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Idiot Ravers

The following pages contain photos of those idiotic creatures known as "Ravers" in action. Well, not always "in action"; Sometimes they're pretty much "out of commission" if you catch my drift. Anyway, I'm sure you'll find these photos most interesting. If you have a photo you would like to send in, please send it in to antirave@i-mockery.com

As if these two idiot raver girls trying to suck the glowstick juice from each others mouths wasn't bad enough. Let's play a game that I like to call:
"See if you can find the pathetically horny loser raver guy in the picture". 


Ok, this is just plain scary. I don't want to know what the hell is wrong with this raver. I don't care what happened to him. I don't care what's wrong with him. He can do whatever the hell he likes. JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!


Every once and a while I see a picture that makes me wish I had a gun. This is one of those pictures. What the HELL does this girl think she is!? Tony the friggin' Tiger? Listen up ma'am, Put on a normal outfit before I beat you to death with a box of Frosted Flakes. Then we'll see how "grrrrreat" your outfit looks on you when it has blood stains all over it!


I don't even think this guy knows where he is. But at least he's prepared for the worst. He's got his reflective gear on for when he wanders into the streets during his stupor. Too bad for him there's people like me who LOOK for people in reflective gear stumbling around on the streets. They make easy targets for my car. Problem is, raver guts are a pain to remove from the grill on the front of my car.


This is one of the worst new subcultures that some ravers are turning to. It's more like just a sick fetish if you ask me. These ravers smear all the Vicks Vaporub they can on their armpits and then they go walking around and let fellow ravers smell their armpits to get high. Next thing you know they'll be smearing Vaporub on their buttocks and telling their fellow ravers, "Hey! Smell my arse! It'll get you high!"


"Hi, I've got the mental capacity of a gnat. Please beat me to death."
Well, he did ask for the beating. What do ya say? Let's not disappoint him.


This raver tried to strike up a conversation with the only friend he could find: A Teletubbie. As you can see, the poor Teletubbie passed out from the pure banality of this raver.


Stupid girl, SNAP OUT OF IT! IT'S A POLE FOR CRISSAKES! (sigh)... Yeah, this idiot raver girl decided to dance with this pole here. She's so high she can't tell the difference between a metal pole and a raver guy. Then again, I would rather dance with a pole than a raver guy. Hmm, maybe this girl isn't that dumb after all.


Ah, now this is a classic. One of my favorite pranks is to use the good ol' "mind melt" trick on ravers. As you can see in this pic, the guy with the glowing eyes is torturing the raver on the right. Soon after this photo was taken, the raver's head exploded.

During one of his many drug-induced stupors, this poor lad had quite a bad hallucination when he thought that his thumb was a hamburger. Needless to say, the outcome was quite bloody. (and pretty friggin' funny as well).

Where the hell are his feet!?! God, just when I thought ravers couldn't look any stupider, I'm surprised yet again. Maybe this is just proof that ravers aren't completely "evolved" humans yet. Some haven't even grown feet!

FINALLY! Confirmation that ravers are indeed just HIPPIES.


If you think Raves are fun, just wait til you experience the "after party"!


I'm sorry, but if I EVER saw a raver with these "Glowstick Nun-Chucks",
I wouldn't be able to help myself from beating him/her into oblivion.


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