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Internet Perverts: EXPOSED!

(WARNING #1: If you're easily offended, you might not want to read the log files.)
(WARNING #2: If you are one of the perverts mentioned in these log files: KILL YOURSELF.)

The following are log files from AOL Instant Messenger that we here at I-Mockery.com have collected. The names we have used to expose these perverts have been altered in these log files to help keep our instant messenger havoc alive and well for a long time to come. The name we'll use for the purpose of this page is "Fake-girl".

However, the identities of the perverts ARE their actual identities. So have a field day teasing the living hell out of them. They deserve it. Keep in mind that all of these people contacted us first. We never met them, just out of the blue they'd send us a message. Yep, they asked for it! Muahahahahaha! 

NOTE: Just so you know, some of these log files are quite long. Lot of the guys will try to do the small talk for a while before they get to the good stuff. So feel free to scroll down halfway through each log if it is a little slow at first. Keep in mind, some of them are hilarious from the very beginning! And now... the log files:

Most Recent Log Files:
[4: updated 3/16/01]
[Short Log Files]

Archived Log Files (from newest to oldest):
[3] [2] [1]

LOG 1:

In this one, this loser actually started sending us his pictures. Hell, he was so full of himself we had to ask him to stop sending them just so we could finish the conversation! So here's some of the pics he sent first:

  [pictures removed due to owner's request]

Da Dirty Bird: where in VA are u?
Fake-girl: I'm just outside of richmond. what about you?
Da Dirty Bird: northern VA....how old are u?
Fake-girl: I'm 20. How 'bout u?
Da Dirty Bird: 23
Da Dirty Bird: ur female, right?
Fake-girl: Uh, I don't know that many guys that are named "Jenny"
Fake-girl: do you? heheh
Da Dirty Bird: ok..just making sure :-)
Da Dirty Bird: u never know ;-)
Fake-girl: ;-)
Da Dirty Bird: u in college?
Fake-girl: heheh
Fake-girl: yeah, but getting out for summer soon
Fake-girl: how 'bout u?
Da Dirty Bird: thats cool....going back to school in the fall at george mason
Da Dirty Bird: u play any sports?
Fake-girl: I play volleyball sometimes with friends at the beach and in the park
Fake-girl: it's the only sport that I know of that I can play in a bikini. 
Fake-girl: :-P
Da Dirty Bird: cool...so what do you look like if you don't mind me asking?
Da Dirty Bird: don't get me going on bikini stuff girl...;-)
Fake-girl: by all means get going on bikini stuff! I like honest men. :-)
Fake-girl: as for how i look
Fake-girl: most people compare me to Meg Ryan saying I look amazingly like her... i guess that's better than looking like jenny mcarthy (which is my name, and people always go, "like that movie star girl?" ARGH!)
Da Dirty Bird: naw....u do not want me to get going in my horny state of mind....I am a much sweetier guy when not horny, lol
Da Dirty Bird: well you sound pretty
Da Dirty Bird: cause when I am horny then all I talk about is sexual stuff which is not bad but then thats all I want to talk about, lol
Fake-girl: All guys are horny, it's good when they're sweet AND horny
Fake-girl: and I like talking about sex stuff
Da Dirty Bird: ;-)....well I can be both
Fake-girl: alrighty!
Da Dirty Bird: my type of girl
Fake-girl: my kinda guy!
Fake-girl: :-)
Da Dirty Bird: u got me thinking bad thoughts now ;-)
Da Dirty Bird: u have any pics?
Fake-girl: tell me about them.
Fake-girl: i can get some scanned for you later, bikini ones. :-)
Da Dirty Bird: maybe in a while swetie
Da Dirty Bird: when is later?
Da Dirty Bird: tonight?
Fake-girl: i can get it done by tomorrow
Fake-girl: i don't have a scanner but my friend does
Da Dirty Bird: so do u have a scanner or digital camera at home?
Fake-girl: i'll bring my pic to her tomorrow to scan and then send it to you
Da Dirty Bird: go over to your friends house tonight :-)
Fake-girl: can't just yet
Da Dirty Bird: u have any plans for tomorrow?
Fake-girl: might play volleyball some if the weather is good, then I think i'm going out of town in the evening for the weekend
Fake-girl: can't you talk to me now? ;-)
Da Dirty Bird: would u like to meet durning the day tomorrow and hang out if we get to know each other tonight...I have the day off tomorrow with nothing to do :-)
Fake-girl: ah, well let's see how it goes tonight first and then we'll try to make some future arrangements. sound good? 
Da Dirty Bird: ok...deal
Da Dirty Bird: maybe I need to gice you some incentive to meet me tomorrow, huh? ;-)
Fake-girl: i'd like that
Fake-girl: i'd like that a lot
Da Dirty Bird wants to directly connect. 
Da Dirty Bird is now directly connected. 
Fake-girl: I can be persuaded to skip volleyball ya know. ;-)
Da Dirty Bird: 
Da Dirty Bird: 6'5 200lbs with dirty blonde hair and pierceing blue eyes...thats me :-)
Da Dirty Bird: hope u like it
Fake-girl: YES!!
Fake-girl: great smile too!
Da Dirty Bird: thanx sweetie
Da Dirty Bird: want to see a couple more
Fake-girl: like your beard too. :-)
Da Dirty Bird: ;-)
Fake-girl: you can send me some more in a bit, for now let's talk some. ;-)
Da Dirty Bird: 
Da Dirty Bird: ok..lets talk then
Fake-girl: ooo, that's a good one too! 
Da Dirty Bird: I have two left
Fake-girl: ok now you've got me turned on. let's talk some. :-)
Da Dirty Bird: what are u wearing right now ;-)
Fake-girl: after seeing those two pictures, I'm thinking of not wearing anything:-)
Da Dirty Bird: ur silly
Fake-girl: hehehe i know, but yer cute. i get like that around cute/sweet boys
Da Dirty Bird: 
Fake-girl: you dress good too. 
Da Dirty Bird: thanx
Fake-girl: so talk to me 
Fake-girl: :-)
Da Dirty Bird: so u still playing volleyball tomorrow? ;-)
Fake-girl: heheheh i'm leaning towards "hell no" right now, but i still want to talk with ya more first.
Fake-girl: :-)
Da Dirty Bird: one more...check this out...maybe this will turn u on more and maybe not....
Da Dirty Bird: 
Fake-girl: awesome, wow you've got nice arms and i love tattoos. you have any other tattoos?
Da Dirty Bird: nope...just those two but getting a third soon...u have any tats or body pierceings?
Fake-girl: belly button ring. you like those?
Da Dirty Bird: yep...pierceings and tats on women are big turn ons for me :-)
Fake-girl: i've got a heart on the back of my neck for a tattoo. it's a real small red one, but i like it a lot
Fake-girl: glad you like that stuff. 
Da Dirty Bird: so what do you drive and what kind of music do u listen to?
Fake-girl: I just have a cheap volkswagen, but it's a convertible so it's nice in the summer. As for music I like all sorts of stuff. Dave Matthews band, stuff like that.
Fake-girl: wish i had some bikini pics to send you!
Da Dirty Bird: I drive a red 95 honda civic with tinted windows and a spolier....I listen to mainly hip-hop and altenative but like anything rangeing from rock-n-roll to the oldies..just no country or opera for me
Da Dirty Bird: me to sweetie...but it's all good :-)
Fake-girl: me neither, especially country. i don't like country.
Da Dirty Bird: my ex gf is a graphic designer for the DMB
Da Dirty Bird direct connection is closed. 
Fake-girl: well she's not as interesting as I am now is she? :-)
Da Dirty Bird: naw...ur muc more intersting :-)
Fake-girl: heheh good answer. :-*

Da Dirty Bird wants to directly connect. 
Fake-girl declines request; no connection was made.
(see? he wanted to keep sending more pictures!) 

Fake-girl: nah i like talkin now. :-)
Da Dirty Bird: ;-)
Fake-girl: you've sent me enough to fantasize about
Da Dirty Bird: so what would u wear if u met me and give me a good description of the outfit :-)
Fake-girl: So, if you don't mind, can I ask you a more personal question?
Da Dirty Bird: ok..thats cool....just was trying to connect again...no biggie though
Da Dirty Bird: sure...ask whatever u like....I am open about everything
Fake-girl: Well, I always wear sneakers. But I have a nice green skirt that shows off my long legs real well. And then a sports-bra with a see through jacket-type thing worn over it.
Fake-girl: that's what i'd wear for you
Da Dirty Bird: very nice
Fake-girl: ok my question
Da Dirty Bird: ok..shoot
Fake-girl: in your own opinion, are you good in bed?
Da Dirty Bird: I don't like to brag but I always wear out my women...plus I am the best at going down on a woman...see most guys are not that good at it cause they feel like they have to go down or cause the girl wants them to but I love doing it and can go down forever
Da Dirty Bird: I have had enough experience plus I know the difference between sex and making love
Da Dirty Bird: trust me....I am good....u would not be disappointed :-)
Fake-girl: good, and I take it you're willing to experiment then? cuz most people I've been with think I'm almost too wild for them.
Da Dirty Bird: naw....I might be to wild for u ;-)
Da Dirty Bird: what are ur measurments?
Fake-girl: hehehehahah
Da Dirty Bird: I don't call myself the energizer bunny for nothing....I keep going...and going....and going......and going.....and going.....and going.....;-);-);-)
Fake-girl: 36D, I have a 26 waist, and 35 hips. good enough for ya? :-)
Da Dirty Bird: very nice
Da Dirty Bird: want to meet right now and have crazy wild sex out in my car :-)
Fake-girl: so let me ask you about what you'd be willing to do in bed
Fake-girl: maybe tommorow!
Fake-girl: lemme ask you about what you'd be willing to do in bed, experimentation wise...
Da Dirty Bird: shit...lets meet tonight....forget tomorrow
Da Dirty Bird: shoot...I am open to anything
Da Dirty Bird: trust me
Fake-girl: hold on there sexy, let me ask you another question here.
Da Dirty Bird: ok Ms. Thang ;-)
Fake-girl: hehehe
Fake-girl: ok a string of questions...
Da Dirty Bird: k
Fake-girl: would you let me tie you up?
Da Dirty Bird: sure
Fake-girl: k, would you tie me up?
Da Dirty Bird: hell yes
Da Dirty Bird: I like it rough
Fake-girl: hehehe k, let's see here
Fake-girl: can i melt candle wax on your chest?
Da Dirty Bird: my nipples are my weak spot...I love to be on top of a woman and have her suck and pull on them followed by pinching and biteing...I LOVE IT :-)
Da Dirty Bird: yep..of course
Fake-girl: great!
Fake-girl: ok a little more questioning here...
Fake-girl: will you suck on my toes?
Da Dirty Bird: k
Da Dirty Bird: sure
Da Dirty Bird: if they are clean ;-)
Fake-girl: absolutely
Fake-girl: i'd clean them 'n shower b4 we went at it anyway
Fake-girl: i always do
Fake-girl: out of respect for my man
Da Dirty Bird: :-)
Fake-girl: ok final questions
Da Dirty Bird: ok
Fake-girl: could i spank you with a dildo?
Da Dirty Bird: sure...I would like that....can I spank you with my hard cock and shoot cum all over ur tits and face ;-);-);-)
Fake-girl: i've no problem with that. 
Fake-girl: can i pee on you? and you pee on me?
Da Dirty Bird: naw.....that ain't my style
Fake-girl: how about just you pee on me?
Fake-girl: in the shower
Da Dirty Bird: if u really wanted it but I would feel wierd
Da Dirty Bird: I do anything to please my woman
Fake-girl: ok, now i'm positive that you're my kind of man. but I do have one final thing to ask you....
Da Dirty Bird: sure
Fake-girl: Do you mind that I still have a penis? I'm going to have it surgically removed soon, so i'll then be 100% woman all for you!
Da Dirty Bird: bye
Fake-girl: what?
Fake-girl: we could wait 
Fake-girl: until after the surgery!
Da Dirty Bird: I don't go the gay route
Da Dirty Bird: ur a guy and always will be a guy
Fake-girl: but i'm a woman!
Fake-girl: you liked me earlier, and liked everything I said, and even said you'd go down on me
Da Dirty Bird: IF......you were a woman
Fake-girl: so now just because of a penis you're not interested?
Da Dirty Bird: BYE....ur a sicko and a pervert
Fake-girl: you're a flaming homophobe
Da Dirty Bird: hell yes
Fake-girl: go to hell!
Da Dirty Bird: I am not gay and never will be

And that was the end of this fine conversation. And ya gotta love his logic: He has no problem "cumming on someone's face" but "peeing on someone" would make him uncomfortable. Gee, that's real logic there for ya.


LOG 2:

GcarterDark: hey
Fake-girl: yo
GcarterDark: how are you doing?
Fake-girl: spiffy, who is this?
GcarterDark: name is gerald. you were listed
Fake-girl: oh ok, so what's up? why are you IMing me? ;-)
GcarterDark: just to talk if you want. if not i will go
GcarterDark: do you go to school?
Fake-girl: nope
Fake-girl: not right now
Fake-girl: out of school heheh
GcarterDark: cool.
GcarterDark: how old are you?
Fake-girl: 22, you?
GcarterDark: 19
GcarterDark: you are lucky to be done
GcarterDark: do you party?
Fake-girl: of course, who doesn't? heheh
GcarterDark: cute. you dance?
Fake-girl: yep, i love dancing, although most other girls don't like seeing me dance cuz they think i dance "too sexy" and "like a slut". I'm just doing what's natural, so screw them...
GcarterDark: cool. hope your bf can keep up with you
Fake-girl: hah, don't have one
GcarterDark: oh. ok. that is cool
GcarterDark: what do you prefer to dance in? sandals, pumps, sneaks, or barefoot?
Fake-girl: barefoot or sneaks
GcarterDark: cool. heels hurt you?
Fake-girl: i can dance in 'em, but not as crazy, and i like to go bezerk
GcarterDark: haha. well if your poor feet get tired after all of that maybe i should rub them for you. lol;-)
Fake-girl: heheheh i'd like that :-*
Fake-girl: what else could you do for me?
GcarterDark: what would you like ?
Fake-girl: I'm open to suggestions
GcarterDark: i could give you massages else where
GcarterDark: it really depends on what you want though.
GcarterDark: i have a story for you if you want to here it
Fake-girl: you mean hear it
Fake-girl: :-)
GcarterDark: yes i do
Fake-girl: as for massages, i'm open to anything. :-D
GcarterDark: well when i went to visit a friend, i saw a pair of handcuffs on her bed post. when she saw me look over there she said to not look and seemed a bit embarrassed
GcarterDark: what do you think?
Fake-girl: haha, i've got handcuffs on my bed and I'm proud of it. why be embarassed about your own sexuality?
GcarterDark: yeah 
GcarterDark: i hear ya
GcarterDark: do you use them?
GcarterDark: lol
Fake-girl: they're not there for decoration. :-) sadly i don't have a boyfriend at the moment
Fake-girl: so tell me more about this massage :-)
GcarterDark: i would give it practically anywhere you want. and usually i do it well enough to put you to sleep
GcarterDark: do you prefer to be cuffer or cuffee?
Fake-girl: both actually, i like being cuffee first.
GcarterDark: oh. ok. where do you live?
Fake-girl: virginia
Fake-girl: but i travel a lot
Fake-girl: all over the states
GcarterDark: cool. so do i. i live about 30 miles north of richmond
Fake-girl: cool. well i have one place that you could massage
GcarterDark: where?
Fake-girl: my penis
GcarterDark: you are a dude?
Fake-girl: yes, of course i am.
GcarterDark signed off at 9:57:15 AM. 
Fake-girl: you're a dude too right?
Previous message was not received by GcarterDark because of error: User GcarterDark is not available.

after he blocked us, we used another alias and teased him more:

Fake-girl2: I heard you tried solicite sex from a friend of mine. Fake-girl.
Fake-girl2: What kind of gay pervert are you?
GcarterDark: it wasn't like that. first i though it was a girl cause the name said jenny
GcarterDark: in the info
GcarterDark: and seco
GcarterDark: he said to massage his penis. not me.
Fake-girl2: oh right.
Fake-girl2: well i'll let you know this
Fake-girl2: you have been fucked with by the bastards at i-mockery.com!
Fake-girl2: woo!
Fake-girl2: later fruitboy
GcarterDark signed off at 10:04:46 AM. 

And he blocks us yet again, so we use one more IM account and tease him:

Fake-girl3: why do you attempt to evade me? You cannot escape.
GcarterDark signed off at 10:10:10 AM. 

even better, this guy was a repeat offender! See his other log file on page 3!


LOG 3:

ultramik: wanna cyber?
Fake-girl: what do you mean?
Fake-girl: what is "cyber"?
ultramik: ummm...online sex.
Fake-girl: sure!
ultramik: kewl.
ultramik: asl
Fake-girl: what do you have in mind?
ultramik: dunno.
ultramik: You start.
Fake-girl: well this is no fun
Fake-girl: ok
Fake-girl: we are in my bedroom
Fake-girl: i take off my pants and take out my johnson
Fake-girl: ok what now?
ultramik: wait..is this a guy?
Fake-girl: well of course!
Fake-girl: hahahhahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ultramik: eeeeeewwwwwwwww
ultramik: g2g
ultramik: bye...
Fake-girl: lololololol
Fake-girl: hahhaha http://www.i-mockery.com 
Fake-girl: peace!!!!! LOL


LOG 4:

KA9C: chuck here 28 male 
Fake-girl: i'm kathryn
KA9C: hello how are you today 
KA9C: married
Fake-girl: i'm fine. am i married? no
KA9C: cool
Fake-girl: so what do you like to do?
KA9C: flrit with women all i can 
KA9C: and you what do you like ?
Fake-girl: guys mainly. everything about them
KA9C: well what can i tell you about me 
KA9C: you want good or nasty details about m e
Fake-girl: all of it honey
KA9C: where do i start 
KA9C: do youhave a pic i would like to see you 
Fake-girl: at the moment no. i could scan one if if you like
KA9C: sure no prob 
Fake-girl: cool. cuz then you could how big my penis is.
Fake-girl: you pervert
Fake-girl: you've just been screwed with by the anti-internet-perversion authorities at www.I-Mockery.com
KA9C: youre sick 
Fake-girl: no, you are sick
Previous message was not received by KA9C because of error: User KA9C is not available.

Yes, the AIPA is kickin' arse and taking names! haha!


LOG 5:

Coolbrze0: hey, what's up?
Fake-girl: hi
Coolbrze0: a/s/l
Fake-girl: 24/f/richmond, va
Coolbrze0: that worx
Fake-girl: where are you?
Coolbrze0: what do you do in Richmond?
Coolbrze0: Fairfax
Fake-girl: i go to vcu
Coolbrze0: no. va
Coolbrze0: u know (name omited)
Coolbrze0: or (name omited)
Fake-girl: (name omited) sounds familiar, but i'm not sure. there's a lot of guys around here. hehe
Coolbrze0: i hear ya
Coolbrze0: what year are you?
Fake-girl: junior
Fake-girl: just one more year. but i almost don't want to leave.
Coolbrze0: i hear ya
Fake-girl: i love being around cute guys
Coolbrze0: yeah, e 2
Coolbrze0: well, not guys, but u know
Coolbrze0: lol
Fake-girl: heh. i understand. so what do you like?
Coolbrze0: in terms of what?
Coolbrze0: music
Coolbrze0: everything
Coolbrze0: country
Coolbrze0: rap
Coolbrze0: im really into the outdoors 2
Fake-girl: are into kinky girls?
Coolbrze0: yeah, that can be a good thing 
Coolbrze0: sometimes
Coolbrze0: lol
Coolbrze0: r u kinky?
Fake-girl: in bed i am
Coolbrze0: there u go
Coolbrze0: that is a good thing
Coolbrze0: out of bed, though...
Coolbrze0: that gets a little slutty
Fake-girl: i'm not one to just hop in bed mind you
Coolbrze0: u know
Coolbrze0: that's good
Coolbrze0: mind you?
Coolbrze0: ha ha
Fake-girl: what
Coolbrze0: haven't heard that 1 in a while
Fake-girl: oh
Coolbrze0: im just messing w/ u
Coolbrze0: im a kidder
Fake-girl: out of bed i'm cute and proper. little do people know. hehe
Coolbrze0: that is exactly what kind of woman i like
Coolbrze0: and in part, that is the same way i am
Fake-girl: there are a lot of things people don't know about me
Coolbrze0: name some?
Fake-girl: like how big my penis is
Fake-girl: oops
Coolbrze0: what?
Fake-girl: you pervert
Fake-girl: you've just been screwed with by the anti-internet-perversion authorities at www.I-Mockery.com
Fake-girl: you sick perv. 
Previous message was not received by Coolbrze0 because of error: User Coolbrze0 is not available.

He soon re-messaged me and proceeded to defend his pervdom:

Coolbrze0: what was that all about, I didn't say a thing wrong?
Fake-girl: we are the AIPA. We expose Internet perverts like you to the world.
Coolbrze0: well u got the wrong person then
Coolbrze0: i am not a perv
Coolbrze0: read my profile
Coolbrze0: that is me
Coolbrze0: just what i said
Fake-girl: You said you like that I am kinky in bed, yet you are not a perv. Interesting concept.
Coolbrze0: k my fault
Coolbrze0: that is a perv in 1 aspect
Coolbrze0: but some people have sex 4 more than love
Coolbrze0: that doesn't make me a perv
Fake-girl: sex without love is meaningless.
Coolbrze0: yeah, it prob is
Coolbrze0: sorry if i have offended you
Fake-girl: you are delving into the animalistic side. which is perv
Coolbrze0: im only 21, i have alot to learn 
Coolbrze0: lol
Coolbrze0: that's an opinion i guess
Coolbrze0: no offense
Fake-girl: http://www.I-Mockery.com is our headquarters. No pervs there.
Fake-girl: good day, Mr. Pervmaster


LOG 6:

KrnMeth: hi
Fake-girl: hi
KrnMeth: whats up
Fake-girl: not much, who are you? or didja just look me up on aol by my name/interests?
KrnMeth: ya
KrnMeth: the 2nd one
Fake-girl: that's cool, i take it you have similar interests?
KrnMeth: uh huh
KrnMeth: whats w/ the name
Fake-girl: cool, so what's up. tell me 'bout yourself
Fake-girl: oh, it's from a movie called "high strung"
Fake-girl: you'd have to see it to get the joke
Fake-girl: it's a comedy
KrnMeth: im 5'8 brown/green eyes brown hair
KrnMeth: you
KrnMeth: ??
Fake-girl: I'm 5'7 blonde hair green eyes
Fake-girl: close to your height, good match. :-)
Fake-girl: how old are you?
KrnMeth: 15
Fake-girl: me too
KrnMeth: and you?
Fake-girl: hahah wow
KrnMeth: ah
KrnMeth: cool
Fake-girl: so you like girls?
KrnMeth: ya i do
Fake-girl: what about guys? 
KrnMeth: nice question tho....
KrnMeth: no guys aloud
Fake-girl: then why are you talking to me?
KrnMeth: sorry
Fake-girl: I'm a guy
KrnMeth: im bored
Fake-girl: shyeah, you thought i was a girl and you wanted to "get some"
Fake-girl: get lost kid
Fake-girl: yer a pervert
KrnMeth: no...
Fake-girl: whatever
Fake-girl: pervert
Fake-girl: go IM someone else
KrnMeth: ok dont call me that
Fake-girl: you're a pervert

I was then warned to 5% by him. Then I warned him up to about 35% and the conversation ended.


LOG 7:

Someone apparently wants us to do a little nude modeling for their "company". >:)

PLAYBOYINMI: interested in making great money doing internet modeling?....IM me :-)
Fake-girl: yes i am
Fake-girl: does it have to be nude?
PLAYBOYINMI: yea...but nothing trashy
Fake-girl: hrm, can you explain a little more about it. like what kind of posing I'd have to do?
PLAYBOYINMI: sure.....basically we're putting a site online....getting interested females to pose for just general poses...pays 50 bucks an hour and you get residuals from the guys that hit on the site....so you could realistically make quite a bit of money eventually...you have to be over 18 and willing to sign a contract
PLAYBOYINMI: posing would be similar to those that you see on calendars/magazines.....no hardcore porn with toys or guys fucking you.. do you have a pic of yourself
Fake-girl: so what, would i be doing live webcam stuff or just photo shoots? who would shoot them?
PLAYBOYINMI: my friend mike would shoot them or possibly i would if he's not available....
Fake-girl: well where are you located? I mean what if we're in different states
PLAYBOYINMI: no live webcam stuff....we are trying to set up a house full of girls to attach webcams in locations in the house..not sure if you're set up that way
PLAYBOYINMI: i'm in michigan..but we take care of travel expenses
PLAYBOYINMI: do you have a pic?
Fake-girl: I could do webcam stuff, I've done exotic dancing before anyway in a contest in a bar and I won, so i guess that helps. :-)
PLAYBOYINMI: cool.....do you have a pic to send?
Fake-girl: Yeah I can get one scanned and send it. With that contest I was in, the only problem was they were going to give me a $1000 prize for winning the contest, but then they found out that I have a penis and a very hairy back. So they disqualified me.
PLAYBOYINMI: lol...oh that sux
PLAYBOYINMI: so i guess you're a guy, huh?
Fake-girl: yep. and this is a complete joke.
Fake-girl: and by the way, it's pathetic that you prey on random women that you don't even know just to make a profit for yourself. People like you are scum and shot be skilled alive and then sent straight to hell. Thanks for your time, loser.
Previous message was not received by PLAYBOYINMI because of error: User PLAYBOYINMI is not available.


LOG 8:

OlympianCHC: hello
Fake-girl: um, hi?
OlympianCHC: so where are you from??
Fake-girl: doesn't my profile explain that? :-P
OlympianCHC: i didnt look at it sorry
OlympianCHC: no your profile says nothing
Fake-girl: odd, thought it did
Fake-girl: well i'm from virginia.
OlympianCHC: ohh
Fake-girl: if you didn't look at my profile, how did you find me
OlympianCHC: are you in clooege
OlympianCHC: college
OlympianCHC: i just sent you
Fake-girl: u just sent me?
OlympianCHC: i saw your name and sent you
OlympianCHC: so are youin college??
Fake-girl: yeah, in college
OlympianCHC: cool
OlympianCHC: how old are you??/
Fake-girl: 20
Fake-girl: you?
OlympianCHC: 18 
OlympianCHC: where do you go
Fake-girl: VCU, you?
OlympianCHC: cool, csu
Fake-girl: california?
OlympianCHC: cleveland
Fake-girl: ah gotcha
Fake-girl: So what prompted you to IM me anyway?
OlympianCHC: im going to penn state in the spring
Fake-girl: nice
Fake-girl: i've been there
OlympianCHC: cool, i love it there
Fake-girl: i might be transfering there or to drexel university actually
OlympianCHC: i alomost went to V-Tech
OlympianCHC: thats awesome
OlympianCHC: they offered a little bit of money
OlympianCHC: I love PENN STATE though
Fake-girl: cool.
Fake-girl: maybe we could hook up if I transfer to penn state
OlympianCHC: when is your last day
Fake-girl: next tuesday
OlympianCHC: that wouldbe awesome if we did
Fake-girl: aye
OlympianCHC: lol
Fake-girl: do you have a girlfriend?
OlympianCHC: no
Fake-girl: cool. :-P
OlympianCHC: havent for a while
OlympianCHC: you?/
Fake-girl: Nope, haven't for a while either. ;-)
OlympianCHC: cool :-)
OlympianCHC: well not realy but owell
OlympianCHC: but ive been looking kinda
OlympianCHC: just really busy all the time
Fake-girl: well maybe you just found someone. :-)
OlympianCHC: maybe, wouldnt that be cool, :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
Fake-girl: :-*
Fake-girl: So talk to me. hehehe
Fake-girl: don't be shy, i won't bite... (much)
OlympianCHC: ok cool
OlympianCHC: so what do you look like
Fake-girl: Most people compare me to meg ryan, they say i look so much like her it's scary. Is that cool?
OlympianCHC: thats awesome
OlympianCHC: damn girl
OlympianCHC: im 5'9" and weigh 210, im a teen bodybuilder
Fake-girl: Yeah it's really weird, cuz I don't know many guys that look like meg ryan. I mean, me with my gigantic penis 'n all, you'd think they'd compare me to sean connery or something instead.
OlympianCHC: lol
OlympianCHC: hey ive gtg
OlympianCHC: im at the library and not supposed to be on here
OlympianCHC: i downloadede it
OlympianCHC: byby
Fake-girl: gee what a surprise
Fake-girl: the pervert's gotta go
OlympianCHC: im back
Fake-girl: hahahah
OlympianCHC: what are you talking A about
Fake-girl: you've just been screwed with by the anti-internet-perversion authorities at www.I-Mockery.com
Fake-girl: Thank you for shopping.


LOG 9:

bakE1bakE1: hi
Fake-girl: hi
bakE1bakE1: i'm an open mind, honest man
bakE1bakE1: lol
Fake-girl: uh ok
bakE1bakE1: a/l
Fake-girl: 16/va
bakE1bakE1: 19/md
Fake-girl: wow, close!
bakE1bakE1: alot of people are shy when they talk to you
bakE1bakE1: yep
Fake-girl: yeah, people say i look like meg ryan a lot, dunno why they're shy though
bakE1bakE1: oh really 
bakE1bakE1: do u have a pic
Fake-girl: not on my computer but I can scan one
bakE1bakE1: i would love to see it :-)
bakE1bakE1: cool
Fake-girl: cool, I"ll send it to you later once i get it scanned. my friend has a scanner, so i'll bring it to her place and scan it in
Fake-girl: do you have a pic?
bakE1bakE1: my email address is bake1bake1@hotmail.com
bakE1bakE1: yes
bakE1bakE1: do u have a bf
Fake-girl: nope, no boyfriend
Fake-girl: can u send me your pic? i'd love to see it
bakE1bakE1: sure 
Fake-girl: cool!
bakE1bakE1: :-)
bakE1bakE1: how long will it take to scan
Fake-girl: well i gotta go to my friends place, but hopefully by tonight i can get it to u
bakE1bakE1: cool
bakE1bakE1: are u out of school today
Fake-girl: nope
Fake-girl: oh wait thought you said am i in school
Fake-girl: no i'm out of school for the summer
bakE1bakE1: oh i see
bakE1bakE1: so what are u doing today
Fake-girl: not much...
bakE1bakE1: going anywhere for the summer
Fake-girl: maybe CA, thinkin of moving there
bakE1bakE1: really
bakE1bakE1: with your family
Fake-girl: nope, out on my own probably. 
Fake-girl: i've already got my own apt anyway...
bakE1bakE1: now?
Fake-girl: yep
bakE1bakE1: are u serious
Fake-girl: yeah, why?
bakE1bakE1: how do u support yourself 
bakE1bakE1: u are only 16
Fake-girl: I'm 19, i'm not exactly a "kid"
Fake-girl: oops, that was a typo, sorry to confuse you. no i'm 19
bakE1bakE1: lol
bakE1bakE1: u are confusing me.....lol
Fake-girl: heheheheh that's what women do. :-)
bakE1bakE1: lol
bakE1bakE1: so what part of Va do u stay
bakE1bakE1: or do u live in Va
bakE1bakE1: lol
Fake-girl: yeah i live in virginia hahahah 
Fake-girl: silly
Fake-girl: i live just outside of richmond
bakE1bakE1: cool
bakE1bakE1: so what do u look like 
Fake-girl: everyone says i look like meg ryan, only i have jade green eyes instead... 
bakE1bakE1: how tall are u 
Fake-girl: 5'8
bakE1bakE1: small build?
Fake-girl: weigh 112
Fake-girl: pretty thin yep
Fake-girl: good boob size though. ;-)
bakE1bakE1: cool
bakE1bakE1: that's what i like :-)
bakE1bakE1: nice butt?.....lol
Fake-girl: heheheheh yep, it tastes like vanilla ice cream
Fake-girl: ;-)
bakE1bakE1: what tastes like vanilla ice cream?
Fake-girl: my boobs. :-)
Fake-girl: and butt. hahah
bakE1bakE1: yesss
bakE1bakE1: :-)
bakE1bakE1: anything u want to ask me, u don't have to be shy?
Fake-girl: well, I'd still like to see that pic of you. :-)
bakE1bakE1: are u there :-)
bakE1bakE1: ok, but can we trade at the same time
Fake-girl: you first! ;-)
bakE1bakE1: why not at the same time
Fake-girl: well if you have yours now i'd love to see it. i can't get mine to you until i go to my friends place to scan it
bakE1bakE1: well i don't know if it matters to you or not, but i guess i should tell you that i am african-american
Fake-girl: doesn't matter to me at all
Fake-girl: i guess i should tell you that i am a man
bakE1bakE1: u playing..........right
Fake-girl: you've just been screwed with by the anti-internet-perversion authorities at www.I-Mockery.com
Fake-girl: not playing at all
Fake-girl: hahahaha
bakE1bakE1: that's really foul.................no bullshit
Fake-girl: so is harassing women on the web........... no bullshit.
bakE1bakE1: harassing?
bakE1bakE1: i wasn't harassing anyone!!!!
Fake-girl: sending completely random people a message that you don't even know is harassing. do you know me? NO. 
bakE1bakE1: how else do u meet people on the web?
Fake-girl: Get a life man, what kind of pathetic person tries to meet women in cyberland? There's a real world out there, internet dating is worthless.
bakE1bakE1: yeah, and u have a good day too!!!!
Fake-girl: oh me and my "nice butt" that you inquired about earlier surely will!
Fake-girl: take it easy, you're a winner!


LOG 10:

Another Winner!

kensintonusa (3:38:28 AM): hi sweetie, feeling naughty?
Fake-girl (3:38:41 AM): yeah actually :-*
kensintonusa (3:38:56 AM): what do u look like sweetie
Fake-girl (3:39:28 AM): about 5'9", really long blondish brown hair,
blue-green eyes
Fake-girl (3:39:28 AM): you?
kensintonusa (3:39:48 AM): 5'10 170 brn hr brn eyes athletic and VERY hard
kensintonusa (3:39:58 AM): do u like?
Fake-girl (3:40:08 AM): yeah
kensintonusa (3:40:23 AM): r u thin sweetie
Fake-girl (3:40:30 AM): yeah
kensintonusa (3:40:41 AM): u must look so tasty in a bikini
Fake-girl (3:40:43 AM): cept up top ;-)
Fake-girl (3:40:48 AM): so i'm told
kensintonusa (3:40:56 AM): do u like showing off your body
Fake-girl (3:41:14 AM): yeah i love to
kensintonusa (3:41:57 AM): does it turn u on when guys stare at u in that
tiny bikini
Fake-girl (3:42:34 AM): yeah would you like to?
kensintonusa (3:42:54 AM): yes...do u have a pic?
Fake-girl (3:43:01 AM): no.. we'd hafta meet in person
kensintonusa (3:43:14 AM): that could be arranged
kensintonusa (3:43:32 AM): I bet u like taking guys home and fucking the
shit out of them
Fake-girl (3:43:34 AM): where are you?
kensintonusa (3:43:57 AM): NY and u
Fake-girl (3:44:15 AM): va
kensintonusa (3:44:38 AM): do u like fucking guys u just met
Fake-girl (3:45:01 AM): yeah it's a huge thrill
kensintonusa (3:45:13 AM): whens the last time
Fake-girl (3:45:15 AM): you got a pic?
Fake-girl (3:45:25 AM): i've only done it once..
kensintonusa (3:45:33 AM): tell me about it
Fake-girl (3:45:36 AM): but i wanna again
Fake-girl (3:45:51 AM): got a pic you can send while i type it?
kensintonusa (3:46:09 AM): yeah
Fake-girl (3:46:10 AM): i wanna see the next lucky guy
kensintonusa wants to send file C:\My Documents\My Download
Files\2785039.jpg (3:46:33 AM). 
Fake-girl received c:\download\Fake-girl\2785039.jpg (3:47:01 AM). 
Fake-girl (3:47:22 AM): ok.. i had this guy meet me in the parking lot of
a grocery store
kensintonusa (3:47:35 AM): how did u know him
Fake-girl (3:47:38 AM): where i had picked up some whipped cream before he
Fake-girl (3:47:46 AM): from here
kensintonusa (3:47:51 AM): I see
kensintonusa (3:48:58 AM): do u like my pic?
Fake-girl (3:49:01 AM): and he saw that i was a guy and i called him a
fucking pervert and he was all embarassed and i sprayed the whipped cream
in his eye
kensintonusa (3:49:28 AM): good one
Fake-girl (3:50:19 AM): www.i-mockery.com thinks so!
kensintonusa (3:50:32 AM): great
kensintonusa (3:50:36 AM): sounds good
Fake-girl (3:55:05 AM): so when will you be driving down to va for a night
of fun?
Previous message was not received by kensintonusa because of error (3:55:06
AM): User kensintonusa is not available.

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