Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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Reminder: the lake is NOT a latrine

Ah summer camp. It's a great time for us kids to get away from our parents and enjoy the great outdoors. Actually, it's really just something your parents are forcing you to do because they hate you and want to enjoy some privacy for a change. Still, you wouldn't mind getting away from the home front for a little while. You've grown tired of your mom's meatloaf (not that the food at camp will be any better) and your father's incessant rants about how the foreigners are taking all the good jobs. Yes indeed, some time away from that place might be just what you need.

Problem is, your parents are notoriously cheap. So rather than send you offer to "summer camp" like all of the normal kids get to go to, you're actually being sent off to "fall camp" because they give a huge discount at Camp Chopleton for those who attend during the fall season. Well that and the fact that every year are the same time a ton of campers are butchered for no apparent reason whatsoever. Kinda makes ya wonder how a joint like that stays in business eh? Maybe it's because this is a fictional story... jackass.

Many trees were harmed in the creation of this sign. MANY trees... and a few baby seals.
Pack your bags, you're goin to camp!

So, your parents are just about ready to drive you a whopping 8 hours all the way up to Camp Chopleton, but before they do, you've gotta pack your bags. You have very limited space in your duffel bag since you already stuffed more than half of it with Twinkies. Guess you had better make sure you bring the bare necessities with ya or your trip will be doomed from the get go.

You decide to pack: