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The following are emails that I have received from those who cherish this page as well as those who frown upon it. I'm sure it will be a very dark and scary experience for all of you. Read fast though, the sun's coming out soon!
My responses to these message appear in
spooky orange.

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Mary had a little lamb
Little lamb
Little lamb
Mary had a little lamb
and then dyed its wool black and pierced its genitals.
it ran away.
Mary wants to die.

Moses Woman

Mother Goose would be proud!

I got a a good reason
to die, I do.
You see all I am
is just like you.

Woe is me,
for the sun is burning!
I am in hell,
for the season is turning!
Upon my grave
I will lay a dark rose,
for the goth emporium
in the mall has just closed!


You are not like me. For you travel to the "mall" for your gothic needs. True goths do not get their attire from the mall... no no no, true goths get their attire from midnight gravedigging extravaganzas. 

Every day, I drive past your house. Every day, your shrubbery mocks my pain. I
weep tears of blood. I feel lost and alone in a sea of foul humanity. I feel
nothing. Apathetic Copacetic Diabetic existence. Shoot me, Cupid, but this time
use something stronger than your tiny arrows-Your arrows only scratched the
surface. Next time, use a howitzer. And don't be stingy with the explosive
power. Off I go. Death welcomes me with curling ravaged arms. I feel at home. I
sigh. I die. And nobody cares about me!


Cupid is no more. I made a voodoo doll a few years ago that looked just like the images of cupid I have seen in storybooks. I set my voodoo doll of Cupid on fire and he is no more. Yes, I have killed Cupid, because he's obviously a very bad shot and his arrows never hit me.

Life is a deep black pit of horrific darkness. I shrink away from the light. It
burns me. Burning burning burning. I cut off my breasts to spite your wholeness.
Your premium coffee makes me feel physically ill. One more Starbucks mocha, and I think I'll drink Tide with bleach alternative. Just because I'm not some 16
year old no-talent blonde with implants doesn't mean I'm not cool, too. You mere
mortals. Pah! All my life, I've put up with being the outcast just because I
live 50 miles away from the nearest town and no one's parents want to drive that
far. Yes, I think I'll definitely kill myself today....or I'll go to Hot Topic.


At least you have parents. My parents are long gone. They put me in a mental institution at the age of 3. Once I was finally released I found that they had changed their name and moved far far away to Bolivia. I'll never see them again. So please, stop complaining, because your pain isn't even HALF of what mine is. You are a mortal.  

Skared how are you? Oh me gosh I got to see your web page. I thought you were kidding when we bumped into each other at the Laura Ashley Boutique--those drapes you bought were to DIE for! And the khaki pants you wear always show you cute butt :) But really, does you shirt need to be so starched you silly goose?
Again, congrats on a FAB page and see you at the ABBA revival meeting.

Tons of love and kisses

PS Is the BMW my brother sold you running well?

Tiffany, you're obvious attempts at making me seem like a "normal human" such as yourself have failed miserably. There is no BMV in the life of a true goth. I am a creature of the night and my wings are my only means of travel. I have no need for drapes for a sleep in a hand-carved coffin, that is my home. And ABBA? I should drive my fangs deep into your occular cavity for listening to such wretched "music". You've got to learn about the REAL world.  

Sometimes when I'm all alone and my parents aren't home cause there out on the jet skis I like to listen to the Backstreet Boys, cause they show me the meaning of being lonley, then I listen to Brittney Spears, cause sometimes I cry. Then I'll go to the mall in my BLACK VW Beetle and buy a few shirts and some fishnet stockings from Hot Topic, My life is so horrible.


The only horrible thing in your life is your grammar. Learn to spell "lonely" before you claim to actually be lonely. When I fly in through your window and rip your arms apart and feast on your heart you will then know what it is like to be in a world of grim darkness. I'd write more, but it's raining outside now and I suddenly have the urge to watch the movie "The Crow".  

Dude, like, I'm most probably the most ironic and yet most opposite of what you
are dude. Like, I'm all for peace and love ya? Like, you know? Fer shur roight?
Dude, with all the stress that you're, dude, you'll grow gray
hair on that black jet hair of yours. Dude, relax, feel the waves of love with
me. It's everywhere man, like fer shur dude. Uh huh...yeah, you know? Like, to
get rid of your bogus ungnarly thoughts and feelins, like, you can smoke weed
with me and feel happy dude...right? Yeah fer shur. Dude, be most righteous, and
experience the bodacious and gnarly and groovy peace and love that everybody
shares. We're not alone man...yah dude...we're not. Feel it with us dude, feel
it with some weed. Oh dude, I got another idea for ya dude. Instead of wearing
black, like, you know, wear something psychaedelic. You know, psychaedelic
colours...the ones with mixed pastel colours. Dude, like dude, that will bring
some colour to your bogus pale skin and black hair. Like fer shur dude. :) Peace
and harmony dude. By the way, do you have any incense?


Listen up surfer dude/hippie. Go back to surfing, you're going to need to get used to being with the waves. Because when my Wave of Woe crashes down upon you, you will drown in the madness of gothoria and I will sink my fangs so far into you that I guarantee you'll start seeing things that you think are "psychadelic". Sadly, these won't be hallucinations, they will be the demons from hell that I have called to claim your soul to expose you to TRUE HORROR.  

How did you get my drawings?! I thought I had destroyed these 30 years ago.


If I had a penny for every time someone has tried to claim they were the originator of MY Dark Art, I would be the richest goth in history and I would finally have the funds to construct the castle of my dreams.  

I've got two topics I'd like to cover...
#1 If you've been "Alone" your whole life then how were you born... test tube? I
don't know...

#2 White compliments black rather nicely, you should try it some time.. like a
pair of black pants and a button down white shirt "Blood stains optional" give
it a... shot.

One more thought...


#1 My parents abandoned me long ago and admitted me to a mental institute where I was given daily doses of shock therapy. So unless you consider daily electric jolts to be "company", then yes, I have always been utterly alone.
#2 A true goth doesn't WEAR white. A true goth stains white clothes with the blood of those people who wear them!
#3 "Johnny The Homicidal Maniac" is a good comic, but not nearly dark enough.


you asked someone to touch your nipple - is that offer open to everyone ? and
dont go to Spencer's for your "scary jewlery". they only mock us true goths. go
to HotTopic. they have the real goth stuff for lost souls like us. i would offer
you a place in my cult, but i see you have quite a following here. your art
resembles mine - we should get together sometime. well i am off to kill some
good lil girl who cant be evil like me. farewell for now - princess demona

-princess demona

Only those who are truly worthy may touch my nocturnal nipple. Jewelry? The only jewelry I wear is body parts of my victims. Victims like insolent mortals such as yourself. Anyone who calls herself a "princess" obviously has "Disney" somewhere in her past and must be destroyed. You won't get to touch my nipple, but you will feel a horribly cold death come over you in the near future.

you don't seem either depressed or sad to me, just fuckin arrogant your comments on these thoughts are so..pathetic there are people who are actually in pain, and those people DON'T tell the whole world how miserable they feel [I'm not saying i'm one of those people] too bad you're such an ass, cuz your site is great..


You missed something blatantly obvious. I AM IN TRUE PAIN. But it's hard for those who aren't in pain to understand and recognize what true pain is. So I forgive you. But I will still have to show you what it is like to live in my world of dark despair. Leave your window unlocked and I will fly in and take you away into that world and then you will know what it is like to actually be in pain.

Hey freak,
i seriously think you should get out a little more, you are not from the bloody castle of corpses try joining the real world for a change. You sound more like you are trying to be a vampire from some B grade movie than a goth, check your facts before you start stating absolute bullshit.

I am from the castle of corpses! It is written in blood on the walls of that very castle! So my little "Buttery_Fly", as your email name suggests... how would you like it if I rip off your wings and feed you to the rats that I dwell with? Well, I'm not giving you a choice really, I just want to know how you feel about it before I proceed any further...

I hate myself and I want to die
Kurt C.

I never liked you anyway...

there are four options here. 1) you are one messed up person who has adopted the title "goth" incorrectly for want of a better phrase. 2) Australian (my
nationality) goths are vastly different from your countries goths. 3) Goths have
changed since I last interacted with them or 4) your taking the piss. If you are
taking the piss, then I find this page very funny If goths have changed since I last interacted with them then I made a good choice to get away from them since the Goths I knew were friendly people who lived normal lives, did not flaunt their torment and were more interested in genuine romance and the tragedy that
ensued. Lovely things, traditional things, not this crap about death and pain.
If your countries Goths (I am assuming the US) are different from my countries,
do some research! The gothinc culture originated in Europe (Germany, England and france) and had nothing to do with Vampires, death or pain. To make these your badges of station is wrong and exceptionally non-gothic! Particually the wish of pain and death of others inflicted by you, this is especially non-gothic as
majority of gothics are pacifists! Lastly if you are messed up do not adopt a
label; that kind of fits as you are doing nothing but dirtying the name of a
culture of people who have enough problems with being misunderstood by themselves without this sort of misinformation!

Why do you keep mentioning "my country". I am a TRUE goth. I have no nationality. I am part of no country. I am not even of this world. I am from another realm and I am here to bring mortals (of ANY nationality) back with me into my realm of the reaper... I am only helping people understand what TRUE goth is, I am not misconstruing anything. 

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