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Mutsu: The Curious Little Fish!


In case you haven't read the Mutsu piece yet, click here to learn all about him.

I-Mockers were recently encouraged to send in their artistic renderings of Mutsu.
You can learn all about the contest by visiting the original article here.
This has easily been one of the most amusing contests I've held so far.
A big thanks to everybody who entered. But enough with all the babble...
Let's get on with the gallery of entries, starting with the winners!

1st Place - by Travis:
Click to view full-sized version!
[click to enlarge]
This entry was a classic. Travis parodied the text from the Mutsu box,
gave him tons of weapons, and showed just how brutal Mutsu can really be!
And thanks to Travis, I'll forever think of lil' Mutsu as:
"M.U.T.S.U. - Mechanically Upgraded Trout Sabotage Unit"

2nd Place - by Casey:
Click to view full-sized version!
[click to enlarge]
Casey went all out with this entry! Not only was a 3d model for Mutsu
created, but Casey also animated it and even added sound to it!
Really funny and a lot of work went into it. Definitely worthy of #2 in my book.
You can click here to view the animated 3D .mov file

3rd Place - by Jixby Phillips:

Not all of the entries needed to be fancy drawings or 3D models
as Jixby Phillips proved with this simple, yet hilarious entry.

It was hard deciding on the top 3 entries, but I think these ones really were the best. You might agree, you might not. Before you decide which entries were your favorites, check out the following pages which will show you the works of everyone who entered the contest. Some were great and some were pretty horrible... either way, they'll surely give you a few chuckles. Who would have thought that a little robotic fish would have had such an impact on our lives. Welp, enjoy checking out all the other entries:

[Page 1] [Page 2] [Page 3] [Page 4] [Page 5] [Page 6]



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