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Please don't feed PickleMan
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Internet Perverts: EXPOSED!

(WARNING #1: If you're easily offended, you might not want to read the log files.)
(WARNING #2: If you are one of the perverts mentioned in these log files: KILL YOURSELF.)

The following are log files from AOL Instant Messenger that we here at I-Mockery.com have collected. The names we have used to expose these perverts have been altered in these log files to help keep our instant messenger havoc alive and well for a long time to come. The name we'll use for the purpose of this page is "Fake-girl".

However, the identities of the perverts ARE their actual identities. So have a field day teasing the living hell out of them. They deserve it. Keep in mind that all of these people contacted us first. We never met them, just out of the blue they'd send us a message. Yep, they asked for it! Muahahahahaha! 

NOTE: Just so you know, some of these log files are quite long. Lot of the guys will try to do the small talk for a while before they get to the good stuff. So feel free to scroll down halfway through each log if it is a little slow at first. Keep in mind, some of them are hilarious from the very beginning! And now... the log files:

Most Recent Log Files:
[4: updated 3/16/01]
[Short Log Files]

Archived Log Files (from newest to oldest):
[3] [2] [1]

LOG 21:

What better way to start off a new page of logs than with a repeat offender?!  Yes, this guy actually stepped into the trap a second time!  Not only that, but he apparently has a script with which he woos all the world wide web women.  Follow the link to his first offense, and compare the dialogue... for a while there, it's almost exactly the same!  (Our Anti-Internet-Perversion Agent recognized the questions he was asking and copied some of the responses used by the first Fake-Girl to see what would happen.)  And this time we even got a picture.  Here's the link to his first offense: Offense #1

GcarterDark (1:36:58 AM): hey
AnotherFakeGirl (1:57:39 AM): hey sorry i was downstairs
(Our busy hero was going to ignore this perv, but then he realized that it was a repeat offender and couldn't pass up such a rare opportunity.)

GcarterDark (1:57:48 AM): how you doing?
AnotherFakeGirl (1:57:59 AM): bored
GcarterDark (1:58:10 AM): yeah
GcarterDark (1:58:15 AM): summer going ok?
AnotherFakeGirl (1:58:30 AM): of course
AnotherFakeGirl (1:58:31 AM): no school
GcarterDark (1:58:53 AM): yeah
GcarterDark (1:58:59 AM): a/s/l
AnotherFakeGirl (1:59:07 AM): 21/f/va
AnotherFakeGirl (1:59:18 AM): you
GcarterDark (1:59:39 AM): 19/m/va
GcarterDark (1:59:48 AM): you in college?
AnotherFakeGirl (1:59:50 AM): yeah
GcarterDark (1:59:57 AM): where do you go?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:00:03 AM): va tech
GcarterDark (2:00:31 AM): get out really?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:00:34 AM): yeah
GcarterDark (2:00:41 AM): so do i
GcarterDark (2:00:46 AM): i love it there
AnotherFakeGirl (2:00:47 AM): cool
AnotherFakeGirl (2:01:20 AM): it's better than UR.. i transfered last year
GcarterDark (2:01:26 AM): do you like to party?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:01:41 AM): yeah
GcarterDark (2:02:06 AM): cool. you dance?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:02:18 AM): sometimes
AnotherFakeGirl (2:02:25 AM): if i get drunk enough ;-)
GcarterDark (2:02:34 AM): lol. hope your bf can keep up with you
(wait a minute, these lines sound familiar...)

AnotherFakeGirl (2:02:42 AM): heh.. i don't have one
GcarterDark (2:03:07 AM): that is cool
GcarterDark (2:03:20 AM): what do you prefer to wear when dancing? sandals
pumps or barefoot?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:03:37 AM): barefoot or sneaks
GcarterDark (2:03:49 AM): do heels hurt you?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:04:20 AM): i can dance in 'em, but not as crazy, and i like
to go bezerk
GcarterDark (2:04:31 AM): cool.
GcarterDark (2:04:43 AM): if your poor tootsies get tired i will rub them
for you
GcarterDark (2:04:45 AM): ;-)
AnotherFakeGirl (2:05:00 AM): heheheh.. i'd like that :-)
(Here our hero breaks away from the script, lest both log files be the same.  This is sort of like one of those choose-your-own-adventure books.)

GcarterDark (2:05:12 AM): cool
GcarterDark (2:05:21 AM): are you ticklish under your feet?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:05:30 AM): sometimes
GcarterDark (2:05:58 AM): well don't kick me if i tickle or i will have to
cheat. lol
AnotherFakeGirl (2:06:24 AM): cheat?
GcarterDark (2:06:45 AM): pin you with something. lol
AnotherFakeGirl (2:07:14 AM): like what?
GcarterDark (2:07:53 AM): hmm, scarf, cuffs something like that. doesn't
AnotherFakeGirl (2:08:26 AM): ooo. so you're into that stuff?
GcarterDark (2:09:02 AM): never done it before. 
GcarterDark (2:09:09 AM): i like to tease. are you?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:09:41 AM): i dunno, me either
GcarterDark (2:09:56 AM): i don't knock anything i haven't tried
GcarterDark (2:10:01 AM): and it seems harmless
AnotherFakeGirl (2:10:09 AM): neither do i
AnotherFakeGirl (2:10:58 AM): what else would you wanna try
GcarterDark (2:10:59 AM): well if you kick me if i tickle you you will find
out. lol;-)
AnotherFakeGirl (2:11:08 AM): i just might kick then ;-)
GcarterDark (2:11:34 AM): depends
GcarterDark (2:11:44 AM): ohh think you are up for that?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:12:01 AM): you'll find out :P
AnotherFakeGirl (2:12:10 AM): if you tickle me
GcarterDark (2:12:16 AM): well maybe i will
GcarterDark (2:12:27 AM): cuffs or rope?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:12:28 AM): hey you gotta pic?
GcarterDark (2:12:32 AM): yeah you?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:12:36 AM): no :-(
GcarterDark (2:12:53 AM): well describe yourself
AnotherFakeGirl (2:12:55 AM): maybe a little of both :P
AnotherFakeGirl (2:13:02 AM): ok if i can have yer pic :P
GcarterDark (2:13:07 AM): k
GcarterDark wants to send file C:\My Documents\Logitech Gallery\2-1-00
1'51'52 PM.JPG (2:13:19 AM). 
GcarterDark (2:13:41 AM): oh if i get you you won't get away so it will be
cuffs. hehe. and on your legs too if you give me trouble
AnotherFakeGirl received c:\download\AnotherFakeGirl\2-1-00 1'51'52 PM.JPG (2:14:09 AM). 

Looks can be deceiving.

GcarterDark (2:14:45 AM): find it?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:14:46 AM): i'm about 5'8", long brownish blond hair down to
my ass, blue/grey eyes
AnotherFakeGirl (2:15:05 AM): got it :-)
GcarterDark (2:15:07 AM): oh. nice.
GcarterDark (2:15:10 AM): you like it?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:15:15 AM): yeah
GcarterDark (2:15:29 AM): what is your name?
AnotherFakeGirl (2:15:43 AM): so you're into trying new things right?
GcarterDark (2:15:49 AM): yeah
AnotherFakeGirl (2:16:12 AM): so when you cuff me you'll be ok with the fact
that i have a dick? 
GcarterDark (2:16:48 AM): figured you weren't really female
AnotherFakeGirl (2:17:07 AM): you stuck to the script on www.internetpervs.com
almost perfectly!
GcarterDark (2:17:30 AM): haha cool
AnotherFakeGirl (2:17:42 AM): i knew i recognized your handle.. you already IM'd
one of my friends
Previous message was not received by GcarterDark because of error (2:17:43
AM): User GcarterDark is not available.

Keep an eye out.  You just might be the third victim.  Be sure to send us the log.


LOG 22:

Keith665 (6:31:40 AM): hi there, wanna talk?
Fake-Girl (6:32:48 AM): go look at porn
Keith665 (6:33:00 AM): excuse me?
Fake-Girl (6:33:09 AM): go look at porn
Keith665 (6:33:17 AM): why?
Fake-Girl (6:33:24 AM): why not?
Keith665 (6:33:45 AM): good reason...you have any you want to send 
me? or recommend?
Fake-Girl (6:34:01 AM): try http://www.i-mockery.com/pervs
(how obvious do our hero's clues have to be??)

Keith665 (6:34:19 AM): are you serious?
Fake-Girl (6:34:27 AM): or would you prefer some personal 
pictures of me?
Keith665 (6:34:42 AM): that would be nice...may i have some?
Fake-Girl (6:34:49 AM): sure
Fake-Girl (6:34:53 AM): got a pic of you?
Keith665 (6:35:01 AM): send them on over...yes
Fake-Girl (6:35:22 AM): can i have yours first? i like to at 
least know what a person looks like before they see me 
nude... heh
Keith665 (6:35:43 AM): ok.........but i'll be really pissed if you don;t send 
me yours....
Keith665 (6:36:01 AM): www.people.virginia.edu/~kce6g/Keith.jpg

Thank God he didn't want to trade his own porn.

Fake-Girl (6:36:03 AM): ok
Keith665 (6:36:29 AM): ok...now send me yours.....you have more than 
one to send me i tak eit?
Fake-Girl (6:36:36 AM): yeah
Fake-Girl (6:36:39 AM): it's ok that i'm male right?
Keith665 (6:36:51 AM): NO
Fake-Girl (6:36:56 AM): hahahahaah
Keith665 (6:36:56 AM): i thought you were female
Fake-Girl (6:36:58 AM): owell
Fake-Girl (6:37:07 AM): maybe you should stick to the porn 
at www.internetpervs.com then
Keith665 (6:37:17 AM): you're really male?
(he's still hanging onto that last shred of horny hope)

Fake-Girl (6:37:22 AM): last time i checked
Fake-Girl (6:37:39 AM): nice picture!


LOG 23:

Havan757: hi
Fake-Girl: hi
Havan757: asl?
Fake-Girl: 14/f/tx
Havan757: 16/m/pa
Fake-Girl: neeto
Havan757: wanna cyber
Fake-Girl: shure..
Havan757: sweet lets start
Fake-Girl: you start
Havan757: alright were in a bed lying naked my hand goes up your thigh to your 
Fake-Girl: box? ooo..keep going..
Havan757: i find your luv nub and start lickin
Havan757: how does that feel
Fake-Girl: mmm..sounds good..
Havan757: your turn
Fake-Girl: i really like the feal of your tounge on my cock..
Havan757: are you a guy
Fake-Girl: yea
Fake-Girl: you got shitted by http://www.i-mockery.com
Fake-Girl: you perv!
Fake-Girl: people like you make me SICK!
Havan757: great
Havan757: your funnny
Havan757: and gay
Fake-Girl: your the one licking my dick dood
Fake-Girl: i never came on to you
Fake-Girl: AHAHAHA~!
Havan757: get a real life
Fake-Girl: i have one..
Fake-Girl: catching fucks like you
Fake-Girl: dont you have a life?
Havan757: yup
Fake-Girl: get off the computer and go find a real girl and have sex with her..
Havan757: i work
Fake-Girl: so?
Havan757: go away
Fake-Girl: hahaha!
Fake-Girl: pervert

Excuse of the year: "i worK"

LOG 24:

chode0: wanna cyber?
FakeGirl: sure
chode0: age?
chode0: ?
FakeGirl: 15
chode0: do u have a pic?
FakeGirl: not right now
chode0: tell me what u look like then
FakeGirl: my computer was introduced to static electricity and i havent gotten to 
put it back on
chode0: oh
FakeGirl: dishwatter blonde hair blu-green eyes, 5'4''
chode0: bra size?
FakeGirl: 32c
chode0: nice
FakeGirl: thanx
FakeGirl: explain to me what you look like.
chode0: 5'10", brown eyes and hair, 160lbs.
chode0: everyone thinks i look like matthwe perry
FakeGirl: cool
chode0: so what do u want to do
FakeGirl: well you were asking for cyber sex right?
chode0: yeah
FakeGirl: well if you really want it..... you can start... :-)
chode0: what do u like?
FakeGirl: i like everything.. use your imagination..
FakeGirl: well..
FakeGirl: could you handcuff my cock to a pole then stick your dick in my 


LOG 25:

An ICQ log.. close enough.  This perv was taunted by a girl and her boyfriend 
(I guess the boyfriend played the part of her "sister"):

ICQ History Log For:
1485703 cobrajet
Started on Wed Jul 05 18:58:28 2000
cobrajet 5:53 PM Hi there, I just noticed that you are in the Pittsburgh area too...how are you doing tonight? :-)

Fake-Girl 5:53 PM eh--okay...too hot to move!

cobrajet 5:54 PM oh, hot is good, hehe

Fake-Girl 5:54 PM yeh

cobrajet 5:55 PM what part of town are ya in?

Fake-Girl 5:55 PM east side

cobrajet 5:56 PM cool, what do you look like?

Fake-Girl 5:57 PM sweaty and hungry

cobrajet 5:58 PM ohh, sweaty can be good too, lol
what do you look like, any pics?
I'm 5'9", 170, dark hair, brown eyes, with pics....

Fake-Girl 5:59 PM okay here's my pic...

cobrajet 6:02 PM cool, can't wait to see :-)

cobrajet 6:03 PM damn! thats really you? wow!

Fake-Girl 6:03 PM thanks

cobrajet 6:03 PM any more of you...nude, lol, just kiddin

Fake-Girl 6:04 PM not yet!

cobrajet 6:04 PM oh..but you will be getting some??

Fake-Girl 6:05 PM yeh...maybe you can take them.

cobrajet 6:05 PM don't tease me, lol

Fake-Girl 6:06 PM you're 28?? you should know better than to flirt with girls my age on the internet!

cobrajet 6:07 PM you are 20 right

Fake-Girl 6:08 PM yep.

cobrajet 6:08 PM so you are an adult :)  what size are your breasts? :-)

Fake-Girl 6:09 PM bigger than in that old picture...

cobrajet 6:09 PM well what size are they then? ;-)

Fake-Girl 6:09 PM 36DD

cobrajet 6:10 PM do you want my pics...they are x rated of me

Fake-Girl 6:10 PM sure hot stuff!

cobrajet 6:11 PM do you have a dildo or a vib?

Fake-Girl 6:13 PM why yes--yes i do!

cobrajet 6:16 PM I'm serious now

cobrajet 6:16 PM did you get my pics?

Fake-Girl 6:17 PM ...me too...

Fake-Girl 6:17 PM oh yeh baby...

cobrajet 6:18 PM is my cock too small for you? :-/

Fake-Girl 6:19 PM i've had larger--but isn't it the motion of the ocean not the size of the boat?? :)

cobrajet 6:20 PM ha, thats what they say...then again, I had a girl last week tell me that she wanted to have me suck a black cock, to show me what a real cock was like.

Fake-Girl 6:20 PM once you go black you don't go back!

Fake-Girl 6:23 PM what's wrong lover-boy?

cobrajet 6:23 PM are you saying that you like black cock too?

Fake-Girl 6:24 PM black, red, pink, yellow--whatever...so long as the man attached can cater to my tastes...

cobrajet 6:25 PM does that mean you would like to see me suck a cock too then? lol

Fake-Girl 6:26 PM no--don't prefer man on man...i'd like to see you chained to a wall screaming my name as i bit your nipples till they bleed.

cobrajet 6:26 PM would you fuck my ass with that dildo/vib?

Fake-Girl 6:27 PM while you were strapped to a table--sure!

cobrajet 6:27 PM how big is your vib?

Fake-Girl 6:27 PM big enough...
are you having _fun_ reading my little notes?

cobrajet 6:28 PM I'm getting hard....I'd like to have you fuck my ass....

Fake-Girl 6:29 PM that's be fun--mind if my sister comes along too?

cobrajet 6:29 PM oh come on, I know you are just playin me now

Fake-Girl 6:29 PM no--i'm not kidding...she's right here...

cobrajet 6:30 PM how old is she

Fake-Girl 6:30 PM ummm...18...

cobrajet 6:30 PM any pics of her...any more of you?

Fake-Girl 6:31 PM no not yet...i'll scan some in later...

cobrajet 6:31 PM and she wants to fuck my ass too?

Fake-Girl 6:31 PM why don't you ask her yourself?!? here she is:

cobrajet 6:32 PM are you two home alone right now?

Fake-Girl 6:33 PM yeah, we are. we live togather. this is kelly, ape's sis.

cobrajet 6:33 PM cool, so do you want to fuck my ass while you have me tied up too...or do you want me to take a real cock in my ass instead?
(the "i'm really a man!" line would probably just turn this guy on even more...)

Fake-Girl 6:34 PM hush! virgin ears! ;-) don't you even want to know what i look like?

cobrajet 6:34 PM sure!

Fake-Girl 6:35 PM well, im 5'0'', short blondish hair, 100 lbs even and sexxxy legs ! ;-)

cobrajet 6:36 PM what size are your breasts?

Fake-Girl 6:36 PM 36d, why? *innocent look*

cobrajet 6:36 PM hehe, are you bi or straight?

Fake-Girl 6:37 PM bi-curious,well, just for one girl actually....promise not to tell who? ;-)

cobrajet 6:38 PM who?

Fake-Girl 6:38 PM april.

cobrajet 6:39 PM is that your sister?

Fake-Girl 6:40 PM yes....i know, im bad! ;-) you don't mind do you? eeep! shes back

cobrajet 6:40 PM I could call you guys ya know...if you wanted to tell me what you'd like to do to me ;-)

Fake-Girl 6:41 PM not right now--having too much fun like this...

cobrajet 6:41 PM then how do I know if you are real or not?

Fake-Girl 6:42 PM geez...how untrusting are you!?! believe me--we're for real!!  how do i know that's your cock??

cobrajet 6:42 PM because we could meet and I'll show you, lol

Fake-Girl 6:45 PM SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!! You've been caught by the FBNI Internet Perversion Division. Your picture (minus cock) is going on our website so everyone in pgh can know what a filthy, filthy pervert you are. Have a nice day.
(FBNI?  I don't even know what that stands for, but apparently we have whole organizations working for us.  PERVS BEWARE.)

cobrajet 6:46 PM haha, thanks

Fake-Girl 6:46 PM No--we're not kidding!!

Too bad this person didn't send us the pictures (minus cock)...


LOG 26:

SKAM645 (9:57 PM): hi
FakeGirl (9:58 PM): hey
SKAM645 (9:58 PM): asl?
FakeGirl (9:58 PM): asl?
SKAM645 (9:58 PM): 18/m/va
SKAM645 (9:58 PM): u
FakeGirl (9:59 PM): 22/f/va
SKAM645 (9:59 PM): were in va
FakeGirl (9:59 PM): yup cool
SKAM645 (9:59 PM): pic?
FakeGirl (10:00 PM): nope sorry...I've been compared to helen hunt, though
SKAM645 (10:00 PM): really
FakeGirl (10:00 PM): yeah
SKAM645 (10:00 PM): do u cyber?
FakeGirl (10:00 PM): sure...you want to go at it or set a scene?
SKAM645 (10:01 PM): ummm dont u wanna know what i look like
FakeGirl (10:01 PM): yeah, I do send me the pic
SKAM645 (10:01 PM): i donthave 1
FakeGirl (10:01 PM): so what do you look like
SKAM645 (10:02 PM): 5'9..green eyes..tan..ahetlic.very strong..6pac..dirty blonde
FakeGirl (10:02 PM): cool I'm horny, let's start
SKAM645 (10:03 PM): get me hoeny first baby
FakeGirl (10:03 PM): I have a 38 d cup
FakeGirl (10:03 PM): good enough for ya? :P
SKAM645 (10:03 PM): nice...some more sexy
FakeGirl (10:04 PM): I have strong thighs
SKAM645 (10:04 PM): yes..more
FakeGirl (10:04 PM): 26 waist
SKAM645 (10:04 PM): yes
SKAM645 (10:05 PM): more
FakeGirl (10:05 PM): like what?
SKAM645 (10:05 PM): anything tell me what u do when ur all alone
FakeGirl (10:06 PM): I like to finger myself
FakeGirl (10:07 PM): sometimes I use toys, but usually just the hand
SKAM645 (10:07 PM): nice..i like to be completely dominated
FakeGirl (10:07 PM): handcuffs and stuff?
FakeGirl (10:07 PM): whips?
SKAM645 (10:07 PM): ya sure..no whips..like to have the women in control
FakeGirl (10:07 PM): so I'd be on top :P
SKAM645 (10:08 PM): ya
SKAM645 (10:08 PM): can u do that
FakeGirl (10:08 PM): yeah I can
SKAM645 (10:08 PM): what r u wearing
FakeGirl (10:09 PM): right now, nothing but panties, which outline my dick very well
SKAM645 (10:09 PM): ???????
FakeGirl (10:09 PM): you have been nabbed by the anti internet perversion authorities at i-mockery.com!
FakeGirl (10:09 PM): hahahahahahahahaha
FakeGirl (10:09 PM): do you find penises kinky?


LOG 27:

FakeGirl: in
ASICSDOOD: hows it going
FakeGirl: er hi
FakeGirl: 21
ASICSDOOD: 25 here
ASICSDOOD: marty from calif
ASICSDOOD: married or single?
FakeGirl: jenny from va
FakeGirl: single
ASICSDOOD: where in va
FakeGirl: near richmond
FakeGirl: where in ca
ASICSDOOD: san diego
ASICSDOOD: can i get you ropinion on something
ASICSDOOD: its kinda sillybut imcurious
FakeGirl: uh sure
ASICSDOOD: in your opinion is bigger better or overated
FakeGirl: overrated by far. half the time it's worse
ASICSDOOD: really?
ASICSDOOD: have you ever had too big
FakeGirl: really
ASICSDOOD: remember your biggest?
FakeGirl: no, it's cliche but the "it's not the size of it, it's how you use it" 
really stands to be true.
ASICSDOOD: so you've never had big
FakeGirl: no i said i've never had "too big"
ASICSDOOD: so you have ha dbig and it was a bad experience i take it
FakeGirl: sometimes yes sometimes no. i said the size has nothing to do with it. 
ASICSDOOD: is this too personal for you 
FakeGirl: uh, i'm talking to you about it aren't i?
ASICSDOOD: whens the last time 
FakeGirl: prolly 2 weeks
ASICSDOOD: one nighter?
FakeGirl: of course
ASICSDOOD: was he good?
ASICSDOOD: was he a one nighter or an all nighter
FakeGirl: wasn't good. why do you ask
ASICSDOOD: most one nighters aren't
ASICSDOOD: although ive had some good and some bad
FakeGirl: ah
ASICSDOOD: do you normally let one nighters get kinky
FakeGirl: the question should be "do one-nighters let me get kinky". and the 
answer is yes.
ASICSDOOD: so you like sex 
FakeGirl: they always seem to have a great time but I get bored with most of 
them cuz they're unwilling to experiment
ASICSDOOD: even oral?
ASICSDOOD: have you ever tried anal
FakeGirl: anal is all i ever want to do actually
ASICSDOOD: i have never tried it believe it or not
FakeGirl: my partners are never receptive to it
ASICSDOOD: i want to so bad
ASICSDOOD: tell me
ASICSDOOD: will you let them cum inside
FakeGirl: uh, no it's the other way around. will they let ME
ASICSDOOD: where do most of your guys shoot when you have sex with them
FakeGirl: you're not following me here. my partners are the ones that are bent 
over, not me. they're not very receptive to it.
ASICSDOOD: have you ever done that to a guy
FakeGirl: Of course, where else would i put my penis?
FakeGirl: any other questions?
Previous message was not received by ASICSDOOD because of error: User ASICSDOOD is not available.

Seriously though, where else would I put it?


LOG 28:

This one takes a different approach:

wHiTeBaLLeR2004: wanna cyber?
FakeGirl: cyber? sorry i'm not quite sure what ya mean
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: have sex online.
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: you know
FakeGirl: ohhhhhhhh
FakeGirl: heheh sorry
FakeGirl: i'm embarassed now.
FakeGirl: i should have known that. :-P
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: its ok
FakeGirl: sure, i'll cyber. i'm new at this though as you can tell
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: that's ok
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: just talk like your actually having sex
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: tell me what you do to me and I'll tell you what I do to you
FakeGirl: oh ok, you start then since you know what yer doing more than i do. 
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: just go ahead
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: just say you catch me in the shower or something
FakeGirl: ok i catch you in the shower
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: then what do you do to me
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: ?
FakeGirl: i say peek-a-boo
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: haha. I ask you to join me
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: what do you say?
FakeGirl: i say, "with my clothes on?"
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: I say, let me tak ethem off for you
FakeGirl: i say, "rape!"
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: what?
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: no.. ur supposed to go along with it
FakeGirl: oh i thought i was
FakeGirl: um ok
FakeGirl: "oh yes baby"
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: there you go
FakeGirl: hehe
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: yeah baby
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: I rip your bra off
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: oh man you got big tits
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: what do you do to me?
FakeGirl: then my boyfriend walks in and says "what the fuck are you doing to my 
girl!? i heard her scream rape! i'm going to kick your fucking ass you 
pansy-assed son of a bitch"
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: what the heck
FakeGirl: is that right?
FakeGirl: this is fun
FakeGirl: i like this cybersex stuff
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: no. we get into bed or into the shower and make love
FakeGirl: with my boyfriend there? are you some kind of sicko!?
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: no. make him leave
FakeGirl: i can't, he's kicking your ass.
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: I throw him out the 2nd storey window. he's gone
FakeGirl: as he should be, you tried to rape me.
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: no. its what cyber sex is. NM
FakeGirl: he's indestructible, he comes back and kills you with a wooden spoon.
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: you don't know how to do this
FakeGirl: huh?
FakeGirl: i don't understand
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: I know that 's why its not working
FakeGirl: well i guess the story is over. he killed you with a wooden spoon 
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: whatever. you don't knwo how to do this
FakeGirl: well it was fun for me. take care and have fun being dead :-P
wHiTeBaLLeR2004: hahah. funny

We thought so.  
Even funnier is that your name is now etched in perversion on the internet.


LOG 29:

Fresh perv meat.. maybe we intervened early enough to cure him:

K1rBie: hey girl
FakeGirl: hey boy
K1rBie: want to talk
FakeGirl: sure
K1rBie: a/s/l/nat
FakeGirl: 21/duh/virginia
K1rBie: mah bad;-)
K1rBie: hehehe
FakeGirl: ;-)
K1rBie: so u live around here
K1rBie: got a pic
FakeGirl: yeah but i'm moving soon i think. probably to philadelphia
K1rBie: dats to bad
K1rBie: wen
FakeGirl: i have a pic but I gotta get it scanned in to show you. do you have a 
FakeGirl: prolly within 6 months
K1rBie: yea
K1rBie: do u go to spring field
FakeGirl: haven't before
FakeGirl: cool id love to see your pic
K1rBie: u neva been to springfield mall befoe
K1rBie: hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm
K1rBie: dats odd
K1rBie: :-(
K1rBie: ;-)
K1rBie: so ur 21
K1rBie: danm
FakeGirl: how old r u?
K1rBie: ur like 6years older dan meh
K1rBie: but dats ok rite;-)
FakeGirl: absolutely
K1rBie wants to directly connect. 
K1rBie is now directly connected. 

On his way home from Pervert School

FakeGirl: cool
FakeGirl: I'm almost done scanning my pic
K1rBie: to young.............
K1rBie: so u do have a scanner
K1rBie: hello
K1rBie: r u der
K1rBie: r u der
K1rBie: r u der
K1rBie: y rnt u talkin
K1rBie: u dont like mah pic or something
FakeGirl: yeah i'm here, i'm scanning. hold on
K1rBie: o aiight
K1rBie: ;-)
K1rBie: got cha
K1rBie: o and dis pic, i change alot and dat i l;-);-)k 3xs wat betta so 
becareful, i mite make u fall in love w/ meh;-)
K1rBie: r u done yet
FakeGirl: here i am, stud.

K1rBie: dats not u
FakeGirl: yes it is. hahahaha
K1rBie: but i like da pic doe
K1rBie: so u dont have a pic of u huh...........
FakeGirl: word of advice kid, don't go looking for love on the web, you just 
might find that you're talking to a GUY.
K1rBie direct connection is closed.

And the Undertaker's quest for love still goes unanswered...


LOG 30:

This guy's profile says simply...        BEER.
It explains a lot.

STRIFE895: so u like beer
STRIFE895: u like vagina
STRIFE895: h
STRIFE895: g
STRIFE895: h
STRIFE895: awr
FakeGirl: yeah
FakeGirl: why?
STRIFE895: i dont no
FakeGirl: you dont no?
STRIFE895: yeah thats right
FakeGirl: sorry to hear that
STRIFE895: ok
FakeGirl: ok
FakeGirl: did you want something?
STRIFE895: uhh i dont think so y do u ask
FakeGirl: cuz you IM'd me
STRIFE895: i find u attractive
FakeGirl: what about me?
STRIFE895: there is nothing bad about u
FakeGirl: maybe you've just had one too many beers
STRIFE895: y what do u look like
FakeGirl: i'm pretty attractive
STRIFE895: r u really 
FakeGirl: yeah
STRIFE895: what do u look like
FakeGirl: blondish-brown hair down to my waist, blue/green eyes
STRIFE895: how tall r u
FakeGirl: about 5'8"
FakeGirl: and thin
FakeGirl: are you sure it's not the beer?
STRIFE895: uh idont think so
FakeGirl: so you're attracted to guys even while sober?
STRIFE895: yes
STRIFE895: im a homosexual
FakeGirl: at least you're willing to admit it
STRIFE895: yeah i have sex with sheep also
STRIFE895: im a gay sheep raper
FakeGirl: the readers of www.internetpervs.com will be glad to hear that
STRIFE895: dont send me anything like that agian
FakeGirl: anything like what
STRIFE895: what was that
FakeGirl: it's where you're going to be immortalized
STRIFE895: i dont get it
FakeGirl: i didn't expect you to
STRIFE895: ok
FakeGirl: ok
STRIFE895: dont talk to me
FakeGirl: why not? i thought you were attracted to me
STRIFE895: im attracted to all guys and sheep
STRIFE895: but dont talk to me
FakeGirl: why not

He must have passed out..

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