The Greatest Horror Movie Moments!
by: Dr. Boogie

From Beyond

While it might be more famous for being an HP Lovecraft adaptation, From Beyond should be famous for a completely different reason: warning us about the future of technology and mankind's relationship with it.

What else is the Resonator in the film but a man-sized cell tower? And just like how your cell phone is turning your brain into a bubbling cancer stew pot, the Resonator is stimulating your pineal gland into shooting out of your forehead and turning you into a grotesque mutant. And yet, in spite of the fact that using the Resonator has led to one decapitation, one worm-bitten cheek, and one appearance of a gooey naked man who tore his own face off, our heroes just can't stay away from it, just like you and your smart phone! Hey, listen... was that an instant message alert, or was it just your former lab partner reaching out to you from another dimension in the hopes of devouring your brain and joining it with their own in an orgiastic ritual of mayhem and psycho-sexual violence? Better change your relationship status to "It's complicated"!

Speaking of complicated, our latest Horror Moment comes just as the movie is going off the rails: our three heroes Crawford, Katherine, and Bubba, are having just the damndest time not activating the Resonator, & allowing the mutated Dr. Pretorius to devour them, but it seems like they've finally decided to stop TURNING THE GODDAMN THING ON AND PUTTING THEMSELVES IN DANGER!!!

At last, cordless electricity!

But we can't have a movie about monsters from another dimension if there's no way for them to cross over, so the Resonator decides to plug itself in and turn itself on. This being the third time that it has happened, a visibly annoyed Bubba rushes up to the attic to turn the thing off again, only to be repelled by electricity emitted by the device. Crawford and Katherine try to double team it, but it has other tricks in mind:


I mean, they're probably some kind of gross alien bee species, or some kind of eldritch wasps, but not something you want covering you in any case. Risking a mouthful of bees, Katherine (whom you may remember as the unfortunately undressed young lady from our Reanimator Horror Moment) directs Bubba (Ken Foree from Dawn of the Dead) to pull the Resonator's plug. When it proves too tough, Crawford (who played the title role in Reanimator) tells him to use the same fire axe he used to disable the Resonator earlier in the film, but this plan also has its flaws:


To his credit, Bubba then has the idea to cuts the wires, but again, we need monsters in this monster movie, so the electricity keeps flowing as though the wires were still connected. Now Bubba is out of ideas, and his friends are being devoured by bugs.

How did you get so hairless?

Bubba has the bright idea (no pun intended) to try his flashlight. Sure enough, the bugs are attracted to the light. He's able to draw them off of Crawford and Katherine, but then they start heading for the flashlight itself. He quickly tosses his flashlight aside. A bit too quickly.

Some people just can't handle the spotlight.

The flashlight lands just so that it's now pointed right at Bubba. Now all the bugs are on him and he is not a happy camper.

Thright's right, scrub those bees right in.

Bee arms... too... heavy...

Nice jorts.

It's like the classic horror movie Candyman, but in reverse!

Within seconds, the bugs are shredding him. Seconds after that, the bugs have had their fill and leave what's left of him.

Shouldn't have skipped arm day.

The bees got me too, quit hamming it up.

How are they going to hang his jersey from the rafters?

Poor Bubba. His final moments were probably spent reflecting on how he was the only sane person in that house in spite of being exposed to the same brain-wrecking vibrations from the Resonator as everyone else. No pineal gland growing out of his head, no putting on a BSDM outfit and strutting around, no overwhelming desire to eat brains, just annoyance at having to constantly stop those two (mainly Katherine) from turning the damn Resonator back on so Pretorius could kill them.

Also, he fought off a giant worm monster with a kitchen knife wearing only some stylish briefs. Him in the briefs, that is; Not the worm. I know that's not really germane to his epitaph, but it was still impressive.


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