into a nearby tree. It's both vicious and hilarious, and it's easy to see why this is Kane Hodder's favorite Voorhees kill.

Now with Jason X... the only thing worse than how they made Jason Voorhees look like an evil cyborg was the shitty Halloween costume based on it. Now before you all go apeshit on me for featuring a scene from this movie instead of one of the many awesome scenes from one of the other classic Friday the 13th films, hear me out. While the movie had plenty of obvious faults, it never for one second took itself seriously, and so it still managed to be very amusing. Horrible script, horrible acting, and some great death scenes - what more could you ask of a Friday the 13th flick? That being said, there's a wonderful tribute in the movie to some of the older Friday the 13th flicks, in particular the sleeping bag scene from part 7:

Jason Voorhees - he's man enough to satisfy two women at once.
"Hey, do you want a beer or do you wanna smoke some pot?
Or we can have premarital sex? We love premarital sex!"

In an effort to slowdown Robo-Jason, they create a virtual reality world around him and make it look like he's back at Camp Crystal Lake. He takes the bait for a while, mainly because two VR girls distract him by giggling about beer, pot, premarital sex and getting topless in their sleeping bags.

What follows is really what makes the movie worth watching:


Jason, try using an axe. The tree will chop down much faster. Trust me...

Jason wraps one girl up in the sleeping bag and slams her into her friend repeatedly until she's not moving anymore, and then he slams her into a tree. I saw this in the theatre and the crowd was in absolute hysterics when this happened. Absolutely classic and a perfect tribute to Friday the 13ths of the past!

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