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Please don't feed PickleMan
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Internet Perverts: EXPOSED!

(WARNING #1: If you're easily offended, you might not want to read the log files.)
(WARNING #2: If you are one of the perverts mentioned in these log files: KILL YOURSELF.)

The following are log files from AOL Instant Messenger that we here at I-Mockery.com have collected. The names we have used to expose these perverts have been altered in these log files to help keep our instant messenger havoc alive and well for a long time to come. The name we'll use for the purpose of this page is "Fake-girl".

However, the identities of the perverts ARE their actual identities. So have a field day teasing the living hell out of them. They deserve it. Keep in mind that all of these people contacted us first. We never met them, just out of the blue they'd send us a message. Yep, they asked for it! Muahahahahaha! 

NOTE: Just so you know, some of these log files are quite long. Lot of the guys will try to do the small talk for a while before they get to the good stuff. So feel free to scroll down halfway through each log if it is a little slow at first. Keep in mind, some of them are hilarious from the very beginning! And now... the log files:

Most Recent Log Files:
[4: updated 3/16/01]
[Short Log Files]

Archived Log Files (from newest to oldest):
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LOG 31:

It seems this ketamine addict was looking for a "religious experience."  My goal here was simply (and boy was it simple) to twist and knot his drug-entangled little neurons until he relapsed into the K-hole he came from.

Special K7547: hey
Special K7547: r u a guy
FakeGirl: yes
Special K7547: later
FakeGirl: later?
FakeGirl: no, i'm a guy right now
FakeGirl: but i will be one later too
Special K7547: what the hell
FakeGirl: what?
Special K7547: r u a guy or not
FakeGirl: no
Special K7547: no u r not
FakeGirl: that's what i said
Special K7547: r u messin' w/ me
FakeGirl: no
FakeGirl: are you messin with me
Special K7547: how old r u
FakeGirl: 21
FakeGirl: you ask alot of questions
Special K7547: i'm nosey
Special K7547: hey girlguy
FakeGirl: what
Special K7547: i'm 25
FakeGirl: congratulations
Special K7547: i deserve it
FakeGirl: hard making it to 25 with all the special K you snort?
Special K7547: it gets me through the day
Special K7547: i'm still confused
FakeGirl: about what
FakeGirl: why did you IM me
FakeGirl: for cybersex?
Special K7547: yep
Special K7547: no and your religion
FakeGirl: i don't have one
FakeGirl: why
FakeGirl: did you IM me to convert me?
Special K7547: me nethier
FakeGirl: oh
Special K7547: no i don't believe either
FakeGirl: in what
Special K7547: it's hard to meet people like that
Special K7547: religion
FakeGirl: i believe in religions
FakeGirl: i just don't follow one
Special K7547: little different
FakeGirl: i've never met anyone who doesn't believe in religions
FakeGirl: haven't you ever seen a church
FakeGirl: that's pretty much proof enough for me that religions exist
Special K7547: yeah i've read the bible
FakeGirl: you must believe in christianity then
Special K7547: not really
Special K7547: just was bored
FakeGirl: so you think the bible was just a hallucination?
FakeGirl: or you just refuse to believe that people base a religion on it?
Special K7547: yes it doesn't make since to me
FakeGirl: me either
FakeGirl: this not believing that christianity exists thing doesn't make sense to me
Special K7547: now we r getting along
FakeGirl: since i've seen christians
FakeGirl: unless they were just pretending to be christian
Special K7547: i really don't care what people r
Special K7547: i hate when they judge me
FakeGirl: you care that i'm female
Special K7547: well i'm not gay
FakeGirl: i didn't know talking about not believing in religions was a sexual thing
Special K7547: new adventures in sex
FakeGirl: how does that work
Special K7547: talk about religion get mad and have sex
FakeGirl: is that where this is going?
FakeGirl: i'm not mad yet
Special K7547: it could
Special K7547: well what gets u mad
FakeGirl: i dunno
FakeGirl: why do i have to get mad?
Special K7547: it's usually better w/ a lot of emotions
FakeGirl: like being mad?
Special K7547: yes exactaly
FakeGirl: does it make you mad that i'm really a guy?
Special K7547: if you're a guy u r gay for talking to me about sex
FakeGirl: does gayness make you mad?
Special K7547: no not really i'm curios 
FakeGirl: about what
Special K7547: everything sexual
FakeGirl: is that why you said "later" when i said i was a guy?
Special K7547: well i'm looking for a girl tonight
FakeGirl: i see
FakeGirl: you specifically wanted to talk about not believing that religions exist to a girl
Special K7547: man u r to smart for me
FakeGirl: "if you're a guy u r gay for talking to me about sex" 
FakeGirl: was that supposed to be an insult?
FakeGirl: u r having too much of an identity crisis for me
Special K7547: yeah later
FakeGirl: hahah
Special K7547: bye freak
Special K7547: the power of christ compels you
FakeGirl: bye
FakeGirl: the power of talking about religions to get girls mad so you can have sex with them compels you
Special K7547: it was good talking to u
FakeGirl: you too
Special K7547: dude u r a fag
FakeGirl: a fag?
Special K7547: u make mad
FakeGirl: i make you mad?
FakeGirl: does that make you wanna have sex with me?
FakeGirl: cuz i would think that makes you the fag
Special K7547: r u a guy
FakeGirl: maybe
Special K7547: u r driving me crazy
Special K7547: guy or girl
Special K7547: or both
FakeGirl: that was my intention
Special K7547: it worked 
FakeGirl: good
Special K7547: so what is it man
FakeGirl: hmm.. tonight i am looking to be a guy
Special K7547: what about tomorrow
FakeGirl: i'll check again tomorrow and tell you
FakeGirl: but then, tomorrow you might be looking for a guy
Special K7547: so what u r saying is u have to look to see if it's there
FakeGirl: in which case i will probably be a girl
Special K7547: no a girl
FakeGirl: well i can pretty much tell, i don't really have to look
Special K7547: u r wierd fag
FakeGirl: u r the 'curius' one
Special K7547: curios on what u r
FakeGirl: and on all things sexual
Special K7547: just tryin' to get a nut
FakeGirl: try the grocery store
Special K7547: or a whore house
FakeGirl: you're looking for a whore with nuts?
Special K7547: can u leave me alone u make me crazy
FakeGirl: you brought it on yourself
Special K7547: for the love of god
FakeGirl: god being a male
Special K7547: do u wear womens clothes
FakeGirl: no. are you asking me to?
Special K7547: would u
FakeGirl: are you asking me to?
Special K7547: do u want me to ask u
FakeGirl: i could care less
Special K7547: so like being naked
FakeGirl: so like, what about it?
Special K7547: about what
FakeGirl: being naked
Special K7547: r u
FakeGirl: am i being naked?
Special K7547: i don't know
FakeGirl: obviously
FakeGirl: how could you?
FakeGirl: i was asking if that is the question
FakeGirl: hello?
Previous message was not received by Special K7547 because of error: User Special K7547 is not available.

He didn't just log off, this is a confirmed BLOCK!
Mission accomplished.


LOG 32:

j1i1m1m1y: cyber?
FakeGirl: sure
j1i1m1m1y: what do u have on?
FakeGirl: t shirt and boxers
j1i1m1m1y: ok
j1i1m1m1y: id start out giving u a massage
j1i1m1m1y: that slowly worked down to yor boobs
FakeGirl: hmm id tell u to take off ur clothes
FakeGirl: and roll on top of you
j1i1m1m1y: what size bra?
FakeGirl: d
j1i1m1m1y: well id kiss u down to yor boobs and start sucking on yor tits real 
j1i1m1m1y: w/ the other hand id squeeze and massage yor other boob
FakeGirl: id moan softly and whispers "ill suck ur dick if u suck mine"
j1i1m1m1y: u have a dick????????
FakeGirl: um yeah
FakeGirl: dont most guys?
j1i1m1m1y: um, gotta go. . .
FakeGirl: why?
j1i1m1m1y: dont cyber w/ guys
FakeGirl: well it seems ot me u just were
j1i1m1m1y: bye.
FakeGirl: later sexy
FakeGirl: www.i-mockery.com/pervs
FakeGirl: ull be on it
j1i1m1m1y: ?
FakeGirl: i highly reccomend u check it out
j1i1m1m1y: yor info says yor a girl
j1i1m1m1y: 17/f
FakeGirl: do u always believe what u read
j1i1m1m1y: r the pics on yor page not real. . .
FakeGirl: yeah theyre real
j1i1m1m1y: . . .twisted
FakeGirl: so u still wanna fuck?
j1i1m1m1y: ...twisted...
j1i1m1m1y: animals dont even do that dude
FakeGirl: grrrrr

...yes they do, and you are one perverted animal.


LOG 33:

This fat balding 38 year ol... errr... this 15 year old boy just wanted some friendly help.  Whoever sent this log in had some pretty good suggestions for him:

BuchananHSwf: hi wanna chat alittle
FakeGirl: yea if you want...
BuchananHSwf: u wanna voicew chat
BuchananHSwf: or do u have a mic
FakeGirl: nah, im new to this aol thing, i don't know where it goes.
BuchananHSwf: well do u have a mic
FakeGirl: not here, no
BuchananHSwf: i wanna learnto masterbate
FakeGirl: how old are you
BuchananHSwf: 15 y
FakeGirl: i can help you if you want?
BuchananHSwf: ok
BuchananHSwf: how do i do it
FakeGirl: you can't do it unless you have something to masturbate over.
FakeGirl: are u a boy?
BuchananHSwf: yes
FakeGirl: Howold do u like ur girls?
BuchananHSwf: OLDER
FakeGirl: how much older?
BuchananHSwf: i dont know
BuchananHSwf: u want a pic of my penis
FakeGirl: well i'm 17, is that good enough?
BuchananHSwf: yeah
BuchananHSwf: send me a pic of u
FakeGirl: Do you like thin with small breasts or bigger breasts with wider hips?
BuchananHSwf: both
FakeGirl: I dont have a scanner im afraid
BuchananHSwf: afraid of what
FakeGirl: you can't have both. Are u well endowed?
FakeGirl: nothin', nevermind.
BuchananHSwf: oh theres two of u
BuchananHSwf: what s endowned
BuchananHSwf: u wanna see my penis
FakeGirl: Do you wanna see mine?
BuchananHSwf: no
BuchananHSwf: i thought u were a female
FakeGirl: I am
BuchananHSwf: ok
FakeGirl: .........in a few weeks when they remove my dick.
BuchananHSwf: then why do u have a penis
BuchananHSwf: what???
FakeGirl: because I'm a hermaphrodite. Now f*ck off you little pervert.
BuchananHSwf: oh
BuchananHSwf: will u help me masterbatee

(He's damn persistant, I'll give him that)

BuchananHSwf: i dont know how
FakeGirl: if u need yto jerk off, go to the zoo, the monkeys'll come to 
the front of the cage and do it for you greaseboy!
BuchananHSwf: i wanna learn to masterbat will u help me or not
BuchananHSwf: u there
FakeGirl: oh look for fucks sake this is ridiculous now. You're the 
pervert, I'm the cheesegrater. But if you wanna learn to jerk off that much I'll 
tyell ya. Take yer dick in yer hand and stick it in the bblender you dumbass!

We hope that blender idea helped turn the little guy on for the first time... Actually we just hope he remembered to turn on the blender.


LOG 34:

Didn't barbers used to perform circumcisions?  
We'd like to bring that tradition back:

number1spock: male or female?
FakeGirl: duh!
number1spock: your name said Jenny Maccarty
number1spock: that doesnt sound right tho
FakeGirl: yes, not the one from t.v., but that's my name.
number1spock: really do you look like her too
FakeGirl: no, i look a lot like meg ryan (or so people tell me)
number1spock: you want to chat?
FakeGirl: i'm talking aren't i? :-P
number1spock: smile
number1spock: so you are a sexy looking lady
number1spock: what do you do
FakeGirl: yep. what do i do? i work in a salon
number1spock: work as a security tech
number1spock: is that a hair salon or a bar?

That's "saloon", dumbass.  Although a hair saloon isn't a bad idea... especially for the procedure this guy's about to go through.

FakeGirl: hair salon
FakeGirl: heheh
number1spock: do you ever flirt with the customers
FakeGirl: only the cute ones. 
number1spock: really
number1spock: how do you flirt with them 
number1spock: rub up against any on them
FakeGirl: hehe, well i get to touch their hair quite a bit.
number1spock: lol
number1spock: 'do you ever wear a short skirt to work?
FakeGirl: of course, i love skirts
number1spock: how short?
FakeGirl: short enough. ;-)
number1spock: is if there is a cute guy and you are wearing a short skirt will 
you rub your leg against there arm?
FakeGirl: no, i'll ask him out or invite him into the backroom for a "special 
number1spock: mmmmmmm
number1spock: and what does a special shampoo look like
FakeGirl: me sitting on their lap, making out with them while washing their hair
number1spock: feeling them
number1spock: letting them feel you
FakeGirl: of course
FakeGirl: then afterwards I like to ask them one simple question...
number1spock: whats that
FakeGirl: I whisper into their ears (as i lick them) "so baby, when was it that 
you realized you were into guys?"
number1spock: fucku
FakeGirl: hahahahahahahahahahahahahah you idiot
Previous message was not received by number1spock because of error: User 
number1spock is not available.

We hope he likes his new "cut."


LOG 35:

This pervert tried to fuck the wrong slut:

Peeps head85: hry
Peeps head85: heyyy
Peeps head85: i heard you were a slut and i want to find out if it was true :-D
Peeps head85: yes yes you
FakeGirl: yep
FakeGirl: how'd you know
Peeps head85: i heard it around
FakeGirl: i heard you are too
Peeps head85: now that, that is all said and done how old are you?
Peeps head85: yeah i am what you call a man whore i dont know...thats just what i hear
Peeps head85: but i just really dont know 
FakeGirl: you first
Peeps head85: ok im 26
FakeGirl: i'm 21
Peeps head85: and im married 
Peeps head85: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmm
Peeps head85: no actually im not 

(...he slithers, as he temporarily places his wedding ring in his pocket.)

Peeps head85: are you really 21
FakeGirl: yeahhh why
Peeps head85: just wonderin
Peeps head85: where do you go to college
Peeps head85: or dont you
FakeGirl: va tech
Peeps head85: really nice
Peeps head85: well you dont seem to be interesed to talk so 
Peeps head85: ...
Peeps head85: bye i guess
Peeps head85: it has been nice talking to you though
FakeGirl: mmmmmk
Peeps head85: mmmk huh
Peeps head85: thats nice
Peeps head85: i like that
Peeps head85: its cute
FakeGirl: good
Peeps head85: why..?? because you like to be cute or something?
FakeGirl: i'm glad you liked it
Peeps head85: im glad you said it you put a smile on my face
Peeps head85: now that is a challenge 
Peeps head85: do you like pink floyd
Peeps head85: ?
FakeGirl: yes
Peeps head85: that is good becasue he is a good artist
FakeGirl: he sure is
Peeps head85: so are the spice girls
FakeGirl: so is Nsync
Peeps head85: those boys are hot huh
Peeps head85: not as hot as me though
FakeGirl: really
Peeps head85: yeah
Peeps head85: and if there really hot then im really hot times 2
FakeGirl: the spice girls aren't as hot as me
Peeps head85: probly not
FakeGirl: or as big of sluts
Peeps head85: that was a good one
Peeps head85: that was funny
Peeps head85: and no no there not
FakeGirl: who said it was a joke
Peeps head85: um i dont know but it was funny
FakeGirl: is my sluttiness funny to you
Peeps head85: i like britney spears
Peeps head85: she is one sexy bitch
FakeGirl: i look like britney spears
Peeps head85: do you really?
FakeGirl: so i'm told
Peeps head85: do you have a picture to send to me?
Peeps head85: well im in love with britney
FakeGirl: not yet.. do you?
Peeps head85: were geting married in the fall
FakeGirl: what about me
Peeps head85: well if you look like her and i have actually talked to you i would think it would make out much better 
FakeGirl: you were gonna marry her without talking to her?
Peeps head85: yeah i guess
Peeps head85: i dont see how i could
FakeGirl: well you knew i was a slut without talking to me
Peeps head85: well that was a wild guess
Peeps head85: i saw that you liked to drink and all girls that drink end up in someones bed
Peeps head85: ethier being there b/f or the best friend jills
Peeps head85: girls like girls and guys....guys jsut like girls isnt that a little odd?
Peeps head85: "were just to lost souls swiming in a fish bowl year after year" pink floyd him self 
Peeps head85: running over the same old ground how we found the same old fizz:

Fizz?! Pink Floyd is probably pissed that "he" has fans this stupid. 

FakeGirl: yep, i like girls too
Peeps head85: do you?
Peeps head85: huh kinky
FakeGirl: yep
Peeps head85: thats nice its a turn on
FakeGirl: i thought so
Peeps head85: tell any guy that and he will pop a wood so fast that you wouldnt know what was going on
FakeGirl: maybe we can share one
Peeps head85: that the next thing you know your getting fucked 
FakeGirl: is that what's gonna happen?
Peeps head85: yep
Peeps head85: why you dont think so
FakeGirl: just asking
Peeps head85: ok
FakeGirl: will we be sharing a girl?
Peeps head85: i dont knpow
FakeGirl: she can suck my dick while you fuck her
Peeps head85: dour dick?
Peeps head85: your*
FakeGirl: yeah
Peeps head85: you have a dick huh?
FakeGirl: of course
FakeGirl: don't you?
Peeps head85: yeah but i thouhg you were a girl
FakeGirl: you also thought i was a slut
Peeps head85: so are you a guy or a girl
Peeps head85: guys dont look like britney spears
FakeGirl: aren't most people with dicks guys?
FakeGirl: yeah well, you probably aren't hotter than nsync
Peeps head85: so your saying your a guy
FakeGirl: you're catching on
FakeGirl: that's why i like girls
Peeps head85: ok ill see you later ok?
Peeps head85: yeah bye
FakeGirl: haha
FakeGirl: and the anti-internet-perversion authorities at www.i-mockery.com will be seeing you later!
Peeps head85: like i care
FakeGirl: thank you for your consent

See him? Take a good look, you might be next.


LOG 36:

Thanks to whoever sent this in...:

MagnustheGod: hello seXXXy
MagnustheGod: a/s/loc 
FakeGirl: very innocent 16/af/NYC. you? 
MagnustheGod: just the way i like em, baby - 18/m/bk 
FakeGirl: oooh, an older man...
MagnustheGod: where in nyc u live 
FakeGirl: brooklyn too!! how nice...
MagnustheGod: so, sweet thang, what do u look like? i wanna have fantasies
FakeGirl: loooong blonde hair, blue eyes, i'm 5'6 and 113 lbs, 34 D, 26 
waist, 36 hips. sound good? i'm very kinky, btw... lets talk SEX
MagnustheGod: ah youh ave no idea, i want you so bad!! so baby, how do you 
like it ROUGH?
FakeGirl: i LOVE it... but i have to say i like foreplay even better than 
sex. i love pleasuring my men, but i love being pleasured even more. if we 
ever meet, since we live so close, how about a nice long blowjob?
MagnustheGod: ooooooh yeah sexy, you got me so hot already i'm beating it 
right here right now. i'd lick u up and down, and bite ur tits so hard, ud 
get wet b4 i even put in
FakeGirl: i don't mean for you, silly!! i mean, for ME! 
MagnustheGod: WTF? i thought u said u were female
FakeGirl: no, i said AF.
FakeGirl: almost female 
FakeGirl: i haven't completed the surgery 
MagnustheGod: lol 
FakeGirl: oh, i'm not joing 
FakeGirl: *joking 
MagnustheGod: kkkkkkkk 
MagnustheGod: whatever, then dou have a pic? as long as u got a mouth and 
tits i dont give
FakeGirl: u do'nt get turned off at all that i have a dick? i mean that i 
might even be bigger than u?
MagnustheGod: baby, as long as u suck it long and suck it hard. ive never 
been gay but it wouldnt be ALL gay, would it?
FakeGirl: you make me sick, you perv!!
FakeGirl: HAHA! sucker, prepared to be immortalized at www.i-mockery.com 
FakeGirl: internet perves beware! 
MagnustheGod: u got a pic 
FakeGirl: oh god. 
MagnustheGod: do u 
FakeGirl: don't you get it? you've been PLAYED
MagnustheGod: what u mean we cant meet? youre sick!
FakeGirl: no, yo'ure sick, propostitioning strangers online!! u might 
wanna change your screen name, cuz it's going on i-mockery.com! HAH!

...but do you have a pic?


LOG 37:

Notice how this pervert tries to make sure that I don't know any of his friends.  Hopefully they'll all see his log on this site anyway.  Maybe we should contact Jennifer O'Hara (jeohara@vt.edu) or Mike Holtet (mholtet@vt.edu) and help them find it!

haussMAN641999: hey, what college?
FakeGirl: vt
haussMAN641999: i go to Liberty
haussMAN641999: what year are you?
FakeGirl: where's that
FakeGirl: senior
haussMAN641999: lynchburg
FakeGirl: ah
haussMAN641999: do you know jennifer ohara
FakeGirl: no
haussMAN641999: ok
haussMAN641999: how about mike holtet
FakeGirl: no
haussMAN641999: thats cool.
haussMAN641999: what is your major
FakeGirl: computer science
haussMAN641999: cool i am physical ed
FakeGirl: ah
haussMAN641999: so, what do you look like?
FakeGirl: blond/brown hair to my ass, blue/grey eyes, 5'7"
FakeGirl: you
haussMAN641999: 6'4, blue eyes, brown hair, football player
FakeGirl: ah
haussMAN641999: yup
haussMAN641999: so, what are you wearing?
FakeGirl: boxers and a t-shirt
FakeGirl: you?
haussMAN641999: nice. undies or bra?
haussMAN641999: boxers.
FakeGirl: neither
haussMAN641999: what r your measurements
haussMAN641999: nice
FakeGirl: i don't really know
haussMAN641999: ok. are they big, small. perky?
FakeGirl: sorta medium and perky
haussMAN641999: nice. how about your butt?
FakeGirl: been told it's nice
haussMAN641999: is it tight?
FakeGirl: yeah, but yours won't be when i'm through fucking it
haussMAN641999: ok. thats nice.
FakeGirl: so do you like medium, perky penises?
haussMAN641999: no. i'm not gay
FakeGirl: why are you asking for a description of my body then?
FakeGirl: you sounded pretty interested
haussMAN641999: thought you were a girl.
FakeGirl: i bet
haussMAN641999: yup. sorry, faggot
FakeGirl: awww is that homophobia?
haussMAN641999: nope
FakeGirl: what praytell makes me a "faggot"
FakeGirl: you were coming onto me
FakeGirl: if you can call it that
FakeGirl: are you thinking?
haussMAN641999: nope
FakeGirl: don't worry, maybe a hot internet chick will see your name on www.internetpervs.com and come looking for you
FakeGirl: i didn't think you were..

Go gettim, ladies.


LOG 38:

He was all talk, no action:

StickyDug: robin graves from rochmond
StickyDug: you are not russian
FakeGirl: what's your point
StickyDug: my point is my dick in your face
StickyDug: got that?
StickyDug: do you know who this is?
FakeGirl: do i care?
StickyDug: you shouls
StickyDug: should
FakeGirl: why should i
StickyDug: cause i want to do things to you that no one has ever done to you
StickyDug: to anyone
FakeGirl: such as?
StickyDug: my dick in your russian ass
StickyDug: i'm american, we can make it work
FakeGirl: weren't you just telling me that i'm not russian?
StickyDug: i'll give you some jeans
StickyDug: moshna fuck the shit out of you, paka?
StickyDug: dah
StickyDug: you like the skills?
FakeGirl: jeans?
FakeGirl: i have jeans.
FakeGirl: i'm wearing them.
StickyDug: jenski
StickyDug: I have toilet paper too
StickyDug: bread?
StickyDug: you are on my buddy list and you are my best friend.
FakeGirl: brains?
StickyDug: I will never forget you
StickyDug: pussy?
FakeGirl: what about it
StickyDug: you got a wet one, right?
FakeGirl: maybe
FakeGirl: why?
StickyDug: one that i can penetrate 
StickyDug: how old are you?
FakeGirl: is this how you woo all your women?
FakeGirl: 21
FakeGirl: you?
StickyDug: i'm almost 22
StickyDug: in one week
FakeGirl: ok
StickyDug: do you like cock?
FakeGirl: sometimes
FakeGirl: why do you aks
StickyDug: cause i got a huge cock, and i want to slide it into a hot wet pussy
FakeGirl: why are you telling me this?
StickyDug: cause i want your pussy so bad, you wouldn't understand
FakeGirl: ok..
FakeGirl: whatta you plan on doing about it
StickyDug: just get some fucking rope, i'm going to fuck you all night long
FakeGirl: ok
FakeGirl: now what?
FakeGirl: are you on your way over or what?
FakeGirl: is this going somewhere?
StickyDug: take your clothes off
FakeGirl: is that a command?
StickyDug: do it bitch
FakeGirl: are you a rapist?
StickyDug: (please)
FakeGirl: what if i do
StickyDug: russian=pashavlistera
StickyDug: i'm not a rapist, thats sick as shit, i'm just online...lookin for some fun girls who want to give up some pus
FakeGirl: how am i gonna give up pus if i'm online?
StickyDug: your gonna come over right now
FakeGirl: where are you
StickyDug: next door
FakeGirl: where is that
StickyDug: earth
FakeGirl: that's too far
StickyDug: ok
StickyDug: later
FakeGirl: you're not very helpful for someone who wants pussy
StickyDug: nor are you for someone that has one
FakeGirl: i was gonna come over but you won't even tell me where you live
StickyDug: fuck off slut
FakeGirl: you don't want pussy now?
StickyDug: don't you want to fuck off?
FakeGirl: you're gay aren't you
StickyDug: well, i'm not 22, i'm 12
StickyDug: hhhahahahahhahahahah
StickyDug: you just wanted to fuck me
StickyDug: haha
StickyDug: fuck of
StickyDug: f\
FakeGirl: oh, so you haven't even hit puberty yet
FakeGirl: and here you were hitting on a MAN
StickyDug: did i stutter
StickyDug: cool
FakeGirl: maybe after you hit puberty you can go to www.internetpervs.com and see your log file and laugh at what an annoying little perv you were.
Previous message was not received by StickyDug because of error: User StickyDug is not available.

As far as I know, this guy doesn't really live next door, but I wouldn't be surprised.


LOG 39:

We can be sure that the pictures below are really of him, because they don't come like that on the internet:

collegehotguy8: hi
FakeGirl: hi
collegehotguy8: how are you
FakeGirl: peachy
collegehotguy8: cool asl pics?
FakeGirl: asl pics?
collegehotguy8: 18mtx yes
FakeGirl: what are those?
collegehotguy8: u?
FakeGirl: huh?
collegehotguy8: age sex location do you have a pic
collegehotguy8: ture
FakeGirl: oh.. 
FakeGirl: you are 18 male and from texas?
collegehotguy8: yes
FakeGirl: i think i get it
FakeGirl: 20fva
collegehotguy8: 20 female virginia
FakeGirl: yes
collegehotguy8: got a picture
FakeGirl: hrmm i'm not sure where it is
collegehotguy8: do you have a web cam or dig cam
FakeGirl: nope.. don't think so
collegehotguy8: what do you mean you dont think so
FakeGirl: not that i know of
collegehotguy8: you dont know lol
FakeGirl: what are they?
collegehotguy8: web cam is the little ball on the top of the comp that can take pictuers and a dig cam hooks it up to the comp to show them
FakeGirl: ohhh.. cameras
FakeGirl: giggle
collegehotguy8: HAHA
FakeGirl: whaat i'm dumb with computers :-(
FakeGirl: i just got mine
collegehotguy8: its cool
collegehotguy8: your what
FakeGirl: computer
collegehotguy8: oh so no cam i guess
FakeGirl: what did you think
FakeGirl: no
collegehotguy8: i dunno
FakeGirl: so why did you talk to me?
collegehotguy8: oh i was just goofing around
FakeGirl: i think i found my picture
collegehotguy8: cool lets tradde
collegehotguy8 wants to directly connect. 
collegehotguy8 is now directly connected. 

Anyone else reminded of Hannibal?


collegehotguy8: go lower
FakeGirl: huh?
collegehotguy8: do you have any of your breasts
FakeGirl: *blush*
collegehotguy8: ill trade you
FakeGirl: trade me what?
collegehotguy8: nude pics lol
FakeGirl: you have those?
collegehotguy8: if you do too
FakeGirl: i dunno...
FakeGirl: i never showed anybody
collegehotguy8: i have them youll have to send first 
FakeGirl: no way
collegehotguy8: if i send first will you
FakeGirl: hrmmm maybe
FakeGirl: i'm new to this stuff
collegehotguy8: yes or no?
FakeGirl: how do i know i can trust you?
collegehotguy8: i have a web cam
FakeGirl: i don't wanna end up on porn sites or anything...
collegehotguy8: ill erase them i swear
FakeGirl: hmmm ok i guess :-[
collegehotguy8: how many do you have?
FakeGirl: i'm not sure
FakeGirl: just a few
collegehotguy8: are they black and white?
FakeGirl: most of them

Another Wiener!

FakeGirl: hrmm how do i know that's you??
collegehotguy8: where would i have gotten it
FakeGirl: i dunno the internet?
collegehotguy8: not that kinda pic 
collegehotguy8: look at the style its not that clear
FakeGirl: they don't have those on the internet?
collegehotguy8: they are clear on hte internet
FakeGirl: oh.. 
collegehotguy8: its mine i swear
collegehotguy8: your turn
FakeGirl: i'm trying to find one of my breasts...
collegehotguy8: do you develope them your self?
FakeGirl: my friend does them
collegehotguy8: cool
collegehotguy8: any colored ones
FakeGirl: well yeah but the only colored ones i have are of my penis
FakeGirl: and i don't think i could live up to the picture you just sent me, bigguy
FakeGirl: besides you just want my breasts right?
collegehotguy8: are you a guy?
FakeGirl: of course
FakeGirl: isn't that what i said?
collegehotguy8: no you said f
collegehotguy8: 20fva
FakeGirl: oops... :-[
FakeGirl: i'm sorry.. like i said, i'm new at this computer stuff
collegehotguy8: whos that girl
FakeGirl: do you still want my naked pics?
FakeGirl: my friend
collegehotguy8: send hers
FakeGirl: what, don't you want mine?
collegehotguy8: no its ok
collegehotguy8: send hers
FakeGirl: that's all i have of her
collegehotguy8: are you gay
FakeGirl: no
FakeGirl: are you?
collegehotguy8: send one of yours no im not
FakeGirl: you're not but you want my pics?
collegehotguy8: nope im not
FakeGirl: if you say so
FakeGirl: you might find that girl talking on the message boards of www.i-mockery.com if you wanna ask her for her pics
FakeGirl: while yo'ure there you can check out your log on the i-mockery internetpervs site!
collegehotguy8: huh
FakeGirl: huh
collegehotguy8 direct connection is closed. 

Thanks to "Posterchild" for donating her picture to the Anti-Internet-Perversion Movement. By the way, Posterchild... if you have any pics of your breasts, please send them to me, as they would be helpful for future logs. Thanks! -MMessiah.


LOG 40:

Appended 4/2/01:
This pervert actually found out about his log because he received an embarrassing voicemail on his phone.  His sister and his mother both heard the message before he got to it.  JUSTICE IS SERVED.  The picture and phone number have been removed at his request, but not before torturing the hell out of him.  The email exchange has been added at the end of this log.  Removing the number and picture was probably worth seeing him squirm in email.

He's waiting by the phone for your call, hot and ready.
So call him, pick up the phoooooooooooooone.
That's ###-###-####, call now!

pghguy44: wanna cyber?
FakeGirl: i dunno
pghguy44: actually maybe phone instead so we can hear each other get off
FakeGirl: i dunno about that
pghguy44: why it is a free call
FakeGirl: i've never even cybered
pghguy44: and you can call me and hang up at any time if u feel uncomfortable
pghguy44: ever played with yourself
FakeGirl: of course
pghguy44: toys or fingers
FakeGirl: both.
FakeGirl: what's your #?
pghguy44: what toys do u have?
pghguy44: age?
pghguy44: sex?
pghguy44: pic?
FakeGirl: i've just used vegetables
FakeGirl: 21
FakeGirl: whatta you mean sex?
FakeGirl: no pic yet..
pghguy44: sorry habit
pghguy44: got any vegetables tonight for use?
FakeGirl: oh
FakeGirl: maybe
pghguy44: in the mood to get off? and masterbate with me?
FakeGirl: maybe... you start
FakeGirl: i'm new at t his
pghguy44: how bout on the phone
FakeGirl: what's your #?
pghguy44: phone is much better
pghguy44: you really gonna call?
pghguy44: and are you alone?
FakeGirl: i'll think about it
FakeGirl: yeah
pghguy44: call me now its free
pghguy44: i will explain when ya call
pghguy44: ###-###-####
FakeGirl: how's that free
pghguy44: will u call
pghguy44: trust me and ill explain when ya call
FakeGirl: it's long distance
pghguy44: i promise
FakeGirl: explain what
pghguy44: ok look here it is.. my company has an agreement with our cell phone provider that my company be billed for all incoming calls and not the user.. this is to be used by employees and such so that we can call each other for free from anywhere and my company pays the bill
FakeGirl: hmmm.. what company?
FakeGirl: how old are you?
pghguy44: some computer company in pittsburgh 23
pghguy44: so will you call
FakeGirl: i dunno, sounds scary
FakeGirl: do you have a pic?
pghguy44: why see here is the deal.. if you call you can keep your number private... and go at any time itll be fun
pghguy44: will u call
pghguy44: here im on the right

[Picture removed due to pathetic begging and groveling.]

pghguy44: well
FakeGirl: who are those other people?
pghguy44: old friends

The kids in the picture looked a little young to be "old friends" of a "23" year old.  
Make of that comment what you will.

pghguy44: so wanna call
FakeGirl: this is all so new.. lets just cyber first
pghguy44: come on please phone is so much better
FakeGirl: maybe later
pghguy44: plus we can actually hear each other get off
pghguy44: come on for me its my bday technically
pghguy44: since its after midnight
pghguy44: do it as a bday present for me please
FakeGirl: but we could do both
pghguy44: well phone would be so much better cause we could actually hear the other moan and scream
pghguy44: well look can you at least cal so we can talk and just see what happens from there
FakeGirl: why so impatient to do phone when we could cyber first?
pghguy44: cause phone is better since i can hear u get off.. plus i have to go to bed soon
FakeGirl: once i cum cybering i'll have no problem getting another erection if i just stick this cucumber up my ass, then we can do phone
FakeGirl: well?
pghguy44: thought you were female you prick
FakeGirl: technically only a small part of me is a prick
FakeGirl: maybe that was what you meant by "sex?" 
FakeGirl: hahah
FakeGirl: you should always be sure to pursue the "sex?" question fully when dealing with an anti-internet-perversion agent from www.i-mockery.com
Previous message was not received by pghguy44 because of error: User pghguy44 is not available.

Emails  from the pervert, and our responses, Appended 4/2/01:

From: "pgh guy" <pghguy44@hotmail.com> 
To: Webmaster@I-Mockery.com 
Subject: per log #40... request 
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 00:17:41 -0000 

Well. I have recently seen the beautiful error log done about me, and well 
I guess I deserved it. (log 40... pghguy44) I do feel bad and somewhat 
ashamed as I should I suppose; however, I am asking that the picture be 
removed from the log if at all possible. I do not think it is completely 
neccessary. I do hope that you can accomodate me as my lesson has been well 
learned. (plus i noticed that other people have had theirs pics also removed 
at their request). While I would like to have the whole log removed, I do 
not expect you to do that (unless you want too); but, if you could remove 
the picture I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I guess I will have to pursue 
some other avenue.


From: "pgh guy" <pghguy44@hotmail.com> 
To: Webmaster@I-Mockery.com 
Subject: internet perv log 40... request 
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 00:25:37 -0000 

Hello.. again

Update to previous email:

I also just noticed on the log file (#40.. internet pervs) that my phone 
number is also included. I sincerely ask that my picture and phone number 
be removed from this log. I am truly remorseful and regret this unfortunate 
experience. My sincerest apologies. While I wish the log file would also 
disappear, I do understand it is your "duty" to reveal these situations. 
However, I do not feel that my picture or phone number will detract from the 
story of this log. I do ask that the phone number be removed so that my 
family is not bothered by would-be "hecklers". I would greatly appreciate 
your help and attention to this matter. If there is anything I can do 
please let me know.


To: pghguy44@hotmail.com 
From: antiperv@i-mockery.com 
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 22:55:40 
Subject: Your Pervery 

Dear Mr. Pervmaster,
Hey stud. We will remove the picture and the phone number from your log under 
one condition. You must tell us how you found your log so fast. Did someone 
harass you already? Did a friend of yours see it and let you know about it in 
the most humiliating way he/she could think of? Do you check our site regularly 
because you know you're such a sick pervert that you would eventually end up on 
it? We want to know the story of how it happened, because it's bound to be 
hilarious (to us)! At least you politely admitted your pathetic defeat. Thanks 
for your cooperation, and we hope to do "business" with you again soon. So just 
tell us in detail how you came to find yourself on our site and we'll remove the 
picture and phone number.. it's just that easy.

From: "pgh guy" <pghguy44@hotmail.com> 
To: antiperv@i-mockery.com 
Subject: Re: Your Pervery 
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 18:44:06 -0000 


Dear AntiPerv gang,

Unfortunately, yes I found out about my unfortunate incident (perv log # 40) 
because someone has already called my house and left a message on the voice 
mail. They said in their wonderful messgae to go to i-mockery.com and see my 
picture and etc. Well the lovely part is other members in the family heard 
the message this individual left about my perverted incident. I know you 
probably hear this all the time, but I truly have learned my lesson. You 
guys got me, congatulations (applause). I deserved it. I have learned my 
lesson and I appreciate your cooperation in removing my picture and phone 
number from this log.

If i can be of further help, please let me know. And by the way, who knows 
what my mom and sister think about me after they heard the phone message 
about this incident on our voice mail.


To: pghguy44@hotmail.com 
From: antiperv@i-mockery.com 
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 19:19:02 
Subject: Re: Your Pervery 

Dear Mr. Pervmaster,
Something doesn't match up here: How did anyone call your house and leave a 
message that your mother and sister heard? In your log you stated that the 
number you provided was your company cell phone number. It sounds as though you 
are trying to give us a funny story so that we will take down your picture and 
number. Say it isn't so. You wouldn't try to deceive us would you? Please 
clear up the seeming contradiction described above, and we will then gladly 
remove the requested items.

From: "pgh guy" <pghguy44@hotmail.com> 
To: antiperv@i-mockery.com 
Subject: Re: Your Pervery 
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 09:44:10 -0000 

Dear Pervmaster

(in relations to perv log 40)

The phone is indeed a cell phone that my work pays for (for business related 
calls); however, I can use it for personal reasons as well. Precisely, my 
cell phone is mine, but my work pays for all related business calls (I hope 
that makes sense) anyway, since it is also my personal phone I can use it 
for personal reason. Since it is my personal phone I do allow my mom, 
sister, brother use it in certain situation (i.e. trips or something) anyway 
it was just my luck that my sister had my phone at the time of the received 
call. She checked the voice mail and heard the message, and wouldn't you 
know it but my lovely sister shared the phone messga ewith my mom for kicks. 
(haha real funny) Anyways you can imagine it was quite embarressing to 
hear that my mom and sister had listened to the messgae informing me of my 
recent experience. I hope that this clears up any misconceptions you may 
have had. It is my utmost desire to have the number and picture removed 
from this log as soon as possible. It is quite embarressing and 
unnecessary. Please remove the phone number and picture before I receive 
any more calls in reference to it. I have been embarressed enough for one 
year. I beg that you remove the number and picture ASAP. I would greatly 
appreciatte your cooperation in this matter. If i can be of further 
assistance please let me know, and in the meantime I hope you can except my 
apology and remove this information very soon. I truly have learned my 
lesson (especially due to the humiliation received) and am remorseful for 
it. Please except my apology and remove this as soon as possible.


From: "pgh guy" <pghguy44@hotmail.com> 
To: antiperv@i-mockery.com 
Subject: Re: Your Pervery 
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2001 22:34:33 -0000 

Dear Pervmaster,

I am writing again in response to the below email sent from you. I replied 
in response to this expressed concern the other day and I still have not 
heard anything back from you. I was just wondering if you received my email 
including the response to your inquisition. I do hope so. Can we please 
get rid of the picture and phone number as soon as possible. I have 
expressed sincere regret for my actions and have expressed that I have 
learned from this experience. I do not think that my picture and phone 
number are relevant to this perv log(#40) anymore. I really think this is 
quite embarressing (and yes I realize I brought this on myself). 
Additionally, my phone number has now been made public, which is an invasion 
of my privacy. I have tried to be reasonable and I hope that you can accept 
that; but if at all possible O think (and hope) that it is time for my 
picture and phone number to be removed from this log.

The following is the response to your concern below. I sent this to you the 
other night and am resending it in case you did not receive it. So please 
excuse the repetiveness if you did indeed receive it. (below between the 


[Here, the pervert copied the previous email yet again.. Actually we had received TWO copies of said email from the day before.  It appears that someone is anxious to have some incriminating evidence disposed of.]


I do beg you that this be remedied at once (at your convience). I hope that 
you can understand this and accomodate me. Please let me know if I can be 
of further help to you.


To: pghguy44@hotmail.com 
From: antiperv@i-mockery.com 
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2001 18:50:51 
Subject: Re: Your Pervery 

Dearest Pervert Extraordinaire,
Yes, I got your messages. I just didn't get a chance to check pervert emails 
last night. After reviewing the torture you have undergone so far, we have 
decided that we are satisfied with your answer. I will now edit your 
pervalicious claim to fame and remove the picture and phone number. As soon as 
I finish, the file will be uploaded and your violation will be slightly more 
anonymous. But, lets get one thing straight here. YOU are the Pervmaster. We 
Happy Cyber-Molesting,

From: "pgh guy" <pghguy44@hotmail.com> 
To: antiperv@i-mockery.com 
Subject: Re: Your Pervery 
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 02:35:18 -0000 

Well I just wanted to say I greatly appreciatte your cooperation in all of 
this. I truly mean it when I say that I have learned my lesson. In a way I 
would like to say that you "guys" have been relatively pleasant to deal 
with. I suppose then that you will get rid of both occurences of my phone 
number (the one I wrote in the log and the one you guys added in the pervert 
log abstract at the beginning of the log) and the picture? I truly 
appreciatte your attention to this matter, and in a way I appreciatte your 
"busting" me so that I learned a lesson. I truly mean it.

Have a great perv busting career.

one busted perv

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