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The following are emails that I have received from those who cherish this page as well as those who frown upon it. I'm sure it will be a very dark and scary experience for all of you. Read fast though, the sun's coming out soon!
My responses to these message appear in
spooky orange.

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Have sex in a hot air balloon with 6 shy monkeys, a purple bike, and a little
mexican goth boy watching you. it is certainly something you should do next


I do not believe in having sex in a hot air balloon. Being up in the sky puts me closer to the sun, and I must distance myself from the sun as much as I can.

I just wanted to say have a nice day and god loves u very much peace love and happiness are good things

death destruction and anarchy are pretty cool too but if they happened to much there would be no earth

you seem like a bright and cheery person so if u want to have a little
confession on how many chickens you have killed this week please E-mail me back

and for the love of god lay of the black clothes and drinking goats blood!!!!!

later dude 

Please do not speak to me of peace, love and happiness. These are myths as far as I am concerned. There is nothing "cool" about death destruction and anarchy, it just happens to be what my life is surrounded by. This is why I am one of the damned...

Thank you for addressing this interesting subject. I am would like to read more letters. can you suggest anymore sites or literature on suicide letters? If so please respond to my personal e-mail address
at: Thanks again!


What, do you think we are guinea pigs for your experiments? Some things you just can't understand. No matter how much research you do, no matter how many books you read, no matter how many test tubes you fill with urine... You will NEVER understand the pain goths like me feel.

1st message:
Something for the collection: Black Angels", Kronos Quartet, composed by George Crumb. On Electra /Nonsuch records. Highly recommend it. Very easy to find or order. Must be played at a high volume...

2nd message:
"Black Angels" is a parable of spiritual annihilation. Much numerology involved in the piece; the numbers 6,7 and 13 occur


1st response:
Thanks for the recommendation. Currently I am listening to Vlad Vladmirnoff's 5th Symphony known as: "Hellish Eternum Nocturne Rectal Exploritum"

2nd response:
Numerology is a fallacy, as is all science.


Suicide is a terribly lonely, activity, Why don't all the whiny goth kids, join me.. We'll all hug a large plastique explosives device.. and sing some dark songs.. until our final moment is upon us. *KaBleeeewy* Or, Maybe i'd Just sit
that one out.. Cuz, well, someone's gotta pass the story on.

-Mr. Hannibal

It sounded good until the end. The story does not need to be past on. We are lost souls and will ultimately be forgotten. It is the way of the 3 jewels combined with the black kiss of death from mother asphyxia. There is no hope.

Your "Dark Art" sucks big time, man. I was cruising for some really good spank photos and I get this shit. You could have at least put up the graveyard pics, or the fishnet-stocking-black
lipstick-self-absorbed-vanity-portraits, for crissake. What kind of a Goth are you? Shape up, dude... BTW, I dig your site big time.


My picture of the inside few of a coffin should have quenched your "graveyard" needs. Regardless, my art is simply not understood by the general public. You have to have a deep understand for the pain I experience every day to understand my art.

Oh, how i wish i could end my pitiful life... slings and arrows torture my lonely soul. how i yearn for appreciation from my peers... how i wish this shroud of gloom could be lifted from my blackened heart. it is with great joy i end my life, for nothing can be accomplished in my living. set me free, death. take me in your dark embrace... in the words of peter steele, "...wish i'd die... everything dies!"

-Obsidian Depression

You are not alone... but at least you have "peers"... I only have the rats and the bats that I dwell with every day.

Oh, I just love what you've done with the gallery. There's so much feelings involved in the creation of those masterpieces. I just love them, can't help it, they are great. Now I know why Goth people seem so silly, that's because they feel so sad and lonely. I wonder if you would feel any better if I came and hugged you all. I bet that'd do the trick. Take care Skared, I bet your time is coming, so that you'll get the peace you've so long longed for.

Chris Brainstorm

Hugging is for those who need affection and attention. I have lived my entire life completely and utterly alone. I am quite used to this and need no such pitiful things. Take your hugs, and your peace, and enjoy your stay on this hellish earth.

Hey there i got your email address off your webpage... are you really serious that you're that depressed and stuff or is your webpage a joke? i couldn't tell... well anyways i'mma gonna go off the net now... bye bye 

You believe this to be a joke? Perhaps you should look at my dark art and be convinced of just how serious I am! I'm sorry for bursting out at you, but it really angers me when someone thinks this page is a "joke".

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