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When we were growing up, we didn't have all of the high-tech games of today. We didn't have memory cards... we didn't have video game systems with built in DVD players or dishwashers. Nope. We just had the basic games. What's really funny is, as basic as these games were, they provided all of us with countless hours of entertainment. Whenever we happen to hear about one of these games or see them our reaction is always something like, "Oh man! I remember that game! I used to play it all the time! I was the king of that game!"

So what is to become of these classic games? Are they just to vanish off the face of the earth without a trace? All of the hard work that was put into making them just pushed aside to make room for the new generation of games? The answer is: NO!

We are here to help keep the memories of these great games of the past alive. But we can't do it without your help. This is the only Classic Games site that counts on YOU, THE GAME PLAYER. Throughout this site you will find a bunch of reviews on classic games. Arcade Classics, Console Classics, Computer Classics, and even Handheld Classics. But we can't write all the reviews ourselves... nor would we want to even if we could. We want YOU to help out. Express your opinions about your favorite and least favorite games! That's why we have an OPEN REVIEW SUBMISSION POLICY. 


You don't have to be on the I-Mockery.com staff to be able to write reviews for this site. All you need to do is use our Submit Review Form and we will add it to our database... no questions asked. Whether we agree or disagree with your review doesn't matter. Your review will get put up online as is shortly after you submit it, and you will also be given FULL CREDIT for the review. We'll even find some screenshots of the game for you if you don't have them just to make your review look that much better!

All you have to do is pick a category (ie: arcade, console, etc.), pick a game, and then write your review and send it in. Easy eh?

We want you to have fun with these reviews. Not only should you enjoy writing them, but also be happy that your reviews will be seen by thousands of people who share the same appreciation for video game classics that you do.

So there you have it. Pick out your favorite games, write about them, send them in, and then be proud that you've helped keep the memories of some great classic games alive. This site depends on you... we hope you'll make good use of it.

-The I-Mockery.com Staff 


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