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Internet Perverts: EXPOSED!

(WARNING #1: If you're easily offended, you might not want to read the log files.)
(WARNING #2: If you are one of the perverts mentioned in these log files: KILL YOURSELF.)

The following are log files from AOL Instant Messenger that we here at I-Mockery.com have collected. The names we have used to expose these perverts have been altered in these log files to help keep our instant messenger havoc alive and well for a long time to come. The name we'll use for the purpose of this page is "Fake-girl".

However, the identities of the perverts ARE their actual identities. So have a field day teasing the living hell out of them. They deserve it. Keep in mind that all of these people contacted us first. We never met them, just out of the blue they'd send us a message. Yep, they asked for it! Muahahahahaha! 

NOTE: Just so you know, some of these log files are quite long. Lot of the guys will try to do the small talk for a while before they get to the good stuff. So feel free to scroll down halfway through each log if it is a little slow at first. Keep in mind, some of them are hilarious from the very beginning! And now... the log files:

Most Recent Log Files:
[4: updated 3/16/01]
[Short Log Files]

Archived Log Files (from newest to oldest):
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LOG 11:

Another Winner!

TMassageG: Morning..........Ok here I am...Open&Honest Guy.....How can I help you??lol
Fake-girl: hahahah, my kinda man!
Fake-girl: :-)
TMassageG: :-D
TMassageG: So whats up
Fake-girl: well, since yer open & honest, whatcha lookin for mr. honesty? :-*
TMassageG: A fun life with an amazing woman
Fake-girl: Well I'm certainly amazing!
Fake-girl: heheheh
Fake-girl: Mind if I ask how old you are, what you look like, etc?
TMassageG: So what are you looking for ms. amazing?
Fake-girl: well you can start by answering those questions.
Fake-girl: :-)
Fake-girl: Do you have a pic I could see of yourself?
TMassageG: I am 29........6'3", 202lbs with a lean swimmer's frame........and I am the cute guy next door type
Fake-girl: swimmer? ooooooo i like already
TMassageG: How old are you?
Fake-girl: I'm 24, not too young i hope. :-)
TMassageG: Yes I have some pics
TMassageG: No
TMassageG: Not to old I hope
Fake-girl: not at all!
Fake-girl: could u send me a pic of yourself?
Fake-girl: I'd love to see you. i can send you one of me soon too
TMassageG: Do you have a pic??
Fake-girl: yes, I just need to find where i put it
TMassageG: ok I will IM you one just a sec ok
Fake-girl: great, i'll keep looking for mine
TMassageG: ok
TMassageG: Hmmmmmm......My pic disc is being moody this morning.....may take a few 
Fake-girl: that's ok, I've got the time. :-*
TMassageG: Well still working on it......so what do you do?
Fake-girl: Well i like swimming a lot, but not for a team or anything. I like going surfing on those morey boogy boards. You ever done that?
TMassageG: Nope but I am game..........where do you live?? Cali??
Fake-girl: I live in Virginia right now, but ironically, I'm planning on moving to Cali. How bout you?
TMassageG: I live in GA
Fake-girl: pretty hot there.
Fake-girl: good place to be in a pool. :-)
TMassageG: Yup:-D
TMassageG: Why are you moving to Cali
Fake-girl: hehehe
Fake-girl: Just want a change of scenery and want to be near the ocean
TMassageG: Sounds good to me.......need a roomie
TMassageG: YAY!!!!! I got it I got it
Fake-girl: got yer pic?
Fake-girl: woo hoo!
Fake-girl: yeah I might need a roomie actually. who knows :-*
TMassageG: Ok sending you the one of me getting attack be some crazy lobster ok
Fake-girl: hahah sounds good!
Fake-girl: do we need to directly connect to send pics?
TMassageG wants to send file A:\IMAGES\Img04.jpg. 
Fake-girl declined request; the file will not be sent. 
Fake-girl: oops
Fake-girl wants to directly connect. 
TMassageG is now directly connected. 
Fake-girl: there we go
Fake-girl: now you can send it directly to me in this window
TMassageG: Ok on sec
Fake-girl: k
TMassageG wants to send file A:\IMAGES\Img04.jpg. 
Fake-girl received C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\pic\Img04.jpg. 
Fake-girl: hahah looks funny, hard to see you though
Fake-girl: hahah nice lobster. wow that's big. got anythin closer of you so i can see you better?
TMassageG: Picky Picky.
Fake-girl: heheheh
TMassageG: One sec
Fake-girl: k
TMassageG wants to send file A:\IMAGES\Img08.jpg. 
Fake-girl received C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\pic\Img08.jpg. 
Fake-girl: cool, you look pretty tall and in good shape
TMassageG: Thanks........I am 15 lbs heavier now from the gym
Fake-girl: got any pics with a closeup of ya? I'm liking what I've seen and heard so far!! :-P
TMassageG: Well have a few more don't think any are to close tho
Fake-girl: Well if ya have anythin you'd like to send me don't hesitate. :-)
TMassageG: Mostly funny road trip pics ya know
Fake-girl: yep
TMassageG: Same to you
Fake-girl: (i'm lookin for mine as we speak)
TMassageG: ok
TMassageG wants to send file A:\IMAGES\Img26.jpg. 
Fake-girl received c:\download\Fake-girl\Img26.jpg. 
Fake-girl: Now we're talkin!
Fake-girl: hehehe
Fake-girl: you've got a cute face
TMassageG: Thanks
Fake-girl: hey i found a pic of me!
TMassageG: Thinking of having laser surgery on my eyes tho
Fake-girl: want me to send it now?
TMassageG: Sure
Fake-girl: Here it is!

Fake-girl: What do ya think?
TMassageG: Your male
Fake-girl: yes of course
Fake-girl: but I'm getting laser surgery to fix that probably
Fake-girl: :-*
TMassageG: Ouch that sounds painful
Fake-girl: not into she-males i take it?
TMassageG: Nope nothing personal......just doesn't float my boat
TMassageG: Everybody has their own thing ya know
Fake-girl: oh I could do more than float your boat honey
Fake-girl: I could take you for a ride on my bike and then on my boogey board
TMassageG: LOL.........thanks but not for me
Fake-girl: Oh well, you're missing a good piece of ass I'll have you know. We could have had lots of fun in california.
Fake-girl: Catch ya later, and if you change your mind, you know where to find me. 
TMassageG: Sure you will find some great ass out there too
Fake-girl: Well, I think you're a great ass. :-)
TMassageG: Thanks........Have a great life


LOG 12:

Evilwon9: hi
Fake-girl: hi there
Evilwon9: how are you
Fake-girl: i am fine..and you?
Evilwon9: great thanks
Fake-girl: ^_^
Evilwon9: what are you wearing?
Fake-girl: i'm wearing a tube top and some spandex pants
Evilwon9: age?
Fake-girl: 23
Evilwon9: nice
Evilwon9: what do you look like
Fake-girl: i am 36/24/36 and 5'8'' with blonde hair
Evilwon9: wow....cup size??
Fake-girl: C.....and i have a tattoo of an aardvark on my ass
Evilwon9: lol
Fake-girl: do you want to go down on me?
Evilwon9: I'd love to like your clit...
Fake-girl: well......you'd have to get passed my 
penis first
Evilwon9: bye
Fake-girl: hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! you fucking pervert!!!!!!!
Fake-girl: LOL!!!!!!!! you've been observed by http://www.i-mockery.com


LOG 13:

JunkieXL22: what do your panties look like?
Fake-girl: i'm not wearing any
JunkieXL22: you horny?
Fake-girl: boy am i!!!
JunkieXL22: areyou f/m?
Fake-girl: which do you think!!??
JunkieXL22: f
Fake-girl: ^_^
JunkieXL22: are you masturbating now?
Fake-girl: yeah! i'm thinking of you!!
Fake-girl: set me up...gimme a senario
JunkieXL22: you live next to me and you catch me stealing a pair og your panties
Fake-girl: ok!
Fake-girl: and i walk up to you and give you a 
quick slap on the cheek
JunkieXL22: ouch what was that for?
Fake-girl: >: )
JunkieXL22: i didn't mean to take them
JunkieXL22: i was going to put them back
Fake-girl: that's ok...
Fake-girl: you can have them
Fake-girl: do you want to put them in your mouth??
JunkieXL22: do you want me to put them on?
Fake-girl: yes please!
JunkieXL22: uhhhh yes
JunkieXL22: oky i have a pair of panties on
JunkieXL22: what do you want me to do now?
Fake-girl: i want you to feel my manhood
Fake-girl: you fucking perv
Fake-girl: hahahaha i'm a guy!!!!!
Fake-girl: put those pantys back!
Fake-girl: take them off!!!!!!
Fake-girl: they belong to my sister lololol!!!!!!
Fake-girl: sicko
Fake-girl: you've been bamboozled by the people of i-mockery.com...check yourself out later http://www.internetpervs.com


LOG 14:

Buff5406 (10:37:43 AM): wana cyber
Fake-girl (10:38:22 AM): sure
Buff5406 (10:38:38 AM): do u have apic
Fake-girl (10:38:44 AM): no do you?
Buff5406 (10:38:51 AM): no
Buff5406 (10:38:54 AM): asl
Fake-girl (10:38:59 AM): 21/f/va
Fake-girl (10:39:05 AM): u?
Buff5406 (10:39:12 AM): 18/m fl
Buff5406 (10:39:19 AM): u want to cyber
Fake-girl (10:39:24 AM): sure :-)
Buff5406 (10:39:41 AM): r u going to fingure urself wile we do
Fake-girl (10:39:52 AM): most likely
Fake-girl (10:40:02 AM): if you turn me on enough...
Buff5406 (10:40:03 AM): what size tits u have
Fake-girl (10:40:35 AM): 34 d
Buff5406 (10:41:08 AM): what r u wearing be descriptive
Fake-girl (10:41:15 AM): you first
Buff5406 (10:41:26 AM): boxers only
Buff5406 (10:41:32 AM): red silk
Fake-girl (10:41:32 AM): what kind
Buff5406 (10:41:44 AM): tommy
Buff5406 (10:42:09 AM): what about u
Buff5406 wants to directly connect (10:42:18 AM). 
Buff5406 is now directly connected (10:42:20 AM). 
Fake-girl (10:42:38 AM): jeans and a pink t-shirt with black bra and black
Buff5406 (10:42:48 AM): r thry thongs
Fake-girl (10:42:50 AM): but i'll be in my underwear soon enough
Fake-girl (10:42:56 AM): how'd you know :-)
Buff5406 (10:43:10 AM): how scimpy r they
Fake-girl (10:43:18 AM): why are we directly connected? you find a picture?
Buff5406 (10:43:34 AM): no so i can tell when ur typing
Fake-girl (10:43:37 AM): pretty skimpy
Buff5406 (10:43:47 AM): do u shave
Fake-girl (10:44:03 AM): all the time
Buff5406 (10:44:20 AM): well first
Buff5406 (10:44:30 AM): i would lay u back on ur bed
Buff5406 (10:44:52 AM): take off ur shirt and pants
Buff5406 (10:45:01 AM): and kiss u all over
Fake-girl (10:45:05 AM): where
Buff5406 (10:45:14 AM): then take ur bra off
Buff5406 (10:45:21 AM): and lick ur tits
Buff5406 (10:45:35 AM): then take ur panties off
Buff5406 (10:45:40 AM): and start finguring u
Fake-girl (10:45:41 AM): mmmmmm
Buff5406 (10:45:56 AM): r u finguring urself
Fake-girl (10:46:00 AM): i am now
Buff5406 (10:46:05 AM): how many
Fake-girl (10:46:12 AM): just two so far
Buff5406 (10:46:33 AM): thn i would start kissing u from ur lipps
Buff5406 (10:46:39 AM): down ur neck
Buff5406 (10:46:43 AM): to ur tits
Fake-girl (10:46:49 AM): over my chin?
Fake-girl (10:47:03 AM): cuz there is one thing i don't shave and that's my goatee
Buff5406 (10:47:03 AM): down to ur stomache
Fake-girl (10:47:05 AM): hope that's ok
Fake-girl (10:47:15 AM): i forgot to mention that
Fake-girl (10:47:30 AM): but i do shave on the sides!
Buff5406 (10:47:53 AM): r u a guy
Fake-girl (10:48:04 AM): who else would have a nickname like "scott"
Fake-girl (10:48:54 AM): hello?
Buff5406 (10:48:59 AM): yea
Buff5406 (10:49:16 AM): may i help u
Fake-girl (10:49:40 AM): you were having cybersex with me, where'd you go
Buff5406 (10:49:48 AM): u r a guy
Fake-girl (10:50:20 AM): you already licked my tits and fingered me, it's too late to stop now
Buff5406 (10:50:39 AM): ur a guy i dont swing that way
Fake-girl (10:50:46 AM): why'd you IM me then
Buff5406 (10:51:01 AM): i did not know u were a guy
Fake-girl (10:51:07 AM): try reading the whole profile
Buff5406 (10:51:11 AM): u said u were a female
Buff5406 (10:51:13 AM): i did
Fake-girl (10:51:44 AM): and the fact that my nickname is scott never crossed your mind
Buff5406 (10:51:57 AM): were does it say scott
Fake-girl (10:52:20 AM): ....in my info
Buff5406 direct connection is closed (10:52:27 AM). 
Fake-girl (10:52:55 AM): go find some other guy to cyber
Fake-girl (10:53:21 AM): you've been busted by www.i-mockery.com
Buff5406 (10:53:37 AM): u ovously liked it
Fake-girl (10:53:44 AM): you know it
Buff5406 (10:53:46 AM): u said u were finguring urself
Fake-girl (10:53:55 AM): i was, i grew a vagina just for the experience


LOG 15:

This one is particularly funny cuz a girl was actually posing as a guy for us this time. So the pervert thought he was talking to a girl, which he was, but the girl was acted like a guy just to screw with the perv.

TheRockB52U69: hey there sexy....... 
Fake-girl: hey baby 
TheRockB52U69: How are you doin'? 
Fake-girl: fine 
TheRockB52U69: that's good to here.... 
Fake-girl: "hear" 
TheRockB52U69: sorry.... 
TheRockB52U69: what are you doing on this fine night or early morning? 
Fake-girl: wankin 
TheRockB52U69: oh are you? 
TheRockB52U69: Why are you? 
TheRockB52U69: if you don't mind me asking? 
Fake-girl: cuz i'm horny for good luvin' 
Fake-girl: from a big strong man 
TheRockB52U69: well...here i am./.... 
Fake-girl: cuz my dick is real floppy
Fake-girl: i need encouragement 
Fake-girl: hello? 
Fake-girl: hey 
Fake-girl: come back here ya big stud 
Fake-girl: HEY 
TheRockB52U69: sorry.... 
Fake-girl: huh? 
Fake-girl: talk to me 


LOG 16:

DukeBalla1 (10:58:30 AM): hey
Fake-girl (11:05:52 AM): hi
DukeBalla1 (11:06:05 AM): how u doin
Fake-girl (11:06:10 AM): ok you?
DukeBalla1 (11:06:16 AM): I'm good
DukeBalla1 (11:06:25 AM): I got a question
Fake-girl (11:06:28 AM): hm?
DukeBalla1 (11:06:52 AM): if I flip a coin, what are the chances of u giving me head
Fake-girl (11:07:42 AM): pretty good
DukeBalla1 (11:08:18 AM): mmmmmmmmm I like those chances
Fake-girl (11:08:42 AM): and if it lands the other way i might give you tail
DukeBalla1 (11:09:06 AM): oooooooooooooooh I REALLY!!! REALLY!!! like that
Fake-girl (11:12:32 AM): are you gonna flip that coin or what?
DukeBalla1 (11:12:54 AM): oh yeah, right now
DukeBalla1 (11:13:07 AM): landed on tails
Fake-girl (11:14:00 AM): now what?
DukeBalla1 (11:14:36 AM): its up to you
Fake-girl (11:15:14 AM): i guess we go with tail
DukeBalla1 (11:15:45 AM): OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fake-girl (11:15:49 AM): but do you wanna put your dick in my tail? or >should i put my dick in your tail?
DukeBalla1 (11:16:31 AM): nah I'll put my dick in ur tail
Fake-girl (11:17:42 AM): i dunno, i think i'd rather rape you up the ass than get violated by some internet pervert
DukeBalla1 (11:18:07 AM): , why whose the internet pervert
DukeBalla1 (11:18:15 AM): you!!
Fake-girl (11:18:29 AM): oh really
DukeBalla1 (11:18:49 AM): ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah
Fake-girl (11:18:59 AM): why's that?
Fake-girl (11:22:20 AM): well?
DukeBalla1 (11:22:33 AM): what the hell do u want!?
Fake-girl (11:22:48 AM): i asked you a question
DukeBalla1 (11:22:56 AM): yo go away
Fake-girl (11:23:12 AM): *cry*
Fake-girl (11:23:22 AM): fine, i'll just let the people at www.i-mockery.com decide who is the internet pervert
DukeBalla1 (11:23:22 AM): yo your gay
Fake-girl (11:23:34 AM): i think you were the person soliciting head from a guy
DukeBalla1 (11:24:08 AM): get away from me
Fake-girl (11:24:24 AM): don't you want a big goodbye kiss first?
DukeBalla1 (11:24:34 AM): ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nO!
Fake-girl (11:24:42 AM): you sure? i'll even slip you some tongue
DukeBalla1 (11:24:59 AM): ok
Fake-girl (11:25:03 AM): ok?
DukeBalla1 (11:25:22 AM): yeah ok
Fake-girl (11:25:31 AM): so you'll let a guy slip you some tongue?
DukeBalla1 (11:26:54 AM): sure if thats what makes u happy
Fake-girl (11:27:43 AM): you know you'd like it
DukeBalla1 (11:27:56 AM): if thats what gets u off
Fake-girl (11:28:10 AM): no no, this is all about you getting off
Fake-girl (11:28:25 AM): and discovering your gay side
DukeBalla1 (11:28:44 AM): nah, I got a girl, if the gay things gets cumming ok thats great for yeah, I'm not a gay bashers or anything
Fake-girl (11:29:21 AM): if you say so
Fake-girl (11:30:13 AM): you're still an internet perv!
DukeBalla1 (11:30:25 AM): ok thats great to know
Fake-girl (11:30:37 AM): does your 'girl' know you're aksin other people for head?
DukeBalla1 (11:30:53 AM): syeah she's here rigt now laughing at ur dumb ass
Fake-girl (11:31:25 AM): well if she enjoyed this conversation she should go read more like it at www.internetpervs.com
Fake-girl (11:31:38 AM): you'll be immortalized there soon too!
DukeBalla1 (11:32:34 AM): ok

Yeah, we're SUUUUURE this guy has a girlfriend.


LOG 17:

A brief step out of the closet...

dodgerfan03 (7:34:58 PM): wanna cyber
Fake-girl (7:35:03 PM): ok
dodgerfan03 (7:35:18 PM): seriously
Fake-girl (7:35:21 PM): yeah
dodgerfan03 (7:35:29 PM): ok finally
Fake-girl (7:35:39 PM): heheh
dodgerfan03 (7:35:46 PM): first what is your name
Fake-girl (7:35:50 PM): robin
Fake-girl (7:36:24 PM): how come your profile says no cybersex?
dodgerfan03 (7:37:15 PM): oki did thta last year 
Fake-girl (7:37:20 PM): ohh
Fake-girl (7:37:23 PM): but now you cyber?
dodgerfan03 (7:37:27 PM): but i changed my mind
Fake-girl (7:37:34 PM): what changed your mind?
dodgerfan03 (7:37:53 PM): i tryed it out
Fake-girl (7:37:56 PM): ohh
Fake-girl (7:38:06 PM): did you get a lot of girls trying to get you to
cyber or somethin?
dodgerfan03 (7:38:16 PM): so anyway are u loose or...
dodgerfan03 (7:38:20 PM): no
Fake-girl (7:38:24 PM): not really
dodgerfan03 (7:38:32 PM): i just do it when i am really horny
Fake-girl (7:38:35 PM): ohh
dodgerfan03 (7:38:52 PM): moesha is in new york so i don`t have her 2 screw
dodgerfan03 (7:39:09 PM): are u loose or...?
Fake-girl (7:39:11 PM): well there's always me
Fake-girl (7:39:26 PM): not too loose
dodgerfan03 (7:39:40 PM): in between
Fake-girl (7:39:54 PM): i guess
dodgerfan03 (7:39:55 PM): just the way i like it
Fake-girl (7:40:00 PM): good
dodgerfan03 (7:40:45 PM): so my dick is about 41/2 inches
Fake-girl (7:41:26 PM): that's ok
dodgerfan03 (7:41:38 PM): ok now how do u like start
dodgerfan03 (7:41:45 PM): like blowjob or what
dodgerfan03 (7:43:04 PM): how do u like 2 start
dodgerfan03 (7:43:44 PM): ok nevermind
Fake-girl (7:43:53 PM): sorry 
Fake-girl (7:43:56 PM): i was on the phone
dodgerfan03 (7:44:03 PM): well just start from kissing
dodgerfan03 (7:44:09 PM): it is ok
Fake-girl (7:44:23 PM): you like startin with blowjobs?
dodgerfan03 (7:44:37 PM): it depends
Fake-girl (7:44:50 PM): can we?
dodgerfan03 (7:44:51 PM): but we can start from kissin
Fake-girl (7:44:53 PM): ok
Fake-girl (7:45:01 PM): and then you can give me a blowjob
dodgerfan03 (7:45:40 PM): i have just grown sick
Fake-girl (7:45:55 PM): why? not in the mood to give a blowjob?
dodgerfan03 (7:46:14 PM): are u a man
Fake-girl (7:46:24 PM): who else would you give a blowjob to?
dodgerfan03 (7:46:41 PM): ok are u gay
dodgerfan03 (7:47:28 PM): u did read my info didn`t u
dodgerfan03 (7:47:31 PM): are u gay
Fake-girl (7:47:39 PM): no
Fake-girl (7:47:43 PM): are you?
dodgerfan03 (7:48:00 PM): never tried it
Fake-girl (7:48:12 PM): now's your chance
dodgerfan03 (7:48:23 PM): are u serious
Fake-girl (7:48:31 PM): but try not to grow sick all over me
dodgerfan03 (7:48:44 PM): u are a man and u want 2 cyber with another man
Fake-girl (7:48:46 PM): i dunno would you?
dodgerfan03 (7:49:03 PM): i will try it
Fake-girl (7:49:39 PM): then maybe somebody will read this log at
www.internetpervs.com and volunteer to try it with you
dodgerfan03 (7:49:40 PM): if u want 2
dodgerfan03 (7:50:03 PM): ok bye
Fake-girl (7:50:09 PM): toodles!
dodgerfan03 (7:50:20 PM): that was sick
Fake-girl (7:50:27 PM): what was?
dodgerfan03 (7:50:43 PM): i was gion 2 try cause i thought u wanted 2
Fake-girl (7:50:57 PM): ohh, i didn't know it was just a favor
dodgerfan03 (7:51:32 PM): ok well see ya man sorry
Fake-girl (7:52:41 PM): hmm.. pity cybersex.. i think that's more pathetic
than any other concept i've ever heard..
dodgerfan03 (7:53:12 PM): ok bye thanks 4 lieing and making me sick see ya
Fake-girl (7:53:30 PM): my pleasure!
dodgerfan03 (7:53:40 PM): fuck u faget
Fake-girl (7:53:45 PM): hahah
Fake-girl (7:53:51 PM): "faggot"
dodgerfan03 (7:54:35 PM): bye
Fake-girl (7:54:41 PM): where'd the sudden homophobia come from?
dodgerfan03 (7:54:55 PM): bye
Fake-girl (7:54:59 PM): i remember you being willing to try cybersex with
another man
dodgerfan03 (7:55:08 PM): bye
Fake-girl (7:55:15 PM): maybe this is an aspect of yourself you should
explore further
dodgerfan03 (7:55:23 PM): i was being nice
Fake-girl (7:55:30 PM): that's very kind of you
dodgerfan03 (7:55:40 PM): bye 
Fake-girl (7:55:51 PM): au revoir
dodgerfan03 (7:55:57 PM): bye

LOG 18:

KHAN5427: hello 
Fake-girl: hi 
KHAN5427: nice profile. are you an exotic dancer 
Fake-girl: i sure am...my stage name is Kiki.. 
KHAN5427: wow got a pic 
KHAN5427: so you get horny on stage alot 
Fake-girl: i'm sorry... i don't! I did make some special some "special" photos for my ex-b/f last year...I should get those scanned.. 
KHAN5427: how old are you 
Fake-girl: definately..I'm horny now! 
KHAN5427: can i get you wet?? 
KHAN5427: try to 
Fake-girl: too late..I already am! 
KHAN5427: what are you wearing 
KHAN5427: i will make you more wet and horny 
Fake-girl: oooooooohh 
KHAN5427: i am 6'3 185lbs black hair brown eyes, eight incher, wide, half italian. look like karate kid 
KHAN5427: what are you wearing 
Fake-girl: do you have any photos 
KHAN5427: no. but i am good looking. live in DC 
KHAN5427: 27 
KHAN5427: big dick 
KHAN5427: take off your panties 
Fake-girl: oh i already did.. 
KHAN5427: spread your legs 
KHAN5427: imagine me standing in front of you 
Fake-girl: ooooh 
KHAN5427: pants off 
KHAN5427: are you faking it 
KHAN5427: really wet 
Fake-girl: no, I'm not.. 
Fake-girl: I am wet 
KHAN5427: ok get a pen and imagine that i am taking your legs on my shoulders 
KHAN5427: while you sit in front of your computer 
KHAN5427: rub your cunt and imagine my tip rubbing you lips 
KHAN5427: how old are you 
Fake-girl: 26 
KHAN5427: from where 
KHAN5427: still spread?? 
Fake-girl: yeah, but i hope you don't mind, my giant penis is in the way... 
KHAN5427: ok see ya 
Fake-girl: You've been busted by the anti-internet pervert HATE squad on www.i-mockery.com 
Fake-girl: next time try to get a real girl instead of harassing other people on here...


LOG 19:

Thugpimp007: hi age 
Fake-girl: age? 
Thugpimp007: im 19 
Fake-girl: if you are that curious, i'm 23 
Thugpimp007: my name is mark 
Fake-girl: Mine's Kimberly.. 
Thugpimp007: well kimberly do u have a pic 
Fake-girl: sorry, I made some "special" photos for one of my ex boyfriend's last year..but I need to get those scanned 
Thugpimp007: special huh 
Thugpimp007: cute 
Fake-girl: yup! 
Thugpimp007: do you have a bf now 
Fake-girl: no, i broke up with mine last month... He wasn't very good in bed! 
Thugpimp007: really 
Thugpimp007: to be honest im always good 
Fake-girl: really? how interesting... =) 
Thugpimp007: well when u know where do touch how to touch and when to touch...u just get real good 
Fake-girl: maybe you should show me... ;) 
Thugpimp007: maybe 
Thugpimp007: and where do u live ms kimberly 
Fake-girl: I live in Virginia! <G> 
Thugpimp007: i was born there 
Thugpimp007: arlington 
Thugpimp007: i live in fla 
Fake-girl: I moved here from Kansas... 
Fake-girl: do you have any photos? 
Thugpimp007: no i have no scanner 
Fake-girl: darn! 
Thugpimp007: but im sure u would be horny if u saw me 
Fake-girl: oh..I already am! 
Thugpimp007: : ) 
Thugpimp007: do u like big cocks 
Fake-girl: definately! 
Thugpimp007: i meausred mine for the first time the other day....7 in 
Thugpimp007: thats when its fully erected 
Fake-girl: ooh..i like them inside of me..everywhere! 
Thugpimp007: feel so much better with no condom 
Fake-girl: definately..I like it in different parts of my body, my mouth, my pussy, and other "special" areas.. ; ) 
Thugpimp007: i love titty fuckin 
Thugpimp007: just love when the girl wraps her tits between my dick 
Thugpimp007: and jut squeeze them together 
Thugpimp007: as i thrust between them 
Fake-girl: oh i definately do that.. 
Thugpimp007: do u like cum 
Fake-girl: oh yes...i like it when a man cums all over my ass! 
Thugpimp007: really 
Thugpimp007: i like cumming all over a girls tits 
Thugpimp007: and i love rubbing and touchin ass 
Fake-girl: do you cyber? 
Thugpimp007: yea 
Thugpimp007: i prefer phone though 
Fake-girl: nah...phone's too scary for a pretty little thing like me.. 
Thugpimp007: well what are you wearing sexy 
Fake-girl: just a tight t-shirt of my favorite band, Dominium, with my nipples all perky.. 
Thugpimp007: no panties? 
Fake-girl: yup! 
Thugpimp007: mmm ill make sure ur pussy gets wet and a lot of pleasure 
Fake-girl: oohh baby 
Thugpimp007: how big are u tits 
Fake-girl: not too big...pretty small, just a handfull.. 
Thugpimp007: thats perfect 
Thugpimp007: just feel my tongue moisten ur lips and then twirl ur tongue 
Fake-girl: oooh 
Thugpimp007: let me moisten u up with a couple fingers 
Thugpimp007: rubbing the lips 
Thugpimp007: then entering them 
Thugpimp007: first slow then getting a little bit faster and deeper 
Fake-girl: ahhh 
Thugpimp007: one hand on ur pussy and the other on ur tits 
Thugpimp007: massaging them 
Thugpimp007: i wann give every part of ur body the touch it deserves 
Fake-girl: well you are going pay attention to one part in particular... 
Thugpimp007: your nana huh 
Thugpimp007: my penis could use some attention bout now 
Fake-girl: well...you first have to pay attention to my DICK some! 
Fake-girl: you've just been screwed with by the anti-internet-perversion authorities at www.I-Mockery.com 
Fake-girl: Try getting a real girl next time...pervert... 
Thugpimp007: cool 
Thugpimp007: thanks 
Fake-girl: or is getting a girl to hard so you have to fuck with them online? 
Thugpimp007: to be honest with u its not hard at all id send u my pic which i am hot but im 17 
Fake-girl: so you can sit on your chair yanking on your 2 inch pud... 
Thugpimp007: whatever...im just a horny guy....ive made my own videos b4 
Fake-girl: suuuuuuuuuure 
Thugpimp007: i knew u wouldnt believe me but i dont care cuz its whores like u that fuck up the game 
Fake-girl: I hope you enjoy "the game" because it'll be on www.i-mockery.com in a day or so.. 
Thugpimp007: what the hell is that gonna do 
Fake-girl: for people to laugh at sick fucks like you 
Thugpimp007: wow ur pretty cool 
Fake-girl: i tend to think so...www.i-mockery.com strikes again!

LOG 20:

b u u u n c h: hey 21/m blond blue eyes 6'3 200lbs, tan, built, wanna chat
Fake-girl: later on maybe, i'm workin right now cutey. you sound sexy though
b u u u n c h: where do u work
b u u u n c h: can we just chat a lil bit
Fake-girl: work at home
Fake-girl: hold on
b u u u n c h: k
b u u u n c h: ?
Fake-girl: hi
b u u u n c h: how r u baby
Fake-girl: doin pretty good now that i've got a real man like you to talk to. :-*
b u u u n c h: oh good :-) what r u doin now
Fake-girl: gonna take a shower in a little bit, other than that, not much heheh
b u u u n c h: what r uw earing now
Fake-girl: pajamas from victoria's secret. kinda see-through but not completely. they're pretty sexy
b u u u n c h: where u from?
Fake-girl: currently in virginia, but might move to california...
b u u u n c h: oh cool
Fake-girl: you?
b u u u n c h: can i call u?
b u u u n c h: pennsylavnia
Fake-girl: can't have you call me right now sorry
b u u u n c h: when can i?
Fake-girl: perhaps later on.
Fake-girl: I like talkin on here with guys first before i talk to them on the phone or anythin
Fake-girl: you have a pic?
b u u u n c h: yeha, do u?
Fake-girl: i can probably get one scanned soon to send you
b u u u n c h: mine is nude tho
Fake-girl: wanna send me your pic? I'd love to see your body
Fake-girl: nude? wow
b u u u n c h: is that ok?
Fake-girl: sure why not, i'm open
b u u u n c h wants to send file A:\chad.jpg. 
Fake-girl received C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\pic\log2\chad.jpg.

(picture blurred for the sake of our viewers)

b u u u n c h: r u wearign any panties?
Fake-girl: of course not
b u u u n c h: whats ur bra size
b u u u n c h: ?
b u u u n c h: see my pic?
Fake-girl: nice pic!
Fake-girl: do 36c
Fake-girl: suffice?
b u u u n c h: what baby?
Fake-girl: 36c bra size
b u u u n c h: nice :-)
Fake-girl: thanks!
b u u u n c h: what do u think of me baby
Fake-girl: you look good
b u u u n c h: would u like to ride me :-)
b u u u n c h: ?
Fake-girl: yes!
Fake-girl: i've got my picture for you
Fake-girl: ready?
b u u u n c h: yes
Fake-girl wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\pic\log2\me.jpg: i'm the one that's circled
b u u u n c h received C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\pic\log2\me.jpg

Fake-girl: well?
b u u u n c h: haha
Fake-girl: my friends and I do that every week
Fake-girl: we perform village people songs at the local bar
Fake-girl: it's great!
Fake-girl: so what do you think, baby?
Fake-girl: Would you like to perform with me onstage sometime?
Fake-girl: Why aren't you responding?
Fake-girl: I thought you liked me
Previous message was not received by b u u u n c h because of error: User b u u u n c h is not available.

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