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What happened to Peace. Love. Unity. and Respect. guys? hahahahaha!

On this page we are proud to present some of the most amusing hate mails we have received so far. keep in mind we've gotten thousands of emails, many were actually commenting the site, but here we wanted to display our picks for our favorite emails (particularly the hate mail!) along with our schnazzyrific responses. If you wish to view the old hatemail that we received, click here

If you don't agree with what we have to say, tell us about it on our MESSAGE BOARD!

Name:........... Fuck you queermo

Why does someone insist on being so gay? Have you ever been to a rave? You're 
either some old hate-monger or one of those young republican fag types, that is 
too buttoned down to realize how much of a stupid bigot with no real world 
experience. Maybe you had a sneaky uncle, or your mom babied you too much, but 
either way you are one fucked up fag.... smell you later fag


Congrats! You win the "most idiotic message of the week" award! Sorry, but I think only
"Republicans" use the word "FAG" like you did so often. Nice try, kid.


Name:........... Harmony
E-Mail:.......... to all you damn pricks

so what the fuck is up with you having such a fucking lame life that you have 
nothing better to do that you have to sit around all day and make a website 
about something you dont like. hey dipshit get a life. your just pissed off that 
maybe there is something you dont understand and you have to put it down to make 
yourself look better. well guess what....you sound like the biggest idot in the 
whole fucking world. have you even gone to a rave? and if you have and you didnt 
like it then who the fuck cares. go complane to your little mommy and stop being 
so god damn immature to where you have to make a whole website on the subject. 
the way we dress is unique unlike the shit you wear,all you little shit talkers 
have a meaningless life if all you do is work on this gay little website. YEAH 
all you little pricks have no influence on us but obviously we do on you because 
you cant seem to get us out of your thoughts!!! you think all the shit you talk 
will make us stop raving, well sorry to say for you it just makes us love the 
rave scene even more and have more fun at raves thinking about how your sitting 
at home right now on your little computer trying to find ways to put us down 
when your the one with nothing to do on a saturday night. SO FUCK OFF DICK FACE 
go find yourself a better life. i just want to let you know i feel really bad 
for you because people like you have no life!!!!PLUR!!I LOVE ALL MY FELLOW CANDY 


We have no influence you? Then why is are there so many exclamation points in your message? It looks like you're yelling your candy-assed head off there kid. Looks like we got to you QUITE well. Hahahaha. And if you think the way you dress is "unique", tell that to the other MILLION clones that look IDENTICAL to your dumb ass.


Name:........... Katrina

How do you define a "Rave"? a good time

you guys are sad, I wouldn't call myself a raver but I like going to raves once 
in a while. It's not all just about drugs you know, yes they are a lot of stuip 
people there. But there is stuip people all over this world. Don't diss 
something you don't understand.


What are these "stuip" people you speak of? A new, more idiotic breed of raver?


Name:........... Mandelyn

Spiffy site. Very cheeky. And if some of the raver scenesters who visit actually 
have the capacity to laugh at themselves, I just might have a bit more respect 
for those few as individuals...as long as they don't try to hug me.

I'm 21 and get all misty-eyed reminiscing over the late 80's and early 90's. I 
miss the cynicism of generation x.

Who are these crazy kids running around with pacifiers in their mouths drooling 
on about unity and peace and positive vibes?

Maybe i shouldn't complain about other people being happy, but as for the rave 
scene, i hate the aesthetics, the philosophy, the drugs of choice, and the 
godawful 'music'.

It irks me when i see some shiny happy raver kid wearing rainbow brite t-shirts 
and other 80's paraphenalia. a lot of them are too young to even remember most 
of the 80's. the 80's were the happiest days of my life and now these 
candy-coated flakes are ruining my nostalgia.

And it also irks me when ravers wear anime shirts and don't even know what the 
hell anime it's from, and have never seen it.

And get over the fucking glowsticks.

I also don't like it when ravers walk in front of me in their bright dayglow 
nylon clothing, makes me see spots.

Their music is redundant and even hearing it on this website makes me want to 
pull a columbine. Sometimes i wish some poor angstful sod would walk into a rave with 
semi-automatic weapons and blow their happy asses to hell.


You should write for this site.


Name:........... panthar
E-Mail:.......... (he left it blank. aka: wuss)


Man this site is the most fucking gay site ive ever seen, but sence its stupid
to argue about something that is what motivated you to make this site, its the
whole damn reason u did this is because u want ravers to get pissed so you can
luagh, saddly, unfortionately for you, most people dont take the time to even
look at ur site, because they are drawen away from ur 'wanna be techno' Lets see
CoOoOol dude, anyone as lame to have some gay ass beat as the start page makes
me wonder, because oviously you must like the lamest type of music, otherwise
you wouldnt make a site with that as the background music inless u liked it, so
what does that tell us about this dumbshit people?


Nice grammar there, watson. As we've stated before that "background music" is here for the SOLE REASON of ANNOYING THE HELL OUT OF YOU. Why? Because rave music is annoying and repetitive as hell. Now ya know how it feels, chump. As for people not looking at this site, you obviously haven't seen how flooded our antirave mailbox is. Thousands and thousands of emails from pissed off little ravers just like yourself. Hahahaha, sucker.


Name:........... Riaan

What kind of music do you like? Must be some underground shit where people dress
in black and stay indoor telling each other how deep the needle went into your
arm last night


To support the rather obvious statement that "you are really stupid", I pose the
only real evidence you leave me with: your undying hypocrisy. You respond to a
site that judges people based on what they wear, what music they listen to and
the fact that they do drugs, with your shit-talking about how WE suck because of those
same things. As for dressing in black and staying indoors, perhaps you need to go
take a look at one of our other sites: The Whiny Goth Kids Page.


Name:........... Chris
E-Mail:.......... (he left it blank. aka: wuss)

Look dipshit. How can you label all ravers losers.  I play college football with
a 3.0 GPA.  I'm no fucking loser.  Let me guess you are one of those mainstream,
hipster faggots who can't himself so you dress, dance, and act as socially
acceptavle as possible.  How commendable--another clone of the supposed ideal
citizen.  Well, I refuse to be a clone.  I rave.  I am different.  And you are
too much of a close minded idiot to leave people like me alone.  So, get a life,
have some fun, try to dance, and maybe get laid if you can get it up. Close
minded people are stupid.  I'm not. Besides I could probably kick your ass


"I refuse to be a clone. I rave. I am different." ... "I play college football"

Hahahahahaha, now that's thet funniest thing I've read in a LONG time!
With statements like that, I don't even need to respond. LOL


Name:........... Anonymous
(he left it blank. aka: wuss)

First of all...that shit music you play supposedly to give people an idea of
what raves are like....please! Our music doesnt sound like that. So you went to
a rave and didnt like it.. god. Does that mean you have to dedicate an entire
fuckin website to whining about a bad experience you had? It seems that you, not
us, are the fuckin moron. I mean, dont you have anything better to do with your
life? If people are having fun and this is how they do it, why the fuck should
you care? It's really pathetic that you resent people for having more to do with
their lives than sit around at a computer mocking a culture that you no so


Dear idiot,

That music that you hear on this site isn't supposed to be an example of what rave music sounds like. It is there to demonstrate just how annoying rave music is to people like us. Everybody hates the music that you hear on this anti-rave site that you can't turn off, and that's EXACTLY what we intended. Now you know how we felt after attending a rave.


Name:........... Anonymous
E-Mail:.......... (he left it blank. aka: wuss)

this is by far the stupidest site i have ever been to   i hope u chole on one of
your cocktails



As soon as I figure out what "chole" means I'll be sure to do it.


Name:........... ~*Melissa*~

Congratulations.  No matter how much effort you put into this page you won't
make a dent in the world of partykids.  Raves are like AOL, 50 million people
can't be wrong.  Of course the 50 million people who use AOL are wrong, but lets
not get into that today.....

I think that the site did make a dent.  It affected you enough to write us a letter, and thousands of your raver friends to do the same every month. And how do you know that 50 million people can't be wrong? Why can't one person be right, and 50 million wrong?  What about organized religion or Britney Spears? I rest my case. This site is the beginning of the end for the bastard ravers and their wretched pseudo-music.


Name:........... Mary

How do you define a "Rave"? a gathering place for mass idiocy

great site. i-mockery always has funny shit, but this one is just great since
ravers tend to annoy me. i went to one, and only one, and have sworn to never go
back because the music was mundane and the people scared me. :)  i like
electronic music to a point, but when its that damn repetitive... maybe after i
get over the current trauma of too many colors and weird people i will be able
to give rave another chance, but i doubt it.


Why even thinkg of giving them another chance? Should someone who rapes a person be given another chance? No. Well the rave you attended raped you of your sanity for a while. The only option is destroying any raves that come to your town along the people who go to them.


Name:........... Raverkid

I have just a few things to say. What would you call yourselves, like way of
dress, name, phone number, address, etc so I can pick all of you off as i see
you one the street with my gun. Just a question. I'll answer my own question for
ya. Are you getting anywhere?


Thank you for being the perfect example as a non-violent, peace loving raver.  The PLUR Gods are smilling apon you and your giant "Phat" pants. What would we call ourselves? How about "People that don't need to label themselves so that they can fit in with a group of ridiculous looking, pseudo-hippie IDIOTS"? Hmm, yeah... I think that's what we'd call ourselves.


Name:........... Pearsall

fuck you dewd! raves are like totally radical man! you don't know about the vibe
dewd! when I'm blowin' up it's like...oh, all right, I'll stop. I live in
Scotland and I like going to parties and I love the music (slate the music as
you will, I'm sure it would be a simple matter for me to shred your music of
choice) but I think your site is a work of hilarious genius. Clearly, all these
wee ravers who e-mail you to slag you off have had a humour bypass, and I highly
commend you for your abusive stance! PLUR! (hahaha only a nation that kept the
Grateful Dead in gainful employment for so long could reduce basic morality to
an advertising slogan!)


I couldn't agree with you more on the "PLUR Situation".
The only solution to it is to KILL every raver we see.


Name:........... Audra
E-Mail:.......... lilith1015@yahoo.com 

You are a stupid fucking loser!! yew sit here and preach about being a non raver
well godd for yew!!!! Would yew like a hero cookie? I bet yew think yew know
lotsa shit rite!! like yewr god now rite?
HA wrong bitch!! Oh and by the way I LOVE GLOW STICKS TEW SO HA!


"Would yew like a hero cookie?"

No, but can I have the email address of your English teacher? I want to send her your email so she can break down into tears and know that she FAILED MISERABLY with you.


Name:........... Courtney
E-Mail:.......... XprincessX23@hotmail.com 

i love raves
i like them a really lot
you must be a straightedge redneck who hates life and molests livestock or else
you would enjoy them as well. you make me sick and you dont really have a clue
about what you are talking about or else you would have known that most of your
facts are untrue and you must have hearing issues because the music isnt all the
same, so you can shove your own crack o minty poprocks us your ass and drink
your own mr clorox and explode your hate all over yourself since obviously you
have no friends and are jealous of the rave scene because you probly stuck out
because you arent smart enough to understand it so you have no friends and are
bitter and self absorbed
get a life reject


"you must be a straightedge redneck who hates life and molests livestock or else
you would enjoy them as well."

Number one: Have you even gotten your head out of your ass to take a look around the other parts of I-Mockery.com ... such as the ANTI-Straightedge page???

Number two: Molesting livestock would probably be much more fun than ever attending another Rave again. 


Name:........... Jennifer Green
E-Mail:.......... jellybean327710@aol.com

To whom it may concern,

i understand you hatred for ravers and somewhat appriciate it.  why you are
thinking because i think it is cute in a way.  did you know that not all the
ravers in the world are druggies??  and maybe you didn't know that some of your
friends are probably ravers as well.  and well yes while i understand your
hatred for the loud techno music have you ever stopped to think that what you
are doing is mean and vindictive (sp)?  look at all the hatred in the world.  
look at how the catholics hate the prodestants. look how the ravers hate the
gothics, so on and so forth. do you think that this little site will hurt
someones feelings?  do you think that this is offensive in anyway? do you think
at all???

thank you for your time

Jennifer Green

p.s. oh and yes "i'm positive"


"look how the ravers hate the gothics"

So much for PLUR, eh?

"do you think that this is offensive in anyway?

Since there are over a few THOUSAND E-mails in the anti-rave inbox that we still haven't read (in addition to the THOUSANDS that we've already received), I get the feeling that the site has struck a few nerves out there. Or maybe it was the death threats that we've received because of this site? Gee I wonder. This site SHOULDN'T be offensive to people, but many ravers are easily offended idiots, so it's not surprising.

By the way, what are "prodestants"?


Name:........... Nikki
E-Mail:.......... poe62@hotmail.com 

I dislike ravers to such great extremes that I hope one of their glowsticks
flies out of their hands and kills at least one of them.  Maybe they will
continue in a dominoe effect.  Headline reads:  Yet another Darwin award...

Seriously though, I thought I would like raves because they are everything
"normal" people hate.  My boyfriend at the time was a partykid...and still
hasn't learned.  He wanted me to go to one of these parties, but he had to pick
up some friends in Ft. Worth first, so he asked a friend to take me and we would
meet there.  The people that ended up taking me were waiting for their clovers
until three in the morning, and ended up taking x and doing coke.  I was almost
raped by two of my boyfriend's friends.  When we finally got to the party, I was
crying.  I just wanted to find my guy and get the hell out of there.  A mutual
friend found me and told me he would get him for me.  He wandered off in one
direction while I stood there scared to death of these freaks. (I'm no angel, but
I DO know when something is wrong...) Anyway, I got tired of waiting so I went
looking for my boyfriend. I found him in the corner with two girls. He was
soooo out of his mind he didn't even know he was doing anything wrong.  People
say that drugs only hurt the people that take them, so it's their problem.  How
can someone say that?  I'm not going to even worry about the braindamage, death,
or criminal effect it can have.  I'm more worried that you dumbass ravers are so
numb now that you don't realize that you HURT people besides yourselves.  YES.  
I KNOW I am not the only one that has found friends or boyfriends like that.  
Damn.  I'm not dealing with worldly issues just emotional ones.  So fuck your
peace love unity and respect.  You guys are full of shit.  Yeah did you read
that?  You are fucked in the head!!!!  You are all trendy mainstream little
posers that are catered to by major coporations of fashion...have fun, dumbasses 
I hope you dehydrate and shrivel into little corpses...


If you haven't murdered your idiot "boyfriend" by now, YOU are "fucked in the head".


Name:........... proud 2B-a-raverchickie
E-Mail:.......... borntodance@parties.com 

this site is a joke, just because you don't enjoy the scene doesn't mean you
gotta go and bash it. parties are a different experience for everyone, the point
here is to let your inhibitions go and just have a little fun, meet new people
and dance your ass off!! if you haven't noticed party kids go to parties to get
away from all this negative bullshit that society brings on.


Embrace negativity. It's a great source of humor! And as you said in the first five words of your note, "This site is a joke". But I guess that is what you get from a site named i-MOCKERY.com eh?


Name:........... arielle
E-Mail:.......... fuktranceagain@hotmail.com 

How do you define a "Rave"? the dumbest mainstream soulless candy carpet-sweeper glowshit garbage hell

Yes, I would like to say a couple things. I have been going out since 92 and 
have seen the destruction of anything that used to be good about these events. I 
love creativity and self expression but give me a fucking break! Don't you 
people know that fat pants and cat-in-the-hat hats went out back in 91? How the 
fuck are you gonna wear fat pants for 10 years???
You guys are so white trash! Any fucking jock, cheerleader, hippy, and probably 
your trailer trash uncle go to these mega raves that book trance and happy 
hardcore DJ's!! You have definitely lost me there. Trance is THE WORST SHIT I 
have ever heard! Trance makes me want to slit my wrists. Unfortnately, I played 
a rave recently and the guy before me was playing the happy hardcore version of 
Genie in a Bottle. Yeah that's what I really want to hear. Some fucking 
mainstream pop shit remixed to be 50 times worse. Luckily I had lots of vodka 
with me. And don't give me this "we are so underground", "it's all about the 
music" shit cause you don't even know what music is!!! It has become a pathetic 
dirty circus full of dumb-asses who think they know what's up but don't know 
shit about shit. Learn some history.


Even with the THOUSANNDS of hate mails we get each month, there's always a few emails from a sensible person like this guy. If only we received more emails from people who see the rave scene like it really is. Oh well, all in due time...


Name:........... anonymous
E-Mail:.......... QtPiePaRtyGuRL03@aol.com 

I think it's pretty immature and stupid to mock something you probally have 
absolutely no brains in.. have you even been to a rave? maybe you your self 
just have no friends and are afraid of us because we all get along and enjoy 
ourselves! It's not all about the drugs it's the fact that hundreds of people 
can actually get in a small compact building or venue and get along and enjoy 
themselves for about 10 hours.. it's funny ya haha lets make fun of the 
better people.. whatever your dumb so peace im out!


Yes, we've been to raves before and it IS "all about the drugs" you idiot. But to humor you, let's think about this for a minute. You spoke of how "hundreds of people can get in a small compact building or venue". HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE IN A COMPACT PLACE SWEATING THEIR ASSES OFF FOR 10 HOURS STRAIGHT AS A FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT. Well gee! That sounds so much fun! Look at what we've all been missing this whole time! Where do I sign up!? You ravers will never learn, will you... 



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