Welcome to the "Martin Yan: Homicidal Chef" page! Within these pages you will learn all about Martin Yan, a chef whose food isn't the only thing that might kill you! That's right, he's been doing cooking shows for so long and answering stupid questions about how to make specific meals that he's...well... sort of lost it. He's so angry about people asking questions about how to make meals when they are written down in his various books which they SHOULD have read. You see, Martin is pretty famous. He has his own show, "Wok With Yan", and he's fed up with answering everybody's questions.

How does Martin relieve this tension? Golfing? Perhaps a nice game of chess? Or maybe even a walk on the beach? Yeah, I thought the same thing too until I unraveled his crazy secret. Martin has been working on a new book which he plans to shock the world with. It is called "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT". Ironic that we have to take this book's title literally thanks to Mr. Yan. He has incorporated human beings into his recipes! That's right, Martin is relieving his tension by killing people and making more of his ingenious meals out of them!

I've tried his recipes and they're incredibly good. I suggest you all do the same. You never know, if you don't buy his books and eat his recipes you might BECOME one of his recipes! Anyway, check out some of the following pages for more information and explanations about his homicidal impulses which are often displayed on his wonderful cooking show: WOK WITH YAN!

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